[People Profile] All We Know About Marco Borghi biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Marco Borghi biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Marco Borghi, an American Instagram personality who is also a content creator and entertainer on social media, has become a favorite among his fans. He is a prominent personality who uploads reels, images and short videos to social media platforms in order to engage his audience.

marco borghi

Marco Borghi is known for his content that revolves around him playing the role of NYC whiteboys. There are many hilarious videos online. Consistency and a positive attitude of the content creator are two things that have helped his channel grow. Marco Borghi is known for his lip-syncing videos as well as his impersonation video content.

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Personal Information

Profiling Sebastian

A Quick Glance At Sebastian
Full NamesSebastian
Place of birthUnited State
Date Of Birth23 April 2002
State of OriginAmerican
ProfessionTikToker and content creator,
Followers 6.9million followers
Instagram 59.1 k followers
Net Worth$1Million


Marco Borghi began his social media journey by creating an Instagram account, where he posted images and videos to entertain his followers. Later, the content creator joined the TikTok app where he regularly dropped short and humorous videos to entertain fans.

Marco Borghi has a TikTok profile under the name @poloboy. He has amassed a total 6.9 million followers. The content creator has also amassed 775.5 millions likes.

In addition to his TikTok personal account, his impersonation video led him to also join “The University of Diversity”, a group of social media content creators. This is a group that includes users of color, LGBTQ+ creators and others who felt marginalized on the platform. This channel’s main objective is to promote different content creators, regardless of their social background.

marco borghi

Marco Borghi Net Worth

According to the website “The Wikifeed”, Marco Borghi, a rising TikTok superstar and famous content creator, has a networth of around $1 million. The net worth was calculated using income from social media platforms.

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Other Social Media Presence

Marco Borghi, a TikTok star, is also a big name on Instagram and Twitter.


Marco Borghi is the owner of the @polofellow Instagram account. He has 59.1k Instagram followers. He is a foodie and shows it by posting various reels and posts on his Instagram. He uploads both his TikTok and food videos on the platform.


Marco Borghi uses his personal Twitter account to upload various tweets based on the current trending topics around the globe. The content creator stays away from controversy, but he supports noble causes. He has over 8k followers.

Personal Information

marco borghi

Marco Borghi, born on the 23rd of April 2002, is now 20 years old. According to the zodiac constellations he belongs to, he’s a Taurus. The content creator is of Italian-American descent, despite being born in America. He was raised in a middle class family in the United States. There are no official records about his family.

Marco Borghi, in 2023, is not currently dating anyone. The content creator has never been linked to anyone in the past.

Marco Borghi’s Top TikTok Videos

This TikTok video shows how the user comes out of his bedroom to annoy their parents.

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The content creator shows us how his beard grew over time.

This is a funny video by the creator of content showing his reaction when his father farts.

The creator of this video shows what it is like to roam around his house without clothes and alone.

This video shows us how the creator of this content gets his hairstyle.


marco borghi

Q. Q. What is Marco Borghi’s weight?

A. Marco Borghi, according to sources, weighs approximately 59 kg.

Q. What are Marco Borghi’s hair and eye colors?

A. According to online sources, Marco has blonde hair and light brown eyes.

Q. What is Marco Borghi’s Instagram Id?

A. Marco Borghi is on Instagram under the username @polofellow.

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