[People Profile] All We Know About Adesua Etomi Wellington Biography, Career, Spouse, Net Worth, Controversy

All We Know About Adesua Etomi Wellington Biography, Career, Spouse, Net Worth, Controversy

[People Profile] All We Know About Adesua Etomi Wellington Biography, Career, Spouse, Net Worth, Controversy


Adesua is born on February 22nd, 1988. was birthed to the Esan (a tribe from the Edo State of Nigeria) father and a Yoruba mother. If you like Adewusa’s style on the set, her educational background in Physical Theatre, Musical theatre, and performing art at City College Coventry and Drama and Performance at the University of Wolverhampton might have some connection to it.

Tolulope Adesua Etomi-Wellington, also known as Adesua Etomi[a] a Nigerian actress. The year 2014 was the first time she was a part-time actress in her debut feature film, Knocking On Heaven’s Door. She was awarded the Best Actress in a Drama award at the 2016 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards for her performance in the romance film Falling

Profiling Adesua Etomi Wellington

A Quick Glance At Adesua Etomi Wellington
Full NamesAdesua Etomi Wellington
Nationality Nigerian
Year Of Birth22nd, February 1998
State of OriginOwerri, Imo State, Nigeria
OccupationActor, Singer, Film producer
Marital StatusMarried
Academics University of Wolverhampton
SongSusu - "So Natural"


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Adesua Etomi Wellington made her big screen debut on April 14, 2014, when Knocking On Heaven’s Doors premiered at Nigerian cinemas. Her impressive performance as Debbie, the abused Debbie was announced by Adesua Etomi as an actress to see. With her stellar performances in the role of Layo on Brave and then as Sharon in Gidi Up Season 2, Adesua Etomi showed reviewers that she has the necessary acting chops. In August of 2015, she was added to the team of MTV’s HIV/AIDS education program Shuga 4 as Sheila and in October of the year, Adesua Etomi was unveiled as a part of the crime as well as an Investigative drama series called Special Crimes Unit: Las Gidi Cops which premiered the following month in February.
The big screen was where Adesua Etomi will give another emotionally enthralling performance this one playing Muna in the film’s feature; Falling which was released theatrically in September of 2015. The film won her the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Best Actress in A Drama Award. The 2015 film’s run in cinemas was followed by a nationwide release of A Soldier’s Story in October 2015, Inkblot’s out Of Luck on December 4, and Inkblot’s Out Of Luck on December 4. In February 2016, Adesua Etomi would return to Nigerian cinemas to screen Tolu Tanner’s Couple Of Days. It is currently recorded for the Nigerian ticket sales record with the highest number of tickets sold in a single day (February 14 in 2016).

The theatre teacher who was her first training, Adesua Etomi, plays the world of stage and screen with ease. Her journey into theatre started when she appeared in The Crucible, while she was studying for Diplomas in Performing Arts and Music & Physical Theatre at The City College in Coventry, United Kingdom. In 2008 and 2009 she was a part of three plays at The Arena Theatre while studying for a Bachelors’ Degree in Theatre and Performance at The University of Wolverhampton. When she completed the course in 2009, she was awarded an Honors First Class degree, as well as received a Foursight Theatre Award for the most outstanding performance in a Work.

In the beginning, she wanted to put in a year of hard work to diversify her experience in the world; Adesua Etomi was away from the acting world for three years, but the longing to perform the thing she was passionate about most won her over. In 2012 she was back on stage with The Miller’s Tale which showed at the Saga Tiata-Edinburg Festival Festival. in 2013, Adesua Etomi went on a return visit to Lagos, Nigeria to visit her family. She also discovered a lively stage and film scene that she decided to explore. The result was several appearances in stage shows across Nigeria like Shattered, Anatomy of a Woman, Crystal Slipper, London Life Lagos Living, Saro 1 & 2, Les Miserables, Band-Aid, and The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s wives.

The following time, Adesua got the main role in her debut movie called Knocking on Heaven’s Door, produced by Emem Isong. Adesua Etomi was to join forces with Emem Isong to create a huge budget period piece that is in the process of being named “Ayamma – Music In The Forest” and is set for a 2016 release on the big screen. Each time she has a new show on stage and screen Adesua Etomi has consistently gained the respect of industry watchers as well as critics. In November, a renowned Journalist Film Critic, and Film Critic as well as Festival Aficionado and Film Awards Jury Panelist – Shuaib Husseini named the actress “The New Princess Of The Silver Screen”. Other film credits include The Arbitration’, ‘The Wedding Parties’ I & II, “Falling” The Date Night’ and “Up North”.

Adesua Etomi Wellington was born in Owerri, South Eastern Nigeria to a soldier father and a Mother of a Civil Engineer. As the youngest of three children, She quickly began that she could express her feelings through performances. Her first experience with acting came at the age of seven when she joined the drama group at the primary school she attended, Corona School Victoria Island. She relocated to the UK United Kingdom at the age of 13. Her interests include dancing, singing as well as playing guitar and swimming.


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Education and early life

Tolulope Adesua Etomi was born in Owerri, Imo State, Many primary sources have listed the year of her birth as 1988. In an interview that was published in January 2016, Etomi stated to Pulse Nigeria she was 29 years old. Moreover, Answers Africa published an article in March 2016 that said that she was 30, or older. Her father is an army soldier of Esan descent. Her mother is an engineer of Yoruba descent. The youngest child of her three brothers. Etomi was a student at Corona School in Victoria Island, Lagos, where she was a member of the drama club at seven. Then, she attended Queen’s College, Lagos before making the move to England in the United Kingdom at the age of 13. Etomi was later awarded the certificate from the department of “physical theatre, musical theatre and performing arts” from City College Coventry in 2004. After having completed these classes in 2006 with three distinctions, she enrolled in performing and drama at Wolverhampton University. The University of Wolverhampton where she graduated with top marks.


Her film credits comprise The Arbitration, The Wedding Party, and Falling. She has featured in Falling brought her an award in the year 2016: The Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award for the Best Actress in a drama. Other films that she has been in include A Soldier’s Story (2015), Out of Luck (2015), and Couple of Days (2016). Etomi was Shiela on the show’s fourth and fifth seasons. Shuga is a soap opera about the prevention of HIV/AIDS. Etomi began starring as Amaka Obiora, an undercover police officer, on Yemisi Wada’s crime show LasGidi Cops, which debuted in June of 2016 on tv. The show was also included in Vogue’s list with 14 international superstars. Then, in February of 2022, she dropped her debut single, titled ‘So Natural’.

Personal life


Etomi got engaged to title=”Banky W.”>Banky W in February 2017. The couple had their traditional wedding on the 19th of November, followed by a court wedding on the 20th of November, and a white wedding on November 25, 2017. The wedding ceremony took place on the 25th of November in Cape Town, South Africa. In early the month of January 2021, Adesua along with Banky W was blessed with a child, Hazaiah Wellington.

On the 5th of April, 2021 Adesua, as well as Banky, shared the first-ever story of their wedding titled Final Say Faith. The story was told in Waterbrook Church. Waterbrook church.

Adesua Etomi Movies and Shows

  1. The Call (2013). as Tara. Short film
  2. Knocking on Heaven’s Door (2014). as Debbie. Romantic Comedy
  3. Brave (2014). as Layo. Short film
  4.  Falling (2015). as Muna. Romantic Comedy
  5. A soldier’s Story (2015). as Lebari. Action Drama
  6. Out of luck (2015). as Bisola. Thriller
  7. Couple of Days (2016). as Nina. Romantic Drama
  8. The Arbitration (2016) Dara Olujobi Romantic Drama
  9. The Wedding Party (2016). as Dunni Coker. Comedy
  10. The Wedding Party 2 (2017). as Dunni Onwuka. Comedy
  11. 10 Days in Sun City (2017). as Bianca. Comedy
  12. King of Boys (2018). as Adekemi Salami. Crime/Action Drama
  13. Up North (2018). as Zanaib. Drama
  14. Sugar Rush (2019). as Susie Sugar. Crime/Comedy
  15. Malika, Warrior Queen (2019). as Malika. Animation

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Recipient Result
2009 Foresight Theater Awards Best Performance in a devised Piece of work Herself Won
2014 Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards Most Promising Actress Knocking on Heaven’s Door Nominated
Nollywood Reinvented Awards Best New Actress Herself Won
2015 Golden Movie Awards Golden Actress in a Lead Role Falling Nominated
Discovery of the Year Herself Won [57]
City People Entertainment Awards Best New Actress Nominated [58]
Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards Best Actress Falling Nominated
Best On-screen duo Nominated
Female Viewer’s Choice Herself Nominated
ELOY Awards Actress of the Year – Big screen Falling Won
Actress of the Year – Television Gidi Up Nominated
2016 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards Best Actress in a Drama (Movie/TV series) Falling Won
12th Africa Movie Academy Awards Best Actress in Leading role Nominated
Golden Movie Awards Golden Actress Nominated
Nigeria Entertainment Awards Best Actress in Leading Role Nominated
ELOY awards Actress of the year – Big Screen The Arbitration Nominated
2017 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards Best Actress Drama/TV Series Nominated
Nigeria Entertainment Awards Best Lead Actress In A Film Ayamma Nominated
2020 Best of Nollywood Awards Best Actress in a Lead role –English Sugar Rush Nominated


It’s the 21st century and a lot has changed. One of the changes is when it comes to classifying people according to their place within society. Likewise, the concept of “celebrity” is not new to us. Celebrity does not have to only be famous and rich; it must be about showing common sense and wisdom that merits being recognized. Therefore, not every wealthy man is a superstar, you can become a star depending on your sagacity.

Banky Wellington’s wedding to Adesua was among the most explosive weddings this year has seen. Many haters had believed that it would end up crashing like any other celebrity wedding I was hoping in this wedding that nothing would alter its base. Our mistakes begin the moment we do not listen to the wisdom of the older generation.

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde had a point when she advised the couple to not use social media. It’s time for the truth to be acknowledged that there is no need to reveal everything happening in one’s private life should be reported. There are many who are not content. Can we expect those who have had a disastrous marriage to watch the daily video clips of newly married couples and feel happy? Impossible.

Banky W in his attempt to demonstrate the amazing honeymoon that can be in Capetown and has made the most ridiculous mistake, exposing his wife’s groin. I’m sure he didn’t watch the video prior to uploading it to Snapchat and that it wasn’t a deliberate act however, who cares whether it was or wasn’t? It’s like the idea that Maryam had stabbed Bilyamin in self-defense – does this affect what we know about Bilyamin having died? Many people think there’s nothing significant with this. Many are mocking the couple, and many have expressed their heartfelt sympathy for the couple. However, if this could happen within the first week of the wedding, what can be expected prior to the time that the end of the year?

We’d always attempt to justify our omnipresent activities in order to show that we’re above flaws However, we seem to have forgotten that immaturity is a privilege that no one owns. A lot of people believe that everyone should be able to paddle their own canoes, but I’m certain that this has been repeated and will continue to repeat itself if proper care was not taken. We’re falling off the edge – our society, our values, and our customs and our customs. In the past, touching the hair of a spinster was the most serious crime however, today you can even soothe it and caress it! Nobody can find anything wrong with this because it’s their own personal choice. But do we really know the extent to which personal biases have destroyed the humanistic foundation? If our forefathers had revealed all that transpired in their personal lives to the world I wonder whether we would have been born.

Ogedengbe Agbogungboro, Lisabi Agbongbo Akala, Aare Latoosa, Efunsetan Aniwura, Ojo Aburumaku – they were all famous in their day. It’s a strange feeling that their lives are worthy of celebration more than the current celebrities (except some).

Some claim Omotola Jalade Ekeinde Odunlade Adekola and other celebrities are able to continue their marriages without a third party’s interference. Nobody ever asks what the reason for why the marriages of other stars are in doubt or maybe we have chosen to ignore them and claim:

“Adesua doesn’t have a connection with me. Why should this bother me?”.

Adesua is my ex-wife. This is what she deserves”.

“Na the problem is that jare. Do we have agbero overload to worry about?”

We forget so quickly that we’d end up in the same position in the future and you could have the butt exposed. What do you think?

Banky W has spit on the faces of those who believe that this could not have happened. Adesua is clearly in a state of emotional despair because it was evident that she didn’t intend to reveal her body in a way that was unnecessary. The smallest of things are important and, sometimes the base of an object defines its purpose.

There’s a solid verisimilitude of reality between Kemi Adetiba’s The Wedding Party and the ass scandal that has just exploded. Utilizing a flashback from the film, Banky W played the role of a playboy prior to getting married to Adesua. In a quick arc, the aggrieved ex-lovers attended the wedding and used an oversized G string in the place of fake roses (usually put there). One of his most trusted men was planning to give an address using the projector, but he accidentally released recordings on the night of the wedding in which it was revealed that drunk Banky W was heard saying profane and sexually explicit things. Adesua was forced to leave in tears and by using the standard trick apologize to her and put the tape thrown out.

It’s interesting to note that while the cohabitation was taking place at their wedding and she discovered her color red G-string pants inside his pockets instead of a rose-colored ribbon. Reality is slowly replaying from the film and I’m unable to let my mind go of the costly, naive errors. I’d like to believe that Banky W has learned a significant amount from the things the Snapchat video can accomplish and if it’s something worthy of celebration, amending his post is the top priority. Omotola Jalade’s recommendation to not use social media appears to be a prophecy.

Some have suggested that viewing naked videos and pictures isn’t novel, but it’s important to be aware that the persona of a person is important. Adesua isn’t an infamous porn model, but anyone who is stupid would make the comparison with the regular videos posted on PornHub. In addition, consent and emotion are essential. I’m curious about how many unemployed Nigerians are in satchels and snidely mocking someone more affluent than their grandmothers from the beginning. One person said that it’s an accomplishment to see Adesua’s “assessment,” in the end, and I’m wondering how a person like him can ever appear in a newspaper until the day he passes away.

I would advise all Nigerians to find decent jobs or even look for a job that has LAWMA instead of spitting out trash with the intention of contributing. People who do this end up mocking their own shame, believing Adesua is ridiculed. I’m not able to discern the motives of the websites and bloggers who chose to upload the video on YouTube (supposedly caused an online embarrassment) not just within the country but also beyond this frontier. Although we believe we’re hurting others but we’re actually hurting ourselves without knowing it.

Like everything else, it will also come to an end. But can the couple benefit from their mistakes? Is the stigma able to be wiped away? Does this video have the ability to disappear from the internet in general? Will there not be a need for a nut head to this account and be a threat to the couple in the future? If this ever happens I’d say it’s at the feet of the couple, particularly Banky Wellington.

There’s no need to be a fuss over spilled milk. We can simply pack it so that it appears as if it was never there. In the end, those who have the courage to face the trials of time will be most famous, not those who have resigned at every wrong move. I hope Banky and Adesua have an unmarried life filled with joy and free of knives and scandal.


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