Tomori’s Path to Chelsea and Chelsea to Serie A Champion After studying Italian legends

Tomori’s Path to Chelsea and Chelsea to Serie A Champion After studying Italian legends

Fikayo Tomori travelled to Italy to study the art of defending , and has become a world champion.

Tomori 24 has had the most successful season of his career aiding AC Milan win the Serie A title. He also learned from the great Paolo Maldini. He also became much more “streetwise” after studying Leonardo Bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini. Three Lions defender Tomori is part of the new generation of promising young English footballers who travelled overseas to pursue their careers and grow both in and off the field.


Former Chelsea player Tomori is sharp, bright and persuasive. He completed the Open University diploma that focuses on Business Management, he is already proficient in Italian after just 18 weeks at San Siro and, best of all, he was instrumental in helping Milan to win their first trophy in 11 years during his first season as a full-time player. This sparked wild celebrations, not just in the locker room, but also throughout the city.

“Everyone was just so happy,” said Tomori. “No one expected us to do it. We knew we could, so when you do it it feels even better. The partying in the streets was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It was like a 3, 4, 5-kilometre drag but it took hours. Stopping at all the lights. It was crazy. Being there for that time, it was mad.”

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Tomori was not hesitant about making the move to Italy at the time that AC Milan came in and his moves abroad have helped to build his England team-mates such as Jude Bellingham, Tammy Abraham and Jadon Sancho. Tomori has already earned two caps, and centre-half is the position that has caused Gareth Southgate most concern with an initial choice back three that is not yet settled. However, Tomori has won the title in a country that is synonymous in the sport of defense.

Milan Legend Maldini is the technical director at the club. Maldini was with Franco Baresi at the title-winning celebrations. There was also an up-close glimpse of Juventus team Bonucci as well as Chiellini who formed the defensive line that was instrumental in helping Italy to win the Euros in England’s favor. Tomori told reporters: “Obviously I speak to Paolo who is in the club all the time. He doesn’t usually speak to me but he does leave that for the coach, however occasionally we talk a bit and he’ll ask me what’s going on and is able to talk to us defenders in a collective.

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“I remember following the game that I was watching Baresi which was cool. It wasn’t just defenders. You witness legends of all kinds floating around. Each time you see it, you’re thinking: ‘Wow it’s crazy.’ “I think it’s the way they’re treated as defensive players in Italy. It’s like ‘I’m supposed to ensure that everything I’m doing is in line with the law and nobody is passing me at any time. They’re able to boast that sense of pride that says “I’m the biggest defensive player’, not in an arrogant manner but simply in the sense of striving to be the best they can possibly be.

“Little things such as the manager might say “Make sure you’re stopping a running or: ‘Make sure that you aren’t allowing this to happen, or receiving contact with your box’. Little things occur. Watching those like Bonucci and Chiellini, and all the other types of players, you can see what they do, and they’re extremely street-wise. If I can see that, I’m inspired to incorporate that into my own game.


“Obviously they’ve been doing it for quite a long time, but when you are in Italy you will definitely learn these little things. You observe the small things they practice and the way they do it. It is a great way to learn. I believe that the public is more open to this nowadays. Sancho has been the first person to try this, Chris Smalling is in Italy too, and then Jude; Tammy. When I heard that AC Milan were interested, I said, “Where can I do I sign?’ We’ve gone there, put our heads down, and proved it’s not an unusual idea to do.”

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Tomori’s development has been an inspiring success in Italy however, he has up to now – been completely unnoticed in England. He was mostly unnoticed as he watched England’s Euros quarter-final victory against Ukraine with his friends in BOXPARK located in Shore ditch. If he continues to maintain his form with the club at an international level, it will be a big alter.

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