[People Profile] All We Know About Rebecca Zamolo biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Rebecca Zamolo biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Rebecca Lynn Zamolo, often referred to by the name of Rebecca Zamolo, is an American YouTuber and social media influencer. She is a music producer, content creator and entrepreneur, news broadcaster writer, actor, as well as a producer. The social media star and entertainer is well recognized for her humorous videos on her own YouTube channel. The channel has accumulated more than 12 million subscribers.

Rebecca Zamolo

She also is part of the Matt & Rebecca YouTube channel along with her husband. The majority of her YouTube channels feature challenges and fun games that are inspired by pop culture.

Zamolo was an experienced cheerleader in her youth and later took improv classes in The Second City comedy enterprise. She appeared during The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in 2010 as an actor on a regular basis. Rebecca has also been a part of “Funny or Die”, Yahoo and Blip. TV. Rebecca has created her own app along with her husband “The Game Master Network,” that is designed to be an adventure-based game that is dedicated to her followers.

Personal Information

Profiling Rebecca Zamolo

A Quick Glance Rebecca Zamolo
Full NamesRebecca Zamolo
Place of birthUSA
Date Of Birth27 September 1982
State of OriginAmerican
Tiktok17 million followers
Instagram 3.1 millionfollowers
YouTube12.2 million subscribers
Spouse/PartnerMatt Yoakum
Net Worth$10Million


Zamolo began her professional career as a athlete with the San Jose Sabercats and enabled her to be featured in more commercials for television. After she graduated from at the University of California, Santa Barbara she was a sports reporter at the college’s local channel Gaucho News. She studied improv during her time at The Second City in Los Angeles and was part of an improv group.

She was a regular actor for The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in 2010, and later worked for Funny or Die, Yahoo and Blip. TV. After many years working in the entertainment industry, Rebecca started her YouTube account in 2011 , and has since gained millions of fans. Since then, she has greater than 3.5 billion views total on her channel.

Zamolo is famous for her funny and awkward videos on her YouTube channel. The YouTube channel is dedicated to challenge, DIY dance, gymnastics, and dancing videos. Zamolo also has a YouTube channel along with the partner Matt Yoakum called Matt and Rebecca with similar content. In the year 2018, Zamolo created an escape room-themed YouTube channel and a detective show named Game Master Network which features her and her husband who solve clues to defeat a villain called the “YouTube Hacker”.

In October of 2020, Zamolo together with digital product studio BoundaryLA came up with a spin-off running video game that was based on the show called The Game Master Network. The game was released as an app that was available for iOS along with Android.That December there was a subscription option added to the app that gives users the exclusive access which includes musical performances, behind the scenes clips, backstories for characters and Q&As for just $8 per month.Other later media that were that were released as part of the series include an YouTube musical called Giant Rewind Musical in Real Lifeand two books published by HarperCollins. In the month of October, 2021, Zarmolo as well as Yoakum were signed by the management company Underscore Talent.

Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo’s Net Worth

Zamolo’s net worth has been estimated to be around $10 million, and the majority of her earnings are derived from her social media accounts as a creator of content acting career, as well as business ventures.

On TikTok the creator of the app could be earning upwards of the equivalent of $15k per post, which excludes deals that are sponsored by brands. On Instagram the creator could earn up to $10k per post sponsored by a brand depending on the company. On YouTube the average earnings hover around $11K per video with an overall earnings of $5 million. This excludes brand-sponsored deals. For these, she could earn upwards of $25k for each video.

She is also a part of the Matt and Rebecca channel. On this channel she can earn a share of $5k for each video, which excludes brand collaborations and revenues of around $4 million. in the event that the couple splits the profits by half. Zamolo could have earned more than $2 million.

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In terms of her career as an actor, Zamolo first made her television debut with ABC’s Make It or Break It in 2009 before going on to be a part of other well-known shows such as The Mumblesteens, Minute Motivations, The Flip Side, and Minute Motivations, and The Late Late Show Show with Craig Ferguson. Her film debut was with A Numbers Game, a film made in 2010 written by James Van Alden. Tubefilter reports that Zarmolo as well as her spouse were signed with Underscore Talent, a talent agency that is specialized in creating an innovative method of representation for today’s competitive market.

Rebecca Zamolo

Zamolo together with Matt Yoakum has created their own escape room-themed detective series on the YouTube channel named Game Master Network in2 018. The show is a collaboration between Zamolo and Yoakum finding clues to beat the main antagonist, The YouTube Hacker. The channel enjoyed a viral hit and received lots of positive feedback , which later resulted in the launch of The Game Master Network, an off-shoot video game that was created in collaboration with Zamolo and BoundaryLA, a digital production studio, as reported by Tubefilter.

The app is being offered on itunes.com, the iOS AppStore and Android PlayStore. It also has an option to subscribe that allows users who pay to have access to exclusive content, behind the scenes video, musical performances and live shows for only an annual fee of $8. Tubefilter says that the popularity in Game Master Network. Game Master Network led to the creation of a YouTube musical named Giant Rewind in Real Life and two books written by Zamolo for the series are now printed by HarperCollins.

Zamolo’s popularity also has attracted many brand partnerships. Rebecca has been featured in commercials and has collaborated with brands such as Dunkin Donuts, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Forever 21, Alice – A game for mobiles as well as Tarte Cosmetics. Rebecca does earn a substantial sum from these well-known brand sponsorships , but at present, the numbers aren’t known.

Social Media

Zamolo’s dominance in social media is evident with more than 17 million TikTok followers. On Instagram she has more than 3.1 million fans. In addition she has a YouTube channel of her own. channel Zamolo has 12.2 million. Zamolo is also known to use Twitter with 69.7k followers.

Personal Life

Rebecca Zamolo was born on September 28, 1984 in Martinez, California to parents Paul and Cathy Zamolo. Rebecca is the youngest from five brothers: Jennifer, Monica, Michael and Lissa. When she was a teenager, Rebecca started training as an athlete and won Regional as well as National titles. She was a gymnast who competed as well as a track runner before getting diagnosed with ulcerative Colitis after suffering from severe abdominal bleeding and pain. The colon also showed signs of pre-cancer.

The year was 2014 when she underwent surgery to eliminate her colon and the large intestine.She later put out the film available on Vimeo about her experience of the disease, titled Inside/Out: My Experience with IBD.Zamolo got married to Matt Yoakum in May 2014.

On February 20, 2021 the family revealed that Zamolo was suffering from an unnatural pregnancy, and then an unplanned miscarriage following the start of IVF treatment.She decided to undergo the procedure because of her colon surgery that added complications to any pregnancy she might be having. The 23rd of February, 2022 Zamolo was blessed with an infant daughter, and named her Zadie Hope Zamolo.

Rebecca Zamolo’s top YouTube videos

A video Zamolo is titled “We would like we to show you our baby rainbow. She’s perfect”

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A popular and highly popular videos on the YouTube channel of Zamolo that has more than 37 million views. It’s based on the Incredibles films.

Rebecca Zamolo

Another video with the highest views by Zamolo with more than 38 million views in the “The real game master” series.

The most popular video on Zamolo’s TikTok account, titled “This was the best of the worst”

A video that has over 7.5 million viewers on the Zamolo’s TikTok account is titled “I see the Villian in the team. You’ll do anything to protect the sake of your child.”


Q. Is Rebecca Zamolo rich?

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Zamolo’s net worth has been estimated to be estimated at $10 million. The majority of her earnings come through her social media profiles as a creator of content acting career, as well as business ventures.

Q. How old is Rebecca Zamolo?

Rebecca Zamolo was born on 28 September 1982. She is now 39.

Q. What is it that makes Rebecca Zamolo famous?

Rebecca Lynn Zamolo, popularly called Rebecca Zamolo, is an American YouTuber, TikTok star, social media star, content creator and entrepreneur. She is a singer, entrepreneur, content creator, newscaster, writer, actor, and producer. The social media performer and star is well famous for her funny videos on her YouTube channel. It has more than 12 million subscribers.

Q. What was the date Rebecca Zamolo start her YouTube channel?

Rebecca Zamolo started her YouTube account in 2011.

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