[People Profile] All We Know About Mari Maria biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Mari Maria biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Mari Maria, a makeup/beauty expert and social media influencer, is well-known for her makeup tutorials and lifestyle vlogs as well as fashion content. Mari Maria has a net worth of just over $2 million. Her YouTube channel has over 9 million subscribers, and she has over 20 million Instagram and TikTok followers.

Mari Maria’

In September 2014, she launched her YouTube channel. She posted an early tutorial for makeup inspired by Queen La Muerte’s makeup in The Book of Life. Mari Maria Makeup also opened an online shop. She uploads makeup and comedy videos on her TikTok profile, which has more than 20 million followers.

Maria began regularly uploading makeup and beauty content videos to her TikTok, Instagram and YouTube pages. Because of her consistency, many of her followers fell in love with her makeup videos, which led her to switch to YouTube. His followers grew even more from there. Mari Maria is a video producer and often participates in media events like “BeautyCon Festivals”, an annual festival for beauty brands and Internet celebrities, or Vidcon, which features YouTube stars, brands and media companies.

She offers life advice and shares personal stories. These channels provide extensive information and a place for viewers to share their feedback.

Mari Maria’s Personal Information

Profiling Mari Maria

A Quick Glance Mari Maria
Full NamesMari Maria
Place of birthBrazill
Date Of BirthNovember 29, 1992
State of OriginBrazillian
Tiktok20.8 Million Followers
Instagram 20 MillionFollowers
YouTube9.9 Million subscribers
Net Worth$1-5 Million

Sources of Income

Mari Maria has a net worth of just below $2 million. Her main sources of income include YouTube and her social media accounts.

Social Media – TikTok and YouTube.

Mari Maria’

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Maria makes an average of $14k per video on her TikTok. She could charge up to $65k on Instagram for a sponsored deal post. This depends on the brand. YouTube: Her total earnings are $1 million. She could make up to $25k for a sponsored brand collaboration, depending on which brand.

Online make-up shop

Maria also offers a range of beauty products on her website. These are primarily for Latin American and Brazilian customers. We estimate that Maria earns between $15k and $25k per month on sales of products ranging in price from 40 to 70 Brazilian Reals.

Before Fame
After launching her YouTube channel in September of 2014, she posted an early makeup video tutorial inspired by the makeup of Queen La Muerte from the movie The Book of Life.
She opened an online store under the name Mari Maria Makeup as well. She posts makeup and comedy videos to her marimariamakeup TikTok account, which has amassed over 13 million fans.
Family Life
She would often post photos of herself with her partner on Instagram. She gave birth to a son in April 2020.
Associated With
She has made content with Franciny Ehlke and Kim RosaCuca.


Maria’s spending habits are not well known. Although she has posted videos of her extravagant villa, it is hard to estimate its value. She showed her entire house in a YouTube house tour video. It had 4 bedrooms, 2 stories, a swimming pool, a gym and an office/studio. We don’t know the exact value of this property, as we have already mentioned.

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Mari Maria’

Q. Q.

A.Mari Maria’s net Worth as of 2022 is close to $2 million

Q. Q.

A. Mari Maria is Brazilian.

Q. Q.

A. Mari Maria was 29 years old when she was born in 1992.

Q. Q. Does Mari Maria have a child?

A. Mari Maria doesn’t have a daughter. She has 2 sons as of 2022.


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