Model Agency: A Beginner’s Guide

Model Agency: A Beginner’s Guide

Model Agency: A Beginner's Guide

A beginner entering the industry should aim to know all the nuts and bolts of a model agency in order to work with them efficiently.

Bookers/Model managers

It is hard to overstate a booker’s importance to a model agency. A booker is also known as a model or talent manager. The key roles include scheduling shoots for the model, scouting for new faces and talents to add to the agency, handling interactions between various clients and the agency, negotiating terms of contracts, and ensuring that models are of professional standard.

That’s not all; in fact, the most important thing a booker does is groom upcoming and aspiring models. When new faces are introduced, the booker has to introduce them to the modeling world and the fashion industry, while identifying which type of role or job suits the mode the best. The booker must interpret the client’s needs and allocate the models to jobs that will best suit them. On an average day, a booker would have to attend to multiple calls and be very cool-headed in order to maintain relationships.


Model Agency: A Beginner's Guide

You may be one of the lucky few ones to get encountered by Scouters, who are required to have acute sensing of the fashion industry and be able to identify potential models wherever they see them. They should also have confident interaction skills like bookers and be able to attract potential models to the model agency.

Specific Booking departments

Depending on the size of the agency there may be multiple departments for bookings.

Managerial/ Major Bookings: Consists of the CEO, important supervisors, bookers, and senior members. They conduct regular meetings to ensure the agency is performing well and liaise with their biggest clients.

Editorial and Advertising: This is for relatively experienced and professional models. This will have experienced Bookers try and get as many job opportunities for the models as possible.

New faces: A specific set of bookers will be assigned to help develop a model, and their portfolio, and get the first few job opportunities. A lot of trial and error happens here; hence bookers pay a lot of attention to models and their growth here.

Fashion/ Runway/ Supermodel and Celebrities: The ivy league of Modeling, and where the department has a good knowledge of the fashion industry and its happenings. Every scheduling and booking is handled to get the model successfully on the runway platform.

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Finance department

Handling all the payment matters from client fees to model payments, and ensuring proper Bookkeeping is done and accounts are audited and professionally maintained.

Marketing department

Model Agency: A Beginner's Guide

Handle all the publicity collaterals and Public relations of the agency. They maintain the online presence of the agency and market the agency to potential clients and models.


One can tell a lot about a person’s character from the way they handle a receptionist. A receptionist’s job is not easy and has to handle many walk-ins and appointments. The receptionist will be the one directing you to the right person for your interview or meet-up so always be nice to them.

Of course as a model you will meet many different photographers, bookers, managers, and clients. All of their roles are distinct and important for the smooth execution of operations. As a model, one should always remain humble and cooperate with everyone.


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