[People Profile] All We Know About Grey Rose biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Grey Rose biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Grey Rose, known by the name Pastel Fruit has established itself as a major name on the scene of entertainment on social media. The group was born with the surname of Greyson Crist on 11 December 2002 at Shawnee, Kansas, their start-up to their digital fame has won thousands of hearts across the globe.

Grey rose

The singer hails of Shawnee, Kansas, Grey Rose began their journey on the internet at an early age when they joined TikTok at around the aged of between 14 and 15. Their creativity was able to be expressed through anime cosplay, funny sketches, dance performance and engaging lip-sync performances. The unique mix of content quickly earned them a loyal audience and set the tone for their meteoric growth.

Personal Information

Profiling Greyson Crist

A Quick Greyson Crist

Full NamesGreyson Crist
Place of birthShawnee, Kansas
Date Of Birth
December 11, 2002
ProfessionTiktoker, YouTuber, Social Media Celebrity, Content Creator, and Influencer
State of OriginAmerican
3.4 Million Followers

Net Worth$16million


Grey Rose, under the username Pastel.fruit has built up an impressive number of 3.3 million followers on TikTok the platform where they display their talents and interact with their fans in a real and engaging way. Beyond TikTok and their Instagram profile, pastel.fruit202, has attracted more than 42.9k followers, and showcases an identical mix of engaging content. A different TikTok account called pastel.fruit.2 is home to more than 199.3k followers, showing their ability to serve a variety of viewers.

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Net Worth

Grey rose

With a value estimated at $16 million by July 2023 Grey Rose’s financial prosperity is an indication of their ability to harness their expertise and connect with sponsors and brands. Their experience in creating engaging content has resulted in lucrative partnerships, which have contributed significantly to their wealth.

Other Social Media Presence


Grey rose

Grey Rose commands an Instagram following of 42.9K with a dazzling participation rate of 4.82 percent. Her profile highlights her exquisite cosplays with stunning images and is often complemented with reposts from her TikTok content. This cross-platform integration gives her viewers a fascinating glimpse of her diverse creative talents which makes her Instagram an exciting platform for fans of cosplay as well as followers of her varied content.

Personal Life

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Grey Rose began life on the 11th of December 2002, as Greyson Crist. They discovered their passion for cosplay. Grey Rose’s private life is an open secret, as they prefer to keep their relationships and other activities secret. Grey Rose has two sisters

Grey Rose’s Famous TikTok Videos

Enjoy Grey Rose as she makes the most fun halloween mask for her in the video.

Overwatch fans will be thrilled by this adorable Diva cosplay clip,

Grey Rose cosplays as everyone’s most loved character from the cult series Adventure Time in this video.

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Find out about Grey Rose’s top Teen Titans character in this video.

Grey Rose tries on some cool looks inspired by Spongebob in the video.


Q Is Grey Rose have any siblings?

A Absolutely, Grey Rose has two sisters.

Grey rose

Q: What’s the net worth of Grey Rose?

The net worth of Grey Rose is believed at $16 million.

Q: Do you know if Grey Rose ever dated anyone?

A: There’s no information on Grey Rose’s relationships.

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