[People Profile] All We Know About Otakoyakisoba biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Otakoyakisoba biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Oliver, also known as Otakoyakisoba is a Filipino American social media influencer. He creates content and has a large following on the internet. His “Name That Celebrity Challenge” videos and the comedy content he produces together with his mother Lulu are his most well-known works. They are often referred to as an influential duo.


Over 15 million TikTok users follow them. The cooking tutorials, lifestyle videos and other content have earned them 577,000,000 total likes. Oliver’s content includes his mother who is now more popular than Oliver.

Fans are quickly becoming accustomed to the great chemistry between this mother and son duo. He often includes his mother in TikTok videos, including the “Guess The Celebrity Challenge” series.

Personal Information

Profiling Oliver

A Quick Glance At Oliver
Full NamesOliver
Place of birthphilippine
Date Of Birth20 February 1991
State of OriginFilipino
ProfessionTikToker and content creator,
Followers 15 million followers
Instagram 25k followers
Net Worth$1million


He began uploading videos to TikTok in November 2019. Olly and Mama Lulu began their TikTok adventure when Olly uploaded a video of him laughing at the phone screensaver his mom had made, which was a Kdrama character. Since then, they have only posted pure and wholesome content. The most popular skit they do is “Name that Celebrity”. The series became so popular, they made a YouTube collection.

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Mama Lulu tries to name celebrities in these videos. She calls Dua Lipa Lipa Dupa. Mama Lulu is not afraid to be brutal, as she often insults her critics in Tagalog and roasts her son Olly. The internet has been flooded with their famous tagline, “EEDJIOT CHAINS”. This is just one of many nicknames that Mama Lulu calls her son.


He has many talents and interests. He has uploaded Green Screen videos of celebrities such as David Dobrik, Charli D’Amelio, to his account. He is a hugely popular figure on social media, and he has a large number of followers.

Olly’s mother Lulu is quizzed about celebrities by her son in several compilations. These include K-Pop, Hollywood, TikTok, Rappers, and even Pinoy actors. Each video has a different theme and is called “Name That Celebrity”. We learned from Olly that it wasn’t his intention to include Mama Lulu into his TikToks. He was a relatively new user of the platform when he made his first TikTok.


Olly said in an interview with Cosmopolitan that he didn’t know about TikTok before November last year, when a friend urged him to download it. I started by uploading videos of me annoying [my mother], but I soon showed her that people liked our videos, and things evolved. I knew I had to show her how I saw our relationship. “It was funny, relatable and wholesome.” Olly, who is also his mother’s son, says that she knows about their internet fame but that nothing has changed. They are just making funny videos.

The first TikTok you’ll see of Olly and mom is actually an old 2018 video of Mama Lulu admiring her Lee Min Ho wallpaper. Olly said, “I posted that as a joke before Thanksgiving last year.” The first TikTok that I made with her was when she threw me a slipper as a joke.

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Mama Lulu is more knowledgeable about pop culture and celebrities than any other person her age, even though she may seem to be joking around in these videos. Olly is a self-described pop culture, TV, and movie fanatic. He loves to teach his mother about these things as a bonding experience. Olly says, “I learn about her favorite Filipino celebrities and Filipino cooking. I also teach her about American, K-Pop, and Korean culture. It’s an exchange. “We love to watch Asian dramas and movies together.”

Fans will find a lot of food-related content on his YouTube channel. This includes cooking tutorials, recipes, and other material that Mama Lulu has shared with her subscribers. You should definitely follow Olly and Mama Lulu both on Instagram and TikTok to get your daily doses of positive vibes. I can’t wait to see more videos!

Net Worth

Oliver’s networth is estimated to be $1 million. Oliver’s main sources of income are his social media presence, brand collaborations and merchandise.

Oliver has worked with many top brands in his social media career. As yet, we do not know the exact amount he may earn as a result of these interactions. Oliver’s income is likely to be large because he earns a lot from his brand collaborations.

Oliver sells merchandise to his fans on his own website and other websites. Clothing ranging in price from $10 to $100 is available as part of his merchandise. Oliver’s sales are likely to be in the six-figure range each year. As there is currently no information on his exact earnings, we do not know.

Social Media

Oliver’s dominance in social media is evident. He has more than 15 million TikTok fans, over 1.1 millions Instagram followers and 458k YouTube subscribers.

Personal Life

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Oliver was born in the United States on 20 February 1991. The exact location is not known. Mama Lulu grew up in Makati and moved with her family to the Bay Area of California in 1992. Mama Lulu is the mother of four children, namely Oliver, Apple Mary April and Aimee. Mary April and Apple also appear in his videos. Aimee is Aimee’s older sister. We do not know anything else about his childhood or education.


Mama Lulu, Oliver, and their mother are both pop culture fans. When asked about the content they enjoy, Oliver replied, “Whatever I like, my mom loves.” Chanyeol is my favorite. I also like Jackson Wang and Lee Min Ho. Both of us love Sandara, and BIGBANG. Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin and other dramas are favorites in our house. “My Mom is a Son Ye Jin enthusiast”. Mama Lulu has always been supportive of Oliver, who in the past came out as gay. Mary April is also a lesbian, and Mama Lulu has celebrated their decision.

Top Videos

Oliver’s best videos are listed below.

Oliver’s popular comedy video with more than 10 million views.

Oliver’s latest comedy video has been viewed over 13,4 million times.

Oliver’s latest comedy video has been viewed over 8,000,000 times.

View on TikTok 

Oliver and Mama Lulu’s video has been viewed over 10,7 million times.

View on TikTok 

Oliver and Mama Lulu’s hilarious video celebrating Pride Month has been viewed over 11,000,000 times.


Q1 What is Otakoyakisoba?

A. Oliver is a Filipino American social media influencer. He also creates content. His most popular content is on TikTok. This includes his “Name That Celebrity Challenge Series” featuring his mother Lulu.

Q2 What is the age of Otakoyakisoba?

A. Oliver is 31 years old. He was born 20 February 1991.

Q3 Is Oliver gay?

A. Oliver has come out openly as gay before.

Q4 What is the name of Oliver’s sister?

A. Oliver is the oldest of four siblings. Aimee, the oldest of the four sisters, is the oldest.


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