[People Profile] All We Know About Frankie LaPenna biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Frankie LaPenna biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Frankie LaPenna, a social media star and YouTube star, is also known as the director of Photography and TikTok influencer. In just two months, he posted videos that featured him doing various activities such as skydiving or fishing while in Zoom meetings. He has received more than 100 million views.

Frankie LaPenna

Over 3.2 million people follow him on TikTok and 108,000,000 likes. La Penna’s creative ideas and high quality content have inspired millions. LaPenna is known for his green screen persona, mustache guy, and Jim Kardashian look. He first became famous for creating viral videos about wild adventures in the middle of virtual meetings.

His eye-catching Instagram photos, videos and physical attributes are also very popular. He is a popular TikTok personality, known for his funny videos and humorous Content. His Instagram account is full of humorous photos and models that he shares.

Frankie LaPenna Personal Information

Profiling Frankie LaPenna

A Quick Glance At Frankie LaPenna
Full NamesFrankie LaPenna
Place of birthUSA
Date Of Birth21 September 1997
State of OriginAmerican
Tiktok3.2 million Followers
Instagram 439k followers
YouTube652k subscribers
Spouse/PartnerChase Hudson
Net Worth$500k


Frankie Lapenna became famous through his TikTok account, and YouTube channel. In December 2020, he began posting content to his TikTok account. He is currently a director for photography at Launch Kit. His YouTube channel was launched on 21 June 2011. His most popular video was “Undercover Car Zoom Call with Green Screen”, which received more than 63,000,000 views.

He mostly makes skits and comedic content videos. He began sharing the green screen with zoom meetings videos to his TikTok account and it quickly spread all over the globe. This earned him more fame. He is an experienced film and video professional who works independently. On October 5, 2017, he began editing videos for Parker Nirenstein (founder of Vehicle Virgins) in the Greater Los Angeles Area. He has been editing video content for approximately 8 months.

He moved to Calabasas, California in June 2018 to edit and shoot Parker Nirenstein’s YouTube videos. He learned the intricacies of a YouTube influencer on a personal basis during this time. He edited over 150 videos for Vehicle Virgins.

In April 2019, he moved to The LaPenna Group, in the Greater Grand Rapids Area of Michigan. His job involved the preservation, organization, and organization old 1940s photos, documents, as well as letters via Photoshop. He also traveled to Wisconsin for an interview with Art Kasperski, a WWII veteran. In June 2019, he moved to Point O’Pines Camp for Girls in Glens Falls, New York. There he taught video classes to 11-15-year-old girls.

He edited and shot videos every day, then compiled the videos into an hour-long summary of his summer camp experience. He was able to sort and archive hundreds of files across multiple computers and learn how to work within a large-scale media organization. He is currently the Director of Photography at Launch Kit, Rockford, Michigan, United States.

LaPenna, the NFL’s Ravens, teamed up with LaPenna to bring to life a virtual escape that every sports fan desires when they are stuck in boring meetings. Instead of being at work, it was possible to be there. It was first broadcast live on @Ravens’ social media accounts. It was shared and engaged on all NFL league accounts as well as natively on Frankie’s accounts.

Frankie LaPenna

The internet was a wildfire within minutes. Naturally, the internet went wild for sports media outlets such as Bleacher Report and SportsCenter. The real results began to come in later. Millions of people follow Meme accounts like Nugget or Memezar for the laughter they create. Accounts that don’t share sports content are likely to have fewer content from sports leagues. These numbers soared. Even Instagram, the most popular account on Instagram, shared Frankie’s post from their series “Things This Week that Made Us Smile.”

The Ravens’ final piece, “Frankie at the tailgate”, was released later that week. Frankie and their famous green screen were a huge success, which led to the second two being viewed by millions more.

Ravens post on Facebook has been viewed 92M times. This video is the most popular NFL team video on Facebook. It also ranks 2nd among all NFL videos. The Ravens’ post generated 1.6X more engagements on Facebook than the second-best. The in-stadium reveal received over 78 million views across all accounts and platforms, and more than 11M engagements.

Frankie’s YouTube video of the third scene received another 10M views. It was also the number one post all-time on NFL Reels (29.3M viewers) and the number one post all-time on Ravens TikTok (17M). It was so famous that @art_of_a_giant, an Instagram artist, even documented the moment.

Frankie LaPenna’s Net Worth

Frank LaPenna earns his primary income from the company Launch Kit, as well as social media. His earnings via video direction are not known, but we can calculate his earnings using his social media accounts. LePenna makes an average of $3k per TikTok post that he shares. This excludes brand collaborations.

YouTube could allow him to earn up to $4k per video. This excludes brand sponsored collaborations. For a brand sponsored collaboration post, LaPenna may charge as high as $3k on Instagram.

Social Media

LaPenna currently boasts 3.2 million TikTok followers, 652k YouTube subscribers, and 439k Instagram following.

Personal Life

Frank LaPenna was conceived in Grand Rapids (Michigan) on 21 September 1997. While not much is known about LaPenna’s family, Kayla Lewicki appears occasionally on his social media posts. On his Instagram account, LaPenna revealed that he had lost Joey, his brother who would have turned 26 on February 3, 2022.

Frankie LaPenna

Between 2012 and 2016, LaPenna attended Grand Rapids Christian High School. He then went on to pursue a Bachelors of Applied Science degree in Cinematography/Film/Video Production at Grand Valley State University between 2016 and 2020. We don’t have any other information.

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Frankie LaPenna’s top TikTok videos

1. LaPenna’s greenscreen zoom meeting videos entitled – “1 Week Away from Completing my Online Masters Degree.” New York Rangers and me decided to celebrate!

2. Video of his persona “Jim Kardashian.

3. LaPenna’s track meet video.

4. Video of him training for the track meet.

5. LaPenna’s fans get a PC giveaway video.

FAQs about Frankie LaPenna

Q. Q.

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A. Frankie LaPenna, a social media influencer and YouTube star, is also a director of Photography. He is also known as “the greenscreen guy”, and is known for his comedy skits and content. In just two months, he posted videos that featured him doing various activities such as skydiving or fishing while in Zoom meetings. He has received more than 100 million views. His TikTok followers number over 3.2million and his likes total 108 million.

Q. Q.

A. Frankie LaPenna, a social media influencer and YouTube star, is a director of Photography.

Q. Q.

A. Frankie LaPenna resides in Rockford, Michigan, United States.

Q. Q.

A. Frankie was 24 years old when he was born on September 21st 1997.

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