[People Profile] All We Know About Gift Anizoba Biography, Age, Career, Spouse, Net Worth, Controversy

Gift Anizoba Biography, Age, Career, Spouse, Net Worth, Controversy

[People Profile] All We Know About Gift Anizoba Biography, Age, Career, Spouse, Net Worth, Controversy

Amaka Gift Anizoba (born on May 8,). She is an influencer, model, and actor in Nollywood who is quickly getting noticed because of the beauty of her appearance and talents. Her birthplace was in Umuleri town in Anambra State, Nigeria. A gift every May 8 Anizoba is celebrated as her birthday. On May 8th, 2021 the gorgeous beautiful actress celebrated her birthday by posting gorgeous photographs.

Profiling Gift Anizoba

A Quick Glance At Gift Anizoba
Full NamesAmaka Gift Anizoba
Nationality Nigerian
Year Of Birth08, May, 1990
State of OriginAnambra State, Nigeria
OccupationActress – Model, Singer
Religion Christianity
Marital StatusSingle
Academics Undergraduate student at Lead City University


Gift Anizoba is a famous Nollywood actress who is beautiful, skilled, imaginative skilled, and proficient. She has also played a variety of roles that are given to the actress by Nigerian filmmakers and directors. Her fame was due to her role in the film Crazy Clone. Since then, she has become an unstoppable actor in the film industry.

Age – Date Of Birth

Gift Anizoba was born on May 8 the year of creation of this article, information about her age as well as her birth year are not available. Her birthplace was Umuleri town, which is located in Anambra State.

State of Origin – Nationality

Gift Anizoba is from what state? Where is Gift Anizoba’s origin? Gift Anizoba is a native of Umuleri in the southern Nigerian state of Anambra. Gift Anizoba is a Nigerian.


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Amaka The Gift of Family Parents and siblings Gift Anizoba is an accomplished Igbo speaker. Amaka Gift belongs to the member of Mr. and Mrs. Anizoba’s parents at birth. Both parents were Igbo. Her siblings are not explicitly listed. The gift Anizoba was born into the family of a Christian family. She is Christianity by faith.

Educational Background

Gift Anizoba completed her secondary and primary schooling at one the most prestigious institutions. She is currently a Lead City University of Ibadan undergraduate student currently. Amaka Gift graduated from high school on the 18th of January 2019.


Some time ago, Amaka Gift Anizoba started her modeling and acting careers. In the year 2018, he began acting and his first film role included “Crazy People.”

The actress gained fame due to her enthralling character in the film, and since then she has appeared appearing in other films, such as Faded Smiles, All Things Die, On Her Terms, Rude Awakening, and Wrong But Found and many more.

The A-list Nollywood actor and actresses, including Ebube Nwagbo Fredrick Leonard Stanley Igboanugo, Nazo Ekezie, Daiane Chukwu and many more have collaborated with Gift Anizoba.

Music Career

In the midst of releasing an EP with six official tracks and six bonus tracks, titled CHIM AMAKA The singer is awe-inspiring and a re-awakening of her soul looking to ignite the flame of her spiritual connection to humanity. She also brings peace and inspiration to souls that are broken. Amaka Gift sings with a clear voice and leads each heart to sing praise to God by singing soul-uplifting worship songs.

Many have mentioned the powerful resonance of her voice as an cure for broken hearts as well as uplifting for people who have been her most dedicated supporters. The story has been featured within Daily Sun Newspapers as well as other online and print news outlets.

She hosts a regular event called PRAISE and WORSHIP NIGHT & AMAKA Gift, in which she invites church choirs as well as many authentic music ministers from across the country to lead the congregation in various worship and praise gatherings.

The nighttime service she holds every month was dubbed PSALM 34 and which also has a musical program where people can express their love and gratitude to God is an added bonus.

The show is hosted online titled GET Inspiring with AMAKA Gift where she talks about diverse issues as topicsthat are presented in segments that answer queries from her fans around the globe. Her personality is such that she is never apathetic about personal development since she is always looking for those around her to grow and become inspired by her as they improve themselves to become the best version of themselves.

She is still preparing for her visit to many schools where she hopes to share gospel messages and help raise the spirits of the young people of the future. She has already made speeches at a handful of schools to date.

In her promise to raise every ear of a listener to the highest level of praise and worship in the name of God She has also urged her followers to expect an increase in their interaction with and focus upon Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit.




Gift Anizoba Married? Who is Amaka Gift Boyfriend? Although Gift Anizoba may not be dating, however, it is believed she is in a relationship with a beautiful man. Gift Anizoba hasn’t disclosed who her boyfriend is. The gorgeous actress isn’t letting her lover use social media.

Net Worth

Gift Anizoba is a Nollywood actress rising quickly and thriving in the industry. The actress is believed to be worth about $100k.

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Although I strive to stay clear of controversial topics, it’s my duty to heal, encourage and bring peace, reconciliation and motivation to souls that are broken.

In that vein, I’ll write about two topics and will be pleading for change, whoever it might concern.

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