[People Profile] All We Know About Tee Jry Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Networth, Career, Education

Tee jry Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Networth, Career, Education

Tee jry Biography
Teejay Biography

Tee Jry, (Pronounced ‘Tee-jay’) is a talented artist and musician from Bayelsa state in Nigeria. He started young like most talented artists and has nurtured his talent into the professional style he is dishing out today.


Tee Jay’s real names are Jeremiah Tonbara, he is from a big family of six siblings. Jerryson, Tari, Ini, Best, and Victor. They all grew up in Bayelsa state until recently when they relocated to Lagos state.

Profiling Te3jry

A Quick Glance At Te3jry
Full NamesJeremiah Tonbara
Nationality Nigerian
Date Of BirthMay 12th, 2003
Place of BirthBayelsa
ParentsJeremiah Lawson (Dad), Roseline Dr. (Mum)
EducationBSC.Ed Chemistry


Tee Jay was schooled in his early years in Bayelsa state. He later proceeded to Federal University Otueke where he earned his BSC Ed. in Chemistry.


According to information made available to us, Te3jay is currently single.

Role Models

Like every other great artiste, Te3jry most of the time draws inspiration from other great artists. He has revealed that some of the artists that inspire his creativity are J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Labrynth, Burnaboy, and Jon Bellon.


Te3jry claims music became a career for him only in 2022, although before that he had been singing since he became conscious. He has been recording music professionally since he was 13 years old. He also released a song in 2018. He was popular in his school at Otueke, he performed at various school functions and was loved by the students. He then decided to do music professionally when he moved to Lagos.

He also attributed his boost towards elevating his music career to his family. He says he comes from a musically inclined family as most of his family members were songwriters.


Te3jry’s net worth is currently under review, we will publish as soon as we get a detailed review.

Social Media




Te3jry New Music

Te3jry is on the verge of releasing a new song. He calls this his official debut single. The song is called “Plug-In” and the pre-save link is already out!

Get the song here

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