[People Profile] All We Know About Sophiat24 biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Sophiat24 biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Sophia Talamas who is more well-known in the media as Sophia or SophiaT24 on the internet Sophia Talamas is an American dancer, TikTok star, and social media celebrity who has an estimated wealth of $1.5 million, as reported by various sources.

Sophia first gained attention due to her distinctive subaqueous content , which has enabled her to gain over 19.1 million users on the @sophiat24 TikTok account in July 2022.


Sophia graduated from Encore Music Academy as well as the Miami Conservatory of Music, Sophia went to TikTok shortly after graduating to show off her skills in this extraordinary art form.

The world is recognizing Talamas as the first in the world of subaqueous dance i.e. dance that is performed in water, Talamas has become one of the most watched creators of content on TikTok. Along with dancing underwater, her content features dancing in the land as well as lip-sync videos.

Her rise on TikTok is also due to the hashtag #foryou, which made her one of the top creators using the site. Sophia’s choreography that she created for American producer Marshmello’s hit song Alone has also earned her an impressive amount of fame and, at present she has 486 million followers on TikTok by itself.

Although the TikTok account is more popular social media account, Sophia started using Instagram at around the same time, in early 2022 when she started to participate on TikTok. The unique and innovative style of content has led to her becoming an extremely powerful profile on Instagram. At present, Sophia has over 1.3 million users on the popular photo-sharing application and is due to numerous successful collaborations she has made with famous Latin American social media influencers such as Kunno, Augusto Gimenez, and Daniel Fragaa.

After a breakthrough year in 2020 and an impressive twenty-one year later, Sophia got signed to Elite Models, a chain modeling agency that was founded within Paris, France, shortly after she was an TikTok and Instagram celebrity.

Her purchase by Elite has enabled her to be a model as a spokesperson for Bang Energy and she is also an official brand ambassador for Gloss Naturals and Fashion Nova.


Personal Information

Profiling Sophia Talamas

A Quick Glance At Sophia Talamas
Full NamesSophia Talamas
Place of birthGreenwood, Indiana/, USA
Date Of BirthJuly 24, 2003
State of OriginAmerican
Tiktok19.1 million followers
Instagram 1.3 million followers
Net Worth$1.5 Million

Earnings Sources

As of July 20, 2022 the 19-year-old TikTok celebrity and social media awestruck Sophia Talamas has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million, as reported by several sources. The star earns her impressive sum mostly through sponsored content that she posts on her well-known TikTok as well as Instagram accounts as well as brand endorsements and her work as a model professional.


Net Worth Spot estimates that Sophia’s TikTok account is estimated to have a net worth of around $980,810 by itself, and the channel is earning approximately $16,120 per month, and $196,160 per year, based on an estimate that TikTok shout-outs cost advertisers anywhere from $2-$4 per 1000 TikTok followers. But these aren’t exact estimates and Sophia could earn more than $1.63 million annually.

Brand Endorsements

Sophia has been the face of the fast-fashion majors Fashion Nova and Gloss Naturals and Gloss Naturals, both of whom will be paying Sophia in a fair way given her enormous followers through Instagram and TikTok. TikTok as well as Instagram accounts.

Modeling Career

Particularly, Sophia appears in Bang Energy, a newcomer in the area of energy drinks produced through Vital Pharmaceuticals, a corporation situated in Florida.

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A very little or no information is available about Sophia Talamas’ personal life generally. So the ability to find out about any property or vehicle that she owns in the present is extremely difficult.

Sophia often uploads photos of her dog Merlin as well as the cat she has named Athena that could prove to be an expense for the 18-year old TikTok celebrity. In addition the subaqueous videos she uploads frequently feature props like lamps, beds and drawers, which could be purchased specifically to be used in the video, or repaired after being submerged in the water for a long period of duration.

Q. What is SophiaT24?

A. Sophia Talamas, also known in the media as Sophia and SophiaT24 online is an American dancer, TikTok star, and social media celebrity who is widely acclaimed for her unique style.

subaqueous content.

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Q. What is the age of SophiaT24?

A. Sophia Talamas is now aged 18 years old. She was born on the 24th of July in 2003.

Q. Is SophiaT24 rich?

A. Sure, Sophia Talamas is rich with a Net worth of $1.5 million, as per several different sources. This is quite an amazing achievement when you consider that Sophia is only 18 years old. young.

Q. Where is SophiaT24 whereabouts?

A. Sophia Talamas was born and was raised within Miami, Florida where she lives today to be with her friends along and her entire family.

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