Otedola Bridge And Fuel Tankers Falling Is Like Air And Skin, Nigerians After Another Accident

Otedola Bridge And Fuel Tankers Falling Is Like Air And Skin, Nigerians After Another Accident

Nigerians lament on another tanker accident
there is a report that a tanker loaded with fuel has fallen again at Otedola bridge, and many Nigerians has use there twitter handles to laments why is it always the bridge,
many believe that there blood sucking demon on the bridge or maybe they are some ritual that is needed to be done that is yet be performed,


after a several tanker accidents that always happens every year at the bridge, Nigerians finally speak out on this everyone.

If you can, Please avoid Otedola bridge, a tanker has fallen again. No matter the distance the tanker is coming from, they will fall at Otedola bridge


I think by now the appropriate office should have find lasting solution to this problem. I can still remember how i do my Christmas eve on that bridge… SMH.
Àkànní Angelraf #CutestÒwālà #FinestÒkolàlèkó
Anytime i see Otedole trending then I know it a bad news mostly. That otedola Bridge has killed half of a Lagosians finish na only me and you remain and ein no go kill us. If you like no say Amen
Nigerians wont stop to amaze me. Someone said “Why always Otedola bridge?” And someone replied “Cause the name is into Oil and and gas” Na oil and gas tanker be the sacrifice.
That Otedola bridge should be renamed cos fire incident and useless tankers falling are dragging the good name to the Mud.. Otedola na good and strong name.. No be name wey tanker suppose de fall on..
Otedola Bridge is a mess right now. Avoid it completely. Cmd Road is a good option. A tanker has fallen just after Mobile filling station inward d bridge spilling half of Its fuel. A bottling truck has fallen at lands roundabout alausa
Uncle Femi’s Effect
As i saw the name Otedola. I was already thinking another accident again. That bridge no be ordinary
Otedola Bridge and fuel Tankers falling are like Air and skin, they just too close, at least they must record 1 fallen tanker loaded with Fuel every year and most especially towards election periods. May God keep saving us
Louis Peter Obi #EndSARS
Na the rituals wey dem do when dem do that bridge dey demand sacrifices. Nothing goes for nothing! Otedola bridge
god Eye
On several occasions tankers have crashed at this same Otedola bridge with civilian casualties. A serious government would’ve either reconstructed that bridge or made an alternative route.
Who do us this kind thing for naija? Drove past Otedola Bridge now to see young men scooping fuel from the drainage prolly from a fallen down tanker. Not one showed an iota of fear of death.
Three White Soldiers
Sanwo olu has seen at least 3 or 4 tankers have accidents on that otedola bridge and till now nothing has been done same as ojuelagba bridge
Why is it always this otedola….. hopefully one if I pass that place when I enter lagos nah to jump and pass … I Pray everyone is safe
For those of you going inwards Otedola Bridge, just turn into 7up inward Mobolaji Johnson, Alausa straight to Jobi Fele and go under the Otedola bridge
But why are fuel tankers always crashing on Otedola bridge?? A fuel tanker will move all the way from Warri and travel across other states, only to reach Otedola bridge in Lagos and then it crashes with casualties. Hmmmmn,
Vincent Imoigele Longe
When I went passed CMD Road about 2 hours ago I saw people scooping fuel by the side of the road just before Otedola Bridge. Nigerians never learn at all.

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