I have known this young hustler for a while now and i must say he is one who takes productions and everything music related concerning him seriously and is open to advise. But will that justify or certify that this particular track has passed through critical processing and is a track worthy of keeping on our various devices?


Well first of, the beat was carefully selected even as we can without pretense say Emzzy has gotten to a stage where he actually needs to release his own certified singles., the choice of beat is quite cool considering the fact that the average upcoming rapper has the mentality of a really grooving music fanbase especially in Lagos state which has forcefully taken the title of CENTER OF ENTERTAINMENT.


Nothing out of the ordinary. As a rapper, most of us would expect to see or hear some jaw dropping metaphors or wordplay. Dude has always fallen short of that. I am hoping things will change in the nearest future. But making sense? Yes i will without ass licking say that his message was well passed and the song did according to what the title entails.


Well i guess since there was no beat production involved on this one, the production wouldn’t be a neck breaking one for the sound engineer. All he really needs to get good will be the clarity and that was at least up to par. You can clearly hear every word on the track. It can be better., and more enjoyable.


Well, the rapper cum singer also carries the burden on this one as he had featured a rapper rather than a singer. The chorus should be the most important part of a song. So that when you come with your boring raps sometimes, listeners can get reassurance that the sweet chorus would soon wipe their sorrows and they can enjoy something out of your song once more. The chorus on this one is not a total write off, thanks to the masking produced by the choice of instrumental.


I give it a 5/10. Emzzy can do better with his choruses and work more on his rap. This track is ok., just ok. Nothing wowing about it and the replay effect cannot really be that effective but drunk clubbers could disregard the lyrics and just party hard to the tune.


If you do not have the track, follow here to download MONEY STOP NONSENSE


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