[People Profile] All We Know About Andrew Schulz biography, Career, Family, Networth

Andrew Schulz biography, Career, Family, Networth

Andrew Cameron Schulz is an American stand-up actor, comedian podcaster, comedian, and TV producer. His current net worth is believed to be in the range of $4-5 million. He is also estimated to earn annual salary of $1 million or more according to Celebrity Net Worth, As of 2022.

Andrew Schulz

Schulz is well-known for his unpretentious kind of comedy. Beyond that, Schulz is also known for his controversial Flagrant 2 podcast, MTV’s Guy Code and spinoffs, and The Brilliant Idiots podcast.

He has his very personal Netflix program, “Schulz saves America,” and has appeared in a variety of films. Schulz is also credited with producing and directing his mini-series “Flagrant 2. Greatest NFL Story Never Told,” and writing the 2019 TV special “Blowing the Light.”

Schulz is regarded as one among the most social media adept comedians in the present. In keeping with his character his popularity, the comedian has earned millions purely due to his ability to entertain people by his direct and witty humor. Schulz has also received an Emmy Award for his primetime show. Emmy Award.

Andrew was also awarded the of the Directors Guild of Canada team award for his movie “My An Awkward Sexual Experience”. Andrew was the most watched standup comedy on YouTube in both 2018 and 2019, with an average of four million viewers per day. Films and TV shows aside there is also an album that is number one that is on the “Billboard” Comedy Albums chart, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, and Google Play comedy charts. He is well-known for his marketing skills as a stand-up comedian.

Andrew Schulz’s Personal Information

Profiling Andrew Cameron Schulz

A Quick Glance At Andrew Cameron Schulz
Full NamesAndrew Cameron Schulz
Place of birthLos Angeles, California USA
Date Of BirthSeptember 30, 1987
State of OriginLos Angeles, ,California
TikTok3.4M Followers
YouTube1.93M subscribers
PartnerEmma Turner
Net Worth$4 Million

Andrew Schulz’s Income Sources

A stand-up comedian is his primary source of revenue and a significant portion of Schulz’s net worth is from his YouTube channel The Andrew Schulz.


Schulz launched his channel back in 2009. It has since gained more than 1.93 million subscribers, with an enthralling 100+ million viewings of his videos. It is estimated that the channel is worth about $612,000.

In the average, the Andrew Schulz YouTube channel gets around 85.1k views each day. YouTubers earn an average between $3-$7 per thousand views of their videos if their videos are made monetizable. It is likely that the Andrew Schulz channel earns $10.21k in advertising revenue per month, and $153.18k per year. In addition to his YouTube income, he earns between $40k and $50k through sponsorships, affiliate programs as well as his podcasts.


Patreon is a platform which helps creators of content get funding and to monetize their art. Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh’s Unfiltered Flagrant 2 podcast was the top comedy Patreon on the internet in 2020. Their Patreon began in the year 2018, and over four years, they have gained 21,477 Patrons. This has allowed them to earn $100,035 each month. it is thought that Schulz earns $1 million annually.

Andrew Schulz

The Stand-Up and Tours

Schulz is dominating New York stand-up scenes for more than a decade. He has been a frequent performer on The Comedy Village but grabbed international notice when he made his debut during the Edinburgh Comedy Festival. He produced and edited his first comedy special entitled, “4:4:1” and released it on YouTube shortly thereafter. This was followed by his comedy album “5:5:1” in the year 2018.

The album’s success and the single helped to gain many fans, and he then decided to perform his first stand-up show in 2020. Based on the location he will be performing, tickets could cost $40 to $60 for a live show . VIP tickets can cost $1,000 depending on how well-known the venue is.

Record Deal

The year 2021 was the time Schulz was signed by 800 Pound Gorilla Records to release two of his EPs, ‘Views From the Cis’ as well as ‘BrilliantIdiot for an unspecified amount.


Despite the fact that mainstream media is reluctant to report on the R-rated, politically inaccurate comedian, the big streaming services like Netflix have frequently depended on Schulz’s wit and creativity. For 2020, Netflix requested a comedy show from Schulz in which his New Yorker discusses the most controversial topics of 2020 – Predators, Pandemics Protests and Presidents.

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Writing and Hosting:

As we mentioned, Schulz has been writing and hosting for major TV networks such as Netflix, Amazon, MTV2 and many more. for what appears to be a long time. Alongside writing assignments with Amazon, IFC, and other independent producers, Schulz first gained attention for his unapologetic, unflinching persona when he was his host on MTVs’ Guy Code.

In 2013, the show was the most watched original TV-show on MTV and was currently in it’s third series. It’s estimated that Schulz made approximately $2 million hosting an average of 63 episodes in five seasons of one show. He has appeared in more than 20 shows eight films and three comedy specials as well as two albums of comedy in the period of his career. However, the details of his contract are not known.

Andrew Schulz’s expenses

Despite his astounding wealth, Andrew Schulz does not appear to be living an extravagant lifestyle. With the information about his assets not widely known, you could be mistaken for a regular person despite his growing popularity. However, it’s an established fact that because of his reluctance to be featured in the mainstream news media Schulz has been forced to create, shoot , and edit his comedy videos which were posted for free on YouTube. The cost of each show was between $25,000 and $30,000 according to Schulz himself.

FAQs about Andrew Schulz

Q. What was Andrew Schulz on Wild N Out?

A. Sure, Andrew Schulz was a part of Wild N Out: Wildest Moments in 2013.

Q. Is Andrew Schulz married?

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A. Sure, Andrew Schulz got married to Emma Turner in December 2021 one year after their engagement.

Q. Is Andrew Schulz a millionaire?

A. Sure, Andrew Schulz is a millionaire, with an estimated net worth of $4-5 million.

Q. Is Andrew Schulz racist?

A. Schulz Saves America caused a lot of controversy with lots of viewers complaining about how derogatory and racist it was towards those in the Asian community. However there were some who embraced the candid humor and applauded the show for challenging the limits of its writing. But to call Andrew Schulz a racist on the basis of the jokes he told during his special isn’t exactly fair.

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