9mobile Network Is Currently Down For Voice And Data. Nigerians Laments

9mobile Network Is Currently Down For Voice And Data. Nigerians Laments

Twitter on fire as 9mobile is among the top trending on Twitter but they are not trending for good,

9mobile telecommunication company has been down for over 24hours and  Nigerians lament over bad


service from the network, many uses their Twitter handles to express their frustration over the poor service from the network company

Nigerians Complaining  On Twitter

9mobile network is currently down for voice and data.
Is 9mobile taking the piss out of everyone abi it’s just me?
A big congratulations to Glo , they’re no longer the worst mobile network in Nigeria – 9mobile is the worst..a network sent from the depths of hades by the Tech hoardes of Satan to make their users suffer from the enjoyment they got when they were still Etisalat
Yommy Money 
Nobody at 9mobile is seeing Heaven. This thing is happening too often and always in times that I really need to my phone to work.
My 9mobile is down Can’t call or receive calls Data also not going through. Is it same with other users please ?
The Uncommon Girl
I don’t even know what pushed me to Load data on this 9mobile. I’m sorry for ever insulting MTN
Jaygirl – Jayden’s Aunt
Am I the only one who doesn’t have any network at all on 9mobile ? (I cannot even make calls) And this has been on for the past 2 hours.
Joshua Owoyemi
Isn’t it weird, used my 9mobile Sim this morning to make calls and all. Now, I can’t make call or receive calls. I can’t even check my balance.


what’s up?

9mobile have been a pain today. Couldn’t make or receive calls. Neither could I make use of the internet.
Godwin Akpan Bassey
Replying to

All 9mobile lines are off from the network what’s the problem, you guys are always good with swift internet connection but when it comes to network issues it takes you hours to erectify it
You’re having issues with using your line as well? I connected my NIN to my line and haven’t had any issues till later this morning ooo but there’s network bar showing. I just can’t do anything with it. Are you experiencing the same thing?
Replying to

What could be the problem? I can’t do anything with my line. I can’t make or receive call, I can’t call 9mobile call center, messages are not coming in, I can’t check balance etc. And my line is linked. 08177720393 moshood shakiru
Man, I’m really suffering when it comes to this internet thing sha, 9mobile plus ntel then add AEDC it’s like I’m drinking a cocktail of suffering
Bruh 9mobile is the worsttttt been trying to get data now for over one hour and it’s not going through
9mobile needs to pack up and stop parading them selves as a network provider. Ordinary calls one can’t even make anymore
Tunde Aka-Bashorun
A whole mobile phone network is down, Voice and data and they didnt even bother to notify users… 9mobile well done . I had to drive to a center to be told “Oh its downtime on the network
S. A. R. A. H
There’s no single network on my 9mobile for two months now, I haven’t been able to received or call with it.
Omo, this one 9mobile users are angry today, that means if I step out of the house and I actually need to use this sim today, problem go Dey?


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