2023 Election : Goodluck Jonathan I Can’t Tell If I Will Contest For Office in 2023

2023 Election : Goodluck Jonathan I Can’t Tell If I Will Contest For Office in 2023

I cannot tell if I’m contesting, the political process is ongoing,


According to what Good Luck Jonathan tells protesters who are demanding his declaration for the upcoming 2023 presidential elections

I Can't Tell If I Will Contest For Office in 2023

After intonating and calling his name for minutes, former President Goodluck Jonathan, on Friday came out to welcome protesters who came to his office in Abuja.
It was reported that pro-Jonathan protesters stormed his office, insisting he contests in the upcoming presidential election.
The spokesperson for the gathering, Samuel, who is again the convener of the Youth Compatriots of Nigeria stated,

“We were misled and brainwashed by those who swore they could do it in 2015 8 years ago.

“Currently, we understand better, under Jonathan, the minimum wages could buy one or two sacks of rice. What do we hold today? We are appealing to President Jonathan to forgive us, we have learned from our errors, and we want him back to finish what he started.

Replying to them, Jonathan requested Nigerian youths to indicate greater welfare in the country’s political revolution.
The ex-President insisted that it was the moment for youths to grab the advantage of the Not Too Young To Run Act to partake vigorously in the electoral cycle.
He said he was aware that they were “here to ask me to declare,” but he said, “I cannot declare because some process is still ongoing.”
“Yes you are contacting me to come and announce for the following election, I cannot say I’m announcing. The political function is ongoing just watch out. The key part you must play is that Nigeria must get someone that will carry young individuals along.”

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