No Tragedy

“Gone are the days them dey binu binu..”

Catchy chorus I must confess. I just couldn’t get that uniqueness out of the instrumental. Just your day to day contemporary dance loop, strings and a lead bass laced not very creatively. Nothing unexpected I mean. Not to demean the producer’s intentions and effort in anyway.

Now let us break down this song.


Aside the chorus of a song, this plays a vital role in the making of a great song and this song right here do not pass that bench mark. It was obviously made by a good beat maker but obviously no special effort was put into giving the beat a signature, or a sound that would stick to the mind of a first time listener. It was just there as a good beat. This should be considered in subsequent productions.


Well, as a sucker for lyrics, I personal watch out for the content of the lyrics in a song and thanks to the heavens this artiste already had a subject matter. I think that was the saving grace. He focused on his message and didnt drift too far apart so; it is not your wow-type kinda lyrics but you’re sure not listening to trash. We get you boy!


Okay, your chorus is important and so is your body (verses and hooks) but those might not hit well if you do not get a good production. Well I do not really think this one falls short but it could’ve been better in my own humble opinion. Aside the un-creative lacing of drums and snare., the mixing was upto par. What i meant by uncreative is that the drums are your everything naija vibe. Sound quality was not far from perfect and I think I can applaud the efforts of both the artiste and the sound engineer on this one.


Well, like i said in the beginning of this article., the chorus can, with a little bit stretch on my side pass off as a catchy chorus., which is very important when your intent is making a great song that you really want to stick!

My score for this song is a 6/10.

If you have not listened to the song, DOWNLOAD IT HERE



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