[People Profile] All We Know About Lianev biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Lianev biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Liane Valenzuela (b. August 22nd in 1987) was born on August 22, 1986. She is an American internet celebrity as well as a singer and entrepreneur her net worth as of 2022 is believed to be around $1 million. Her annual earnings are said to be more than $1.5 million dollars annually. The majority of her earnings come via promotions and brand sponsorships as well as music and merchandise releases in addition to postings on her Facebook and Twitter.


Liane V started her journey on Vine but then expanded her reach to other platforms, including TikTok, YouTube and Instagram to mention the few.

Liane initially joined Vine in 2013 and later gained fame thanks because of her partnerships with Vine creators like DeStorm, Klavity, King Bach and many more. She mostly posted on Vine until 2016 when Vine closed. She also began writing her content on YouTube and Instagram at the same time and began to gain followers on these platforms.

In addition to her social media activities she has been featured in music videos, as well as mainstream media projects. She has also launched her cosmetics and fashion line which has proven to be extremely successful and gives her an income stream that is steady. She also has an impressive music career.

In 2022 the year 2022, she had 11.5 million subscribers on TikTok as well as 481,000 subscribers to YouTube, 4.7 million followers on Instagram and 149.4k followers on Twitter.

Personal Information

Profiling Liane Valenzuela

A Quick Glance At Liane Valenzuela
Full NamesLiane Valenzuela
Place of birthLos Angeles, California/USA
Date Of BirthAugust 22,1986
State of OriginAmerican
Tiktok11.5 m followers
Instagram 2.2 million followers
YouTube481,000 subscribers
Net Worth$1million

Earnings from TikTok

Liane enjoys 11.5 million fans on TikTok. Because her engagement rate is one percent with this number of followers Liane earns more than 10k per month. This is when you consider the typical rate of TikTok promotional campaigns for brands to be between $2,000 and $4,000 per 100 fans.

This could be an overestimation, since she’s been sponsored by major brands , and the compensation from them could be greater than $4,000.


Earnings from YouTube

Liane’s earnings from YouTube is estimated to be between $9 and $141 per month and $106 to $1.7K annually. Liane has 481,000 followers and 457 uploads.

Earnings from Instagram

The Liane’s Instagram is followed by 4.7 million followers. she posts a large portion of her posts from other platforms. It is predicted that she will earn at least $100k through Instagram each month, which includes the posts and sponsorships she receives.

Mainstream Media Participation

Because of her popularity on social media she has had the opportunity to host and be integral part of major media projects and events too. She was the host of the red carpets and other events for shows such as “American Idol”, “The X Factor” as well as “The The Voice”.

Music Career

She has also been a musician since 2015, and has released a variety of songs and EPs. Some of her most well-known songs include”R&B EP”, “Lesson in Love”, “No More”, “Creep”, and “No Cuffs” that have all contributed significant revenue.

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Liane has also introduced her own clothing line which became available in the year 2019. It includes her clothing line, as well as her makeup line. It also includes gym accessories as well as phone cases. Then she introduced face masks into her collection.

A lot of her merchandise features the slogans “I I Go Beast”, “Hustle” and “Manifest It”. They are on sale on her website and can be purchased on her website.


Brand Promotions and Sponsorships

Liane was sponsored and conducted promotional work on behalf of Hulu, Turbo Tax, Zales Jewelers and Schick Hydro Silk to mention a the few.

Each of these ventures has served to huge revenue sources for Liane from 2014 onwards, however the biggest portion of her income comes from her products.

Assets and expenditures 

There isn’t much information about her real estate, or items, but it is well-known her home is in a posh neighborhood in Los Angeles, California, along with the man she married, Don Benjamin, whom she was married in 2021.

Don and Liane own Liane and Don co-own a Tesla Model X, bought in 2021.

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Q. What is the age of Liane V?

A. At the time of her 2022 birthday she will be aged 35. She will be 36 in 2022.

Q. Is Liane V involved in an affair?

A. Yes. She’s been wed with Don Benjamin since 2021.

Q. What is Liane V’s net worth? Liane V?

A. By 2022 Liane V’s value is $1 million.

Q. How do you determine the origins of Liane V?

A. Liane V’s nationality is Filipino.

Q. Which is Liane V’s home town?

A. She hails originally from Modesto, California.

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