Hungry Footballers, Nigerians React To Ex-Super Eagles Legends Visits TINUBU

Hungry Footballers, Nigerians React To Ex-Super Eagles Legends Visits TINUBU

A trending video of some former Super Eagles Legends visiting Tinubu and believing to endorse him in 2023 presidential Run
social media reactions.

Nigerians recall that some former Super Eagles players visited Bola Tinubu to endorse his 2023 presidential ambition. Some of the ex-players are Adepoju, Kanu Nwankwo, Taribo West, Victor Ikpeba, Austin Okocha, Peter Rufai, Mutiu Adepoju, and others.
In the video clip, Taribo West was seen praying for the former Lagos State governor Nigerians to take to the micro-blogging platform to air their views concerning the issue.
Here are reactions from Nigerians
@mr_okokobioko writes: “ Had Taribo prayed for Wike and Obi, the noise wouldn’t have been this much. Okocha and Kanu gave reasons,

Social Media Reactions Was Something Else 

@Morris_Monye writes: “Former Super Eagles players visit Tinubu and give their endorsement for his 2023 race. Kanu, Okocha etc were present. They also endorsed Yahaya Bello late last year. Even Mr. Tinubu is surprised at the vigor of the prayers from Taribo West.”
@Franklinbayo writes: “How do I continue with my awareness against vote selling now when big boys like Kanu, Okocha, etc all are already in the market.”

@ayemojubar writes: “Asiwaju is the reason why I can call Lagos my home” – JJ Okocha. WarEy.”
@dj_switchaholic writes: “Just saw a video of
@IAmOkocha and @papilokanu endorsing residents’ evil because of what?
Father who showed zero empathy to victims of #EndSARS & who should be retired 2 a hospice. I looked up 2 of you guys but this is the example you chose 2 sets. This coming after Okocha endorsed Bello Yahaya.”
@OgbeniDipo writes: “I can’t even bring myself to abusing or hating Kanu, Jay Jay Okocha, Garba Lawal or Adepoju. These men have brought me so much happiness for years. Whatever political choices they make is their business. Other candidates should reach out to them for a visit too.”
@drpenking writes: “I just saw a video of Taribo west and other veteran Nigerian footballers like Okocha and Kanu Nwankwo seemingly endorsing Tinubu with severe insult in the comment section. Well, take it easy with the insult. As much as it’s quite disappointing to see that the people we respect so much do not care about our future but their gain, we should also remember that everyone has the right to choose a candidate to support for whatever reason and even though we know the candidate is a Devil we should respect their choice.”
@Shollayman writes: “But who is your alternative candidate so far? This Tinubu has been the most hardworking in terms of canvassing for support. Rejecting a candidate is not the issue. Where is your viable alternative? Meanwhile remember the bulk of voters is not the people on Twitter.”
@jaolab writes: “What makes Tinubu a devil? Kindly choose your words carefully. It’s not fair to tag another person who has not done anything to offend you a devil.”
@novieverest writes: “Okocha to Tinubu: Whatever your heart desires are, the Lord will grant you. Me: Whatever his heart desires are, the Lord will grant all but the one that will affect the lives of over 200 million people. The Lord shall not grant presidency.”
@iam_doctormayor writes: “I thought Jay Okocha and Kanu Nwankwo endorsed Yahaya Bello last year now they are with Tinubu. At times I love the game Of politics.”
@ElochukwuOhagi writes: “No one supporting the criminals masquerading as Nigeria politicians have the right to judge Okocha and his colleagues over their visit to Tinubu. You are mocking them because they refused to visit your criminal, and chose other people’s criminal rights?

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