[People Profile] All We Know About Hannah Stocking biography, Career, Family, Networth

All We Know About Hannah Stocking biography, Career, Family, Networth

Hannah Jo Stocking Siagkris (b. 4 February 1992) is an American web-based personality and actress. Her most well-known work is her humorous sketches on YouTube and she is also hosts of Mindie the show, which is an YouTube Music chat show that is produced through Shots Studios.

Hannah Stocking

Stocking is a native of Los Angeles, California and she is of Greek, Armenian, Ukrainian in addition to Hungarian descent.She was raised and raised in Ashland in Oregon in Oregon, where she was educated and completed her studies at Ashland High School. Then, Stocking moved back to California to study at the Dominican University of California in San Rafael. In San Rafael, she studied the sciences and chemistry, as well as playing volleyball and other sports.

Profiling Hannah Jo Stocking-Siagkris

A Quick Glance At Hannah Jo Stocking-Siagkris

Full NamesHannah Jo Stocking-Siagkris
Place of birthLos Angeles, California
Date Of BirthFebruary 4, 1992
YouTube 7.79 million
TikTok26million; 905.9 million likes
Social Media Username Hannah Stocking
Instagram Followers21.7 million
Net Worth$5.3 million

Stocking first tasted of fame after she began producing videos on Vine. She worked with a number of former Viners such as King Bach, Curtis Lepore, Lele Pons and so on. Prior to when Vine was shut down in the year 2000, she had more than 900,00 followers on the platform.

Because of her well-known presence on social media Stocking was also featured in the 2014 music video by G-Eazy named “Tumblr Girls”. Following the demise of Vine was shut down, Stocking turned her attention towards YouTube and different social networks, such as Instagram as well as TikTok.

She appeared in the Blink-182’s “She’s Out of Her Mind” video with regular collaborator Lele Pons. At the time of her 2022 birthday, Stocking has 7.79 million followers in YouTube, 21.2 million followers on Instagram and 26 million on TikTok.


Hannah began her career through Vine in 2013, and the majority her Vines from the time included her experiences while a college student and occasionally, sketch comedy and collaborative videos sprinkled into. Contrary to other Vine starlets of her day hers was notable for her college experience, which is the reason she wasn’t as well-known on the platform in comparison to her fellow Vine stars like Liane V. Her first Vine was entitled “How girls respond to guys in comparison to. What men react to girls.”


(Source: Instagram)

The year was 2014 and she launched her modeling career after she was featured in G-Eazy’s music video “Tumblr Girls”. However, she gained mainstream notoriety with the Blink-182’s “She’s out Of Her Mind” music video, believed to be the result of a gender swapping from one of the group’s previous music videos. The publication Rolling Stone said her presence was memorable in the music video. The is the year she was featured in Lele Pons video for the song “Celoso”. She also made the official lyrics video for the song According to reports.

In the course of her Vine profession, she often worked frequently with King Bach, Liane V DeStorm, Liane V Anwar Jibawi and many other. Following the demise of Vine closed in the year 2017, Stocking turned her focus on Instagram to create and publish short form videos. Stocking followed this with TikTok in the following year and began posting on YouTube more often, beginning in the year 2015.

Hannah Stocking

Through YouTube she’s estimated earning between $8.8K between $141 and $8.8K per month and earns an estimated annual income of $105.7K between $105.7K and $1.7M according the Social Blade.

Hannah has worked with companies and brands like Google Malibu Rum, NorwegianTrack, Paramount Plus, Chime Lenovo and FIFA.

Hannah Stocking’s debut appearance in mainstream media was in the well-known black entertainer Tyler Perry’s “Boo 2! The Making of a Madea Halloween,” where she played Anna.

Hannah Stocking also appeared on E! News in the course of the 2017 Grammy Awards during their “Countdown to the Red Carpet” segment.

In the year 2017 she was spotted along with Lele Pons at the Dubai Vidxb convention.

in 2018, Hannah utilized her background in science to develop the brand new show “The The Science Behind Beauty” for IGTV that was a fairly new media platform in the early days. The is the year Hannah collaborated with ATTN Media an organization that created social media content about crucial social issues. She created science-based videos that were then released via her YouTube channel. The series was called “Science Party With Hannah Stocking.” She also appeared on the TV show “Undivided ATTN” for ATTN Media.

In the year 2018, Hanna created and starred in the official music video for Poo Bear’s “Hard 2 Face Reality,”” featuring musicians such as Jay Electronica, Justin Bieber and Lele Pons.

The year she was born, she was the first creator of social media to be awarded the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Pioneer Award at the United Nations. The award recognized her accomplishments in the field of creating content on social media. The award was incorporated into the Congressional Record, where it continues to be until today. In the very year she was a part in the film “Satanic Panic” as Kristen Larson.

In 2020, she began an on-going Instagram reel series titled “Hannah’s Extreme Tattoos” in which she offers tattoos to people she has met, even though she is having no professional ex

Hannah Stocking


in 2021. Stocking was a part of the film “Vanquish” which is currently playing via Amazon Prime and Apple TV. Stocking also began her own business dealing in NFTs and began trading in Ethereum.


In 2022 In 2022, she appeared in the show’s reboot iCarly as Sunny Johnson. The same year, she also became an advocate for the conservation of coral reefs group, Coral Gardeners, promoting coral gardens to protect our marine environment.

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Hannah Stocking’s Net Worth 

According to Net Worth Spot in 2022, Hannah Stocking has a net worth of $5.3 million. The majority of this is due to her brand sponsorship agreements and social media posts as well as appearances on mainstream media shows and films. According to estimates from Net Worth Spot Stocking’s Youtube channel is worth a total of $1.49 million, while her TikTok account is believed at $1.39 million.

Social Media Presence 

Hannah Stocking is active on Instagram which has 21.7 million followers. She is also on YouTube with 7.79 millions of subscribers. Hannah Stocking is also active on TikTok with 26.1 million subscribers.

Personal Life 

Hannah Stocking has been known as a close friend of Lele Pons as well as Juanpa Zarita. She has also been linked to Ondreaz Lopez as well as Klay Thompson.


Q. Is Hannah Stocking Australian?

A. No. She holds American citizenship.

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Q. Who are Hannah Stocking’s most cherished pals?

A. Hannah Stocking’s most cherished pals are Lele Pons, and Juanpa Zarita.

Q. What different languages do Hannah Stocking’s tattoos appear?

A. She has two tattoos – one of them indicating a Roman numeral and the second one is from Sanskrit. Sanskrit language.

Q. Are Hannah Stocking rumored to be in a relationship with Juanpa Zarita?

A. It’s not confirmed whether she’s dating Juanpa Zarita, although the two remain close until today.

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