How to Fill and Submit Youtube Tax Information for Non-US Citizens

How to Fill and Submit Youtube Tax Information for Non-US Citizens

The internet space has become a gold mine for both the young and old, but it doesn’t come without hurdles. Making money as a Non-US citizen used to be a breeze but with recent updates, even Nigerians are having a hard time retrieving their own funds due to the new tax policy imposed by the tech giant company. In this article, we will drop a quick guide on how to submit your tax information so that your AdSense money will not be tampered with.

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Once you login to your Adsense page you will see a notification that says “manage tax information”, if you cannot see that directly on your dashboard, then navigate to “payments

Once it loads up, you will see that you will be required to add your tax information. You might be required to log in to the specific email associated with the Youtube Channel that you are working on. Just log in if you are prompted.

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You will be prompted to choose if the channel is for individuals or none individuals, choose “individual”

Next, you would be asked if you are a citizen of the United States, pick No.

Next is to pick what type of form it is, you select the W8BEN, which is normally used by Non-US individuals.

Next, your details should pop up, and then fill in the correct information if need be, (Your proper names that will be found on your BVN should be input where it says: DBA – DOING BUSINESS AS) next you will be asked to select your nationality. Choose Nigeria (Or wherever you are from for that matter).

Next, you select the foreign Tax identification number.

You can use your LRIS (Lagos State Tax clearance for Lagosians) or you can use your. After that, you click next and it will bring a slot for your address, make sure to click on “permanent resident address”, also make sure you fill up your full address.

If you do not know how to get your TIN, follow this link, or contact us.

When you get to the mailing address section, make sure to click on the box

Next is the TAX Treaty.

For Nigerians, we do not have any tax treaty, so what you are going to do is select No. The next thing you would be asked to do is confirm the form, click on the box to accept, and click next.

The last step is the certification; here you insert your full legal name once again. Then check the box.

They will ask if you are the person listed as the signature, and you will click on Yes (especially if you are working on your own youtube channel).

You will then be asked if you have done any form of activity or service for Google within the US, you should click No.

Next, select “I am submitting tax payment report for a new or existing profile that hasn’t received payment before. Click on the second option if you have received payment before on the youtube channel.

Submit and finalize the process, your tax information is supposed to be processed within minutes.


Every area has its own postal code. Postal codes are strings of numbers (and sometimes letters). These strings of code help postal services determine where a piece of mail is being sent to. They help simplify the task of bringing a post to its destination.

If you live outside the United States, you might not often have the need to submit postal codes all the time so it might become too foreign every time you come across situations needing it.

To get the postal code for your address, click here to see your postal code.

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