US Calls On Nationals To Leave Iraq “Immediately”

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The United States on Friday called on all its nationals to leave Iraq “immediately” following the death of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, killed in an American raid in Baghdad.

“Due to increased tensions in Iraq and the region, we are urging American citizens to leave Iraq immediately,” the State Department urged in a tweet, adding that “all consular operations have been suspended” at l Embassy of the United States in Baghdad.

Oil workers leave iraq

US oil workers in Iraq, OPEC’s second producer, are leaving the country on Friday, spokesman for the Iraqi oil ministry said.

“Several American employees have already left and others continue to leave Iraq,” Assem Jihad told AFP, adding that “production is not affected and the situation is normal in all the oil fields”. Many US oil workers had already left the country for several months, according to industry executives.

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