[People Profile] All We Know About Cheeky Boyos biography, Career, Family, Networth

All We Know About Cheeky Boyos biography, Career, Family, Networth

Coy Wickey, and Brian O’Donnell, better known as Cheeky Boyos are an American social media influencer and content-creating duo that have gained fame via the popularity of their TikTok account. There are more than 1 million users who follow their TikTok account. They are mostly known for their parody pop culture content, but also for creating experiments such as reactions, vlogs, and. Their YouTube channel has that has over 1.47 million viewers.

Cheeky Boyos

The duo began the YouTube Channel on 9 September 2012, but they only posted the first of their videos on October 21st 2020. The most popular video on the channel is “Disappearing food prank at the drive-thru” the video received an impressive 22 million hits.

Profiling Coy Wickey and Brian O’Donnell

A Quick Glance At Coy Wickey and Brian O’Donnell

Full NamesCoy Wickey and Brian O’Donnell
Place of birthUnited States
Date Of BirthCoy Wickey - July 20, 1998, 24 years old

Brian O’Donnel - 23 years old (DOB undisclosed)
NationalityUnited States
Spouse/Partneroy Wickey - Caroline Kloepper

Brian O’Donnell - Unknown
TikTok11 million followers
Instagram134k followers
YouTube1.4 million subscribers
Net Worth$500k

The duo is known for their participation in comedy competitions. They often accept challenges from fans for example, like staying in Walmart or actively engaging in a conversation with strangers. Brian and Wickey have a relationship since they were students in high school junior. They’re quite active on all three platforms at present.


Cheeky Boyos started his YouTube channel on September 9, 2019. The first video they uploaded called “PUNCHED ON THE FACE by LOGAN PAUL” eight years later, on October 21 in 2020. They started uploading videos to TikTok in June of this year. Since the time, O’Donnell as well as Wickey have gained fame via the popular social platform. posting hilarious and prank-themed short videos that typically reach hundreds of thousands of users.

The pair didn’t initially have the intention of becoming influential social media users. The pair became close friends in junior high school and both reside in Northeast Indiana today. When Wickey was in his teens, he gained some online fame through the posting of gaming videos on YouTube.

The first time he received an email from TikTok inviting for him to join the application and earn money for gaming-related content. In the end, he and O’Donnell discovered a new opportunity on TikTok making humorous videos together. In the early days they didn’t plan to build a following. Although TikTok operates with an algorithm that helps creators who adhere to the latest trends on the app but they have established a policy not to create videos that are based on current trends. If they do, they tend to make fun of or exaggerate the trends, as O’Donnell explained when he spoke to InputFortWayne.com.

The duo instead strives to be original in their content and have built a loyal fan base for themselves. Their most famous attempt to increase their fan base occurred during their road trip, which they dubbed”The Great 48. “The Great 48.” The plans for the Cheeky Boyos’ trip were conceived through Brian Blackwell, a college acquaintance and accountant who went with the group. The idea was to visit 48 states, stopping at each state to create an ephemeral TikTok video. Then, in their summer in 2020 they went across the 48 US states and created videos in each state. In the course of this the popularity of TikTok increased.

The trio was ready to eat, sleep and live in the van they traveled in, while taking a break from summer to pursue their goals. Although the trio had a loyal following prior to when they set out on their journey O’Donnell claims that the growth of their fan base through traveling across the country was not an easy task. In the initial twenty states in “The Great 48” the videos of theirs were just getting around 100,000 views however, this wasn’t sufficient. Their content wasn’t attracting attention.

O’Donnell explainedthat “Every day we’d get up, brainstorm an idea, a story or whatever, shoot it the idea, edit it, later, get it published on the next day. And the next day, we’d drive 3-4 hours until we reached the next state,” “Not that this journey is wasteful however, we put money and all of our summer’s worth of time into it. And it was exhausting. We eat the same food every night for dinner and cooking on a small grill. And then we sleep in a van with each other.”

Cheeky Boyos

Around the halfway point of their trip within Missouri, O’Donnell reveals that one of their videos “blew up.” It was a brief video of them entering the Chipotle restaurant and saying “no” to any question that the employees were asked. The video was watched more than 27 million times. The following year, videos of “The The Great 48” began to receive 10-20 million views per each, and the Cheeky Boyos started gaining national recognition from large-name businesses and other web-based icons such as the YouTube actor David Dobrik.

The Boyos’ popularity began to grow as did the requests for sponsorships from corporations. O’Donnell says they didn’t want ruin their site by making it appear too commercial So they attempted to remember the reason they started creating TikToks in the first place: to entertain people. When their views on “The Great 48” increased the trio travelled across California and began to make connections with famous celebrities. Instead of visiting California for a day as originally intended however, the trio were able to stay for a week thanks to the connections they met there.

They were introduced to James Charles, a famous makeup artist and YouTuber. Charles hosted O’Donnell and Wickey to his home, in which they were filmed getting the makeover done by Charles. Both men ended the video with a complete look of glamorous makeup. O’Donnell says that Charles was very nice and it was an “massive deal” to have the opportunity to collaborate with Charles.

As they walked out of Charles the driveway, they spotted an additional YouTuber named Logan Paul, riding along on his bicycle. O’Donnell and Wickey said they thought about approaching him and saying “hi,” but they did not. A few days later they discovered that O’Donnell and Wickey were spotted together. Cheeky Boyos are filming the TikTok at the home of Logan Paul. The group arrived at Paul’s home and recorded the TikTok in which O’Donnell gets one punch to the face by Paul.

The most memorable moment to their group of Cheeky Boyos was when they met singer Jason Derulo, after reaching for his manager. According to Derulo’s directions the three boys were required to undergo a COVID-19 test prior to meeting him. O’Donnell claims they were satisfied when their results were negative. O’Donnell says, “When we first met him, he asked”What’s happening to you?’ We dipped him, and in that moment it was like an online game.” “Someone you can see on your television or phone is right in the front of you however it’s not star-struck. It was than ‘Cool!. Now let’s get going.'”

When they arrived at the house of Derulo after which the Cheeky Boyos presented their funny video concepts to him and Derulo accepted to be part of. The duo of O’Donnell as well as Wickey were able film several videos with him, including one that involved them tackling Derulo in his pool. O’Donnell admitted his friends that Cheeky Boyos might notice an increase in their popularity level after they left California. People began to know them and request photos. In the span of 2 weeks their posts were featured as the “most watched” in the TikTok app. And for nearly one month, their profile was one of the top 10 in the world due to the popularity of their travels.

In 2021 The Cheekyboyos were awarded the Streamy Award for best short-form content. In the month of October in 2021, one of their fans challenged the Cheekyboyos to give their fellow social media star MrBeast one dollar, so they decided to do it via an TikTok post. MrBeast ended up gifting the Cheekyboyos a briefcase filled with dollars in exchange.

Net Worth 

Cheeky Boyos

The couple’s net worth is estimated to be higher than 500k, according to estimates. The majority of their income comes from their social media accounts as creators of content on their main account as well as brand collaborations and even merchandise.

On TikTok the creators of TikTok could possibly earn 11,000 dollars per post, but this excludes sponsored deals with brands. On Instagram they can earn more than $2k for a post sponsored by a brand. On YouTube the average earnings are in the vicinity of $4k per video, not including brand-sponsored deals, where they could charge up to $6k for each video.

When it comes to collaborations with brands are concerned, the pair has been associated with several brands throughout their career on social media. We do not have any information on the amount they may have earned from these sponsored interactions, as there isn’t a public record of these numbers. We can speculate that they could be able to charge a significant amount dependent on the type of brand and the particular activity.

Additionally, the duo sells merchandise on their own site as well as a variety of other sites like RedBubble, MerchBar, and TeePublic and other stores online. They are currently selling T-shirts, hoodies, and caps that cost between $20 to $45. We do not yet know what the couple earns from sales, but we can be sure that it will be in the vicinity of five figures annually.

Social Media 

The dominance of the duo on social media is apparent with more than eleven million TikTok followers. On Instagram they have more than 140k followers. On YouTube they have more than 1.47 million users.

Personal Life

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Coy Wickey was born on the 20th, 1998. He is now 24 years old. Brian O’Donnell’s birthday is not known at present, however we do know that he was born a year before Wickey and is now aged 23. It is not clear what is their past or their family background. They were both born and raised within Northeast Indiana, United States.

They first met when they were at senior high school. O’Donnell has recently was a graduate of Purdue University in Indiana, however, we don’t know the subject he was studying. Wickey is currently involved in a relationship with Caroline Kloepper. The couple plans to relocate to California to explore careers in the field of content creation.

They are both driven to travel and create connections with people from across the nation, just as they did with their most renowned accomplishment, “The Great 48”. There isn’t much information about the pair.

Q1 Who are the Cheeky Boys?

A. Coy Wickey and Brian O’Donnell, better known as Cheeky Boyos are an American social media influencer and content-creating duo that became famous by virtue of the popularity of their TikTok account. There are more than 1 million users to their TikTok account.

Q2 What is the age of they? Cheeky Boyos?

A. Coy Wickey was born on July 20 in 1998. She is currently aged 24. Brian O’Donnell’s birthday is unknown at the moment, but we do know that he was born a year before Wickey which makes him the age of 23.

Q3 Where do the Cheeky Boyos Where are the Cheeky Boyos

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A. The pair was born and raised on the outskirts of Northeast Indiana, United States.

Q4 What’s Cheeky Boyos’ “The Great 48”?

A. A. Cheeky Boyos’ Coy Wickey along with Brian O’Donnell, most notable effort to increase their fan base was an adventure on the road known as”The Great 48. “The Great 48.” The details of the Cheeky Boyos’ trip were devised through Brian Blackwell, a college friendand accountant who traveled with the group.

The idea was to visit 48 states and stop in each to make the short TikTok video. Then, in the spring of 2020, they went through all 48 US states and created videos in each state. At this point their popularity increased.

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