[People Profile] All We Know About Christine Peng-Peng Lee biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Christine Peng-Peng Lee biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Christine Peng-Peng Lee was born on the 27th of June 1993 at Scarborough, Ontario, Canada to father Calvin Lee and mother Wendy Lee. Peng Peng has a brother named Byron. Peng Peng grew up in Scarborough and began gymnastics when she was a kid. She was a member of the Gemini Gymnastics Club under the direction from Amanda Chan and Anatoli Khaibullin.

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Peng Peng attended Dr. Norman Bethune Collegiate Institute in Scarborough for her high school. She was enlisted to study at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) with full athletic scholarships for gymnastics beginning in 2012. Her graduation in 2018 from UCLA at the end of 2018 having earned her degree from communication. In 2024 her career on social media has been able to see Peng Peng amass a whopping 5.6 million followers on TikTok.

Profiling Christine Jennifer Peng-Peng Lee

A Quick Glance At Christine Jennifer Peng-Peng Lee

Full NamesChristine Jennifer Peng-Peng Lee
Place of birthCanada
Date Of Birth27 June 1993
State of OriginCanadian
ProfessionCanadian Tiktok Star, Social Media Influencer
TikTok5.6 Million Followers
Instagram240K Followers
partnerOlivia Dunne
Net Worth$570,000


Peng Peng enjoyed a very successful junior gymnastics career. She won gold medals in the 2007 Canadian Championships and 2007 Junior Pan American Championships. However, back injuries ended her career for two years, beginning in 2008. The diagnosis of spondylolisthesis as well as spondylolysis. She had to rest for two years so that her back could recover.

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Peng Peng has returned to gymnastics at the elite level in 2011 and helped Canada achieve a fifth place finish at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships. Peng Peng played a crucial part in helping Canada prepare a complete team for in the Olympics in 2012. London Olympics. However, Peng Peng strained her ACL while training in the beginning of 2012. She took the hard decision to pull out of Canadian’s Olympic selection process in order to concentrate on her health over the long term. Even though she was unable to compete, Peng Peng was named team captain and traveled for London along with her fellow members of the Canadian Olympic team. Peng Peng was a strong supporter of her teammates, who eventually achieved Canada’s highest-ever Olympic finish by placing 5th in the team’s final.

Peng Peng began competing with UCLA in 2015 following redshirting her freshman year in order to recuperate of knee injuries. She was unable to compete for the entire 2014 season due another knee operation. Following two ACL reconstructions with cadaver tissues and her own tissue, Peng Peng finally made her UCLA debut in the year 2015. Peng Peng was a crucial member of the UCLA gymnastics team. Despite multiple knee injuries, Peng Peng demonstrated resilience and dedication. Her outstanding performance earned her numerous perfect scores of 10. She was instrumental in leading UCLA to their seventh NCAA National Championship.

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After graduation from UCLA in the year 2018 Peng Peng became popular on social media, particularly TikTok. She’s known by the handle @PengPengLee on TikTok with more than 5.6 million users. Her content consists of dances, comedy sketches, challenges along with lifestyle video. Peng Peng has also become well-known on Instagram with more than 240,000 followers. She shares fun pictures and videos of her travels, activities, as well as everyday life. She has also a YouTube channel with 426,000 followers, where she uploads vlogs, questions and answers gymnastics techniques, and behind-the-scenes footage.

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Net Worth

In January 2024, Peng Peng’s worth was estimated to be $570,000. Through TikTok, Peng Peng likely earns money from the creation fund and branding sponsorships as well as collaborations. Peng Peng has worked with brands such as Chevrolet. Her earnings from Instagram brand deals as well as YouTube advertising revenues can also be a part of her wealth.

Other Social Media Presence


Peng Peng maintains a substantial Instagram following of 240,706, with an impressive level of engagement at 6.61 percent. Every post is rewarded with 15,000 average likes as well as 95 responses, which demonstrates the affluence of Peng Peng’s Instagram account. The content mix includes images of family members, friends, loved ones and pictures of outfits and fashion inspiration providing a comprehensive account of Peng Peng’s personal life and passions.

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In the year that Peng Peng joined YouTube in the year 2017 Peng Peng has developed an impressive channel that has 426,000 followers and 152.8 million total views over 444 uploads. The majority of the content is short videos and day-in-the-life vlogs that allow for a direct interaction with her fans. The consistent creation of content has not just brought in significant views, but also established an engaging platform for Peng Peng and her fans.

Personal Life

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Peng Peng was born on June 27, 1993, in Scarborough, Ontario. Peng Peng was born in Scarborough, Ontario. Chinese title is Lee Ya Ting. There is not much information available publicly about the private life of Peng Peng. Peng Peng hasn’t revealed any details of any previous or present relationships. In interviews and on videos Peng Peng appears as lively, fun-loving and resilient. She is also family-oriented. She is still passionate about gymnastics and is grateful for the friendships she has that she has made through her sport.

Peng Peng’s interests and hobbies include cooking, traveling photography, fashion, and cooking. She adores wearing fanny bags. One of her books she loves are Think and Grow Rich. Peng Peng likes to experiment with new recipes. Recently, she was taught how to cook the Hawaiian-style Brussels sprouts that became popular with her acquaintances.

Peng Peng’s Famous TikTok Videos

In this TikTok Peng Peng thanked her supporters for their loyalty through dancing along to her WAP. The video has 42 million viewers, it’s also one of her top popular videos.

Peng Peng  is known as a huge Bella Poarch fan as you can see in this TikTok.

You can always depend on Peng Peng to provide us with the best fire transition tutorials you’ve ever seen.

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Peng Peng is a hilarious workout-inspired TikTok and demonstrates what it’s like to work out with your small partner.

Take a look at Peng Peng for a moment as she ishes her hair with this GRWM style TikTok.


Q: Who is Peng Peng Lee?

Q: Peng Peng Lee, a former Canadian professional gymnast, as well as a social media influencer. She was a part of the Canadian national team, and she also competed for UCLA.

Q: What’s Peng Lee’s true name?

A Name: The full title of her name is Christine Jennifer Peng-Peng. Peng Peng is her nickname.

Q: How old is Peng Peng Lee?

A Her birth date was June 27 in 1993. At the time of writing, the year 2023 Peng Peng Lee is thirty years old.

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