[People Profile] All We Know About Jaliyah Manuel Biography, Networth, Family, Career

Jaliyah Manuel Biography, Networth, Family, Career

 Jaliyah Manuel Biography, Networth, Family, Career

Who is Jaliyah Manuel?

Jaliyah Manuel is known for her role as an American social media celebrity as a model, actress, also a multi-sport athlete. In addition, she is famous as an Instagram star, known for her “@officialjaliyahmanuel” Instagram account.

Profiling Jaliyah Manuel

A Quick Glance At Jaliyah Manuel

Full NamesJaliyah Manuel
Nationality USA
Year Of Birth6 September, 2009
OccupationSocial media star,
Multi-sport athlete
Place of BirthChina
RelationshipAndi Autumn
ParentsJavon Manuel and Tracey Manuel
Networth$8 million

Early Life & Age

Jaliyah Manuel was born on September 6, 2009, on the 6th of September. Jaliyah was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States of America. At the moment, she’s 13 years old in 2022. Manuel is the child of Javon Manuel (father) as well as Tracey Manuel (mother). Manuel’s coach is her father and often appears in her basketball videos and her mom is in the medical field.

Jaliyah Manuel is a child with her younger brother Jakobe Jett. He’s also a skilled basketball player. Jaliyah attended Belle Chasse primary school. Manuel is a highly proficient student, who achieves “A” in all subjects. Jaliyah claims that her parents won’t permit her to play basketball until she maintains her grades high.

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Jaliyah Manuel began playing basketball using an inflatable hoop made of plastic when she was only fifteen months old. Manuel used to shoot foam balls from the hoop and that was when her parents first realized her basketball skills. Jaliyah started training and honing her basketball skills with her father who was also her coach when she was four years old.

Jaliyah Manuel was only six years older; in February her father shared two videos on Facebook, showing her basketball skills. She immediately became famous, gaining over 6 million views on the videos.

Jaliyah Manuel is able to perform splits while dribbling her hands. She can effortlessly hit three-pointers and dribble while taking tennis balls. Manuel’s workouts with her father show her endurance, speed, and power. Jaliyah was performing hill sprints, as well as box jumps of 30 inches to train to be stronger and better at her sport at the age of eight.

Jaliyah Manuel can be photographed running with an edging device that is tied at her waist. Her skill in controlling the ball is impressive and doesn’t be easily accessible to a nine-year-old. Jaliyah is a full-time athlete who trains for 30 hours a week with her dad. Manuel is a basketball enthusiast and is reported to take a nap, eat and dream. She also thinks, dreams, and live. She also breathes basketball.

Jaliyah Manuel is a college football player during the day, and she can be seen with her dog in the evening before going to sleep. She is often referred to by her fans as the “next Steph Curry” by her supporters. Jaliyah had been once asked to get to know him. She also takes the time to be involved in all of her studies at school and is a straight A student.

Jaliyah Manuel takes part in talent shows at school and often wins the top prize. Manuel’s parents support her basketball ambitions, but they place equal importance on her academics. Jaliyah hopes to become a doctor as well as an athlete when she is older. Manuel hopes to be one of the very first women NBA players.

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Jaliyah Manuel has attracted the interest of various top schools for sports training in the USA which include “IMG Academy” and “UConn (University of Connecticut)” which is the nation’s top women’s basketball team. Jaliyah Manuel has her own Instagram account which is managed by her parents and has 133,000 followers.

Jaliyah has her own line of apparel known as “Team Liyah” and has joined forces together with “Unconfined Apparel” to sell shorts, t-shirts and caps bags, and other items. She has also modeled for various brands, including “Nike” and “Jordan” and has also been a sponsor for various basketball-related brands.

Jaliyah Manuel was a guest in “The Steve Harvey Show” and also acted in the film 2017 “she Ball” starring Nick Cannon. Manuel was also a part of the film “she Ball” in 2017. YouTube “Whistle” series “No Days Off.”


Jaliyah Manuel is not present dating. She’s too young for a relationship. Manuel concentrates on her job and studies more than being in a relationship.

Social Media

Jaliyah Manuel is very active in her various social media profiles. Jaliyah Manuel is on social media accounts, including Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Jaliyah has amassed more than the 132k followers she has on Instagram as well as 2k followers on her Facebook page, and 2.21k followers for her YouTube channel.

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Net Worth

Jaliyah Manuel is known as social media superstar model, actress, model as well as a multi-sport athlete. She has done an outstanding job throughout her professional life. Manuel made a lot of money over the course of her career. Her net worth is estimated to be approximately $8 million.

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