Bravo, Andy Cohen Criticized By Human Rights Bodies On ‘Real Housewives of Dubai’ Premiere

Bravo, Andy Cohen Criticized By Human Rights Bodies On ‘Real Housewives of Dubai’ Premiere

Andy Cohen and Bravo resume to face backlash for Real Housewives of Dubai.Earlier in the concert’s June 1 premiere and days, behind the first camper was unleashed, a group of 12 human rights groups reached for the grid to publicly counter the brutality against women as well as the homophobic regulations committed by the rulers of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.


The groups, Freedom Forward, Action Corps, Clearinghouse on Women’s Problems, CODEPINK, European Centre For Democracy and Human Rights, Fair Square, Health Advocacy International, Human Rights Sentinel, Just Foreign Policy, Last Mile4D, Peace Action,, and Rethinking Foreign Policy mailed an open letter to Bravo, its parent organization NBCUniversal and the production company Truly Original voicing deep worry about the show,

“Dubai is an unlimited monarchy that is characteristic of the tyranny of the United Arab Emirates,” it stated. “By putting the Real Housewives franchise in Dubai, you are supporting the UAE autarchy hide its male monarchs’ misogyny, legalized homophobia, and abundance of violence against ladies,” it’s said

The groups urged the leaders to “reveal whether the monarchs of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates sponsored or invested the Real Housewives of Dubai in any manner.”

They requested that a release run before the bouts saying Bravo and the other industries “disagree with the United Arab Emirates and Dubai authoritarianism’s misogyny, homophobia, women’s rights breaches and war in Yemen.” They also want money to be donated to human rights organizations that fight against those human rights infringements. Also, a demand was created that lovers of the Real Housewives franchise be enlightened on the unfairness.
Some of the human rights offenses are summarized, including Dubai’s monarch Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s abduction and detaining of his adult daughters, one of who has been kept imprisoned for over 20 years and intimated and pecked his former wife.

In extra to bias against women, the UAE’s homophobic rules and criminalization of LGBTQ people are among the list of causes opposing the programming.
These illustrations show, that the tyranny of the United Arab Emirates and Dubai is a profoundly bad option for the Real Housewives series,” they stated. “By creating and establishing the [RHOD], you attempt feeding the monarchs of the UAE and Dubai with the quiet propaganda they need to disguise their human rights offenses from the globe. We insist you instantly bring the above steps to reveal your denial of the human rights breaches, homophobia, and hunting male manners of the monarchs of the United Arab Emirates .”

A lot of the human rights groups even made explicit remarks, even CODEPINK’s National Co-Director Danaka Katovich, who named it “incredible” that Cohen and Bravo “are offering Dubai’s rulers a blank check of free promotion. The monarchs, have kidnapped their adult daughters and have been charged with rape. the UAE is operated by homophobic and misogynistic authorities that all Real Housewives lovers should stay as far out from as potential.”

Peace Action Executive Director said, “Suppose if Cohen and Bravo chose to establish the Real Housewives of Moscow during this horrible time for the individuals of Ukraine? The sovereigns of the UAE and Dubai are accountable for a horrific war in Yemen that has destroyed numerous women and men. Bravo and NBCUniversal are denigrating the intellect of their spectators by brainwashing the human rights breaches and military experiences of the UAE tyranny.”

Mary Anne Mercer, the Health Advocacy International Coordinator stated, “Why can’t we see a Bravo concert on ‘The Women of Yemen’? The women of Dubai face the rules of a misogynistic and homophobic government. Meanwhile, the women of Yemen hold lived for seven years with the atrocities of witnessing their children under the ruins of their homes, schools, and even clinics, in a war backed by the monarchs of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, and Dubai.”

Just a few days ago, the first glance at the show was unleashed. In the voiceover, the co-stars gush, “Anything is possible in Dubai. It’s the land of chance” as highlights of the out of touch and extreme lives of the super-rich celebrities flash on the mesh. At another moment, cast member Caroline Stanbury says, “In Dubai, the women are far from submissive. Most of the women are operating this town.”

As soon the show was declared by Cohen — who executive produces the Real Housewives franchise and hosts the network’s reunion specials (recently screaming at the RH of New Jersey celebrities to “shut up” in theirs)

there was quick backlash the show would film in a city understood for for human rights offenses, especially against women and the LGBTQ+ society. Cohen particularly was called a “betrayal” on social media at the time. The Bravo exec, who is gay, reportedly makes $10 million yearly for his Housewives.

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