[People Profile] All We Know About Drea Knows Best biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Drea Knows Best biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Drea Okeke, aka Drea is born the 8th of April in 1995. Drea is a native of Nigeria and, after a couple of years relocated into New York USA. Drea is well known as a and respected content creator, speaker and host. Drea has graduated from Penn State University in 2016 with a degree in Industrial Engineering.

Drea Knows Best

Drea is a well-known social media celebrity. Her TikTok account she has more than 5.9 million followers. On Instagram she has 224k subscribers, and on YouTube she has more than 70.2k followers. In addition, Drea also had a Vine account where she uploaded her funny vines.

Personal Information

Profiling Drea Okeke

A Quick Glance Drea Okeke
Full NamesDrea Okeke
Place of birthUSA
Date Of BirthApril 9, 1995
State of OriginAmerican/Nigerian
Tiktok5.9 million followers
Instagram 224k followers
YouTube70.2K subscribers
Net Worth$5 Million


Drea began her career as an Content creator via TikTok but she’s an engineer by trade. She would make humorous videos during her breaks while trying to finish her degree. As her videos became famous, Drea started focusing more on her TikTok videos. Drea always tried to make everyone smile with her videos. Drea is not content with comedy videos , but she also uploads inspiring videos and also makes her fans aware of social issues. Drea is a part of Black TikTok, an account that was developed by black creators. This account raises awareness of problems faced by blacks and also supports those who are part of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Drea currently has 5.9 million people following her TikTok account. In addition to TikTok, Drea has an Instagram account that has 224k likes.

Drea Knows Best

Drea is also a Youtube channel on which she posts mini vlogs as well as video clips of her daily life. She also posts humorous videos that are short via her channel.

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Net Worth

Drea is estimated to have a Net worth that can range from $4 to $5 million. In TikTok, Drea could earn between $1.22k between $1.22k and $1.83k for each post but this excludes brand-sponsored deals. In Instagram, Drea could earn between $345-$575 when a post is sponsored by a brand. Apart from Instagram, Drea is a public speaking and hosting host too.

Social Media

Drea is among the most popular young popular social media celebrities. In TikTok, Drea has over 5.9 million followers and has more than 139.1 million followers who like her. In Instagram, Drea has 224k followers, with 700 posts. In YouTube, Drea has 70.2k subscribers and has more than 2,039,086 viewings on her channel.

Personal Life

Drea comes from a middle class family. Her parents are her however, Drea has not revealed any other information regarding her family members yet. Drea was born the 9th of April 1995 in Nigeria. Her parents and Drea relocated into New York, USA when she was just a little girl. Drea was victimized and discriminated against due to due to her color of skin, size, and accent. Later on, she gets over it by giving them all her positive points. Drea hasn’t shared any details about her parents as of yet and, as of today, Drea is single and not married.

Drea Knows Best top TikTok videos

This is the most recent video from Drea TikTok with over 6.2 million views.

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Another well-known video of Drea with more than 5.1 million viewers.

Drea Knows Best

Another funny video by Drea with more than 1.8 million viewers.

A tutorial video for photoshoots by Drea with more than 188k views.

A challenge to accents by Drea with @jorgefajaroda. This is among the most watched content of her TikTok account, with more than 15.7 million views.


Q. Who is Drea Okeke?

A. Drea Okeke is an internationally renowned TikToker and Instagram influencer.

Q. How old is Drea Okeke?

A. Drea Okeke was born on April 08th in 1995. This makes her age 27 in November 2022.

Q. Is Drea Okeke in a relationship with someone?

A. Darea Okeke, who is single at the moment, has has not been spotted with anyone.


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