[People Profile] All Know About Nandi Mbatha Biography, Career, Networth, Age, Boyfriend

Nandi Mbatha Biography, Career, Networth, Age, Boyfriend

Nandi Mbatha Biography

Who is Nandi Mbatha

Nandi Mbatha has been a renowned South African actress who attained fame for her role in the popular Mzansi Magic series, Isithembiso. She is the character Simlindile “Simi” Ngema in the series. She has received many accolades for her flawless performance of the character and has been announced as a model and actress in the nation.

Profiling Nandi Mbatha

A Quick Glance At Nandi Mbatha

Full NamesNandi Mbatha
Stage NameStargirl
Date Of BirthNovember 27, 1996
NationalitySouth African
OccupationActor and Model
Marital StatusSingle
Parents Nduduzi and Zandile Mbatha
Net Worth$500k - $1m
Popular For

How Old is Nandi Mbatha

Nandi Mbatha has yet to disclose her exact age to the public. But, it is believed to be somewhere in the 20s. News 24 once published an article that claimed she was aged 24. She’s probably older than that.


Who is Nandi Mbatha’s Boyfriend?

Three boyfriends in just two years. Does Nandi change boyfriends just like she does with her clothes, or is she just searching for the perfect one and hasn’t yet found him? The hot model was in love with Tellaman for nearly a year. Nandi is in love with Tellaman’s calming vibes. She claims that his positive energy has helped her deal with her anxiety. Why did they decide to end their relationship? Sis likes to keep her romantic life a secret so the reason for the breakup of the pair is just speculation. According to reports, Tellaman’s pursuit of earning money and advancing his career has caused a strain on their relationship. The girl had a need and was unable to bear the stress any longer.

The pair has been providing us with clues and masked images on social media. Do they try to convey an email? Nandi and Anga have met on set, and even though they were both in the”friend zone,” it appears that he’s been elevated to the status of a boyfriend. These are only speculations, based on an update on the Instagram account of the model. If he’s mask-covered it is clear who the leg tattoo belongs to!

Before Nandi and Tellaman’s split The media was in a frenzy with the news of a new boyfriend to the actress. It was not a different person than the junior director of the creative department at Quiteria Atelier, Mpho Motsi. “Nandi visited the Quiteria Atelier studio for fittings. We had a conversation and it transpired that we had lots in the same way,” Mpho tells Drum. They met on the job, and it was exactly the job that led to their relationship deteriorating. It was Paris’s show that was the factor in their relationship ending. Nandi was not taking her heart when the designer refused to release the photoshoot photos of the actress that she was planning to use to build her portfolio. “I had never seen Nandi so disappointed. She is convinced that Quiteria didn’t want to support her in advancing her brand, and she thought this was sabotage.” says an anonymous source.

In the past, Nandi Mbatha was known to be in a relationship with South African DJ, singer music producer, and actor Anga Makubalo, also known as NaakMusiQ. But, they ended ending up splitting up. According to reports, Naak was able to throw her out of the house, making her temporarily homeless. After their breakup, the newspaper Zalebs stated that Mbatha was having a new affair with Junior Khathi, the son of Afrotainment label manager and Gqom’s main celebrity, DJ Tira.

He’s also known as Tank The Rockstar, and she has shared pictures of the two.


Nandi Mbatha gained a lot of fame and attention when she appeared in the hit show “Isithembiso”, which aired on Mzansi Magic. In this show, she is Simlindile “Simi” Ngema. But, she admitted her role as the final person who auditioned for the role, and she had to kiss Zamani Mbatha.

Education She is studying at the University of South Africa studying law. She has returned to this University to study for the third time. She started her studies in political science however, due to personal reasons and her acting career she was unable to complete the course.

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Are Zamani and Nomzamo Mbatha Mbatha’s twins?

It is believed that “Mbatha” is the black variant that is a variation of “Smith”, no pun intended. It’s so popular within the South African entertainment industry that Nandi’s followers are speculating the possibility that Zamani, as well as Nomzamo Mbatha, could be her siblings. They aren’t. Who are Nandi Mbatha’s parents? She has 2 sisters: Pamela (33) who has a job as an Accountant and Azanda (21) who is an MBA student. They must have been gifted with their intellect by their father, who was a magistrate. It’s no wonder Nandi was able to drop Political Science to study Law.

How do you think Nandi Mbatha manages her anxiety disorders?

The famous actress is a strong woman. Nandi Mbatha is just 13 years old when she was diagnosed with anxiety disorder, which she was diagnosed with just over 10 years ago. However, that doesn’t stop her from making waves on the scene. Nandi Mbatha has become a famous image and her exposure goes with the territory, however, her mental health doesn’t allow her to face crowds. Yet, she is determined to smash barriers and rise to the top of the mountain. The fear she has is also caused by stress and the confines of space and, as a result, she has a way to cope. “If I’m in a stressful situation I take Rescue Remedy pills to calm me down,” she declares. “I take them at least three times a week.” Although she appears to be comfortable before the camera lens, fame is a constant part of her life, which she is still wrestling with.

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What was her story? How was her professional acting get started?

It’s true the Nnadi’s “Isithembiso” role was her first time acting role and she performed it with ease. “I have a couple of modeling jobs during my school years and a few ads but nothing that was major. When I heard about an audition process of Isithembiso via social media, I was ecstatic,” she evokes. She recalls being the first person to be selected and was required the privilege of kissing Zamani Mbatha, the actress who plays Zamani in the TV show. It was only after the audition that Zamani and Nandi discover they have a common surname. Nandi states, “In Zulu culture, people who have the same surnames are typically belonging to the same clan, and are closely related. My father is a traditional Zulu man, and he wouldn’t be happy in the event that we were connected.” Fortunately, they aren’t.

You can see from the photos on her Instagram account that she’s got a keen eye for fashion, so it’s no reason to wonder that she’s a model. Nandi is a performer and she was the talk of the town during this year’s Sun Met dressed in Quiteria Aterlier. At the beginning of this calendar year, Nandi travels to Paris to take part in the highly acclaimed Paris Fashion Week. It’s an exciting trip for the model who had been sacked from her acting career as Isithembiso is canceled. “I was devastated when I heard that the show would be closing because I was a star on the show and was able to showcase my talents, however, life must go on. The focus is now on fashion and those whom I’ve seen in clothes of other designers enjoy these clothes,” the actress says during an interview.

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