The Genetic Method: How To Be Human

The Genetic Method: How To Be Human

The Genetic Method: How To Be Human

Reality is a thought and action-controlled phenomenon. Without mincing words, I begin this article. It takes action to control things whether deep or shallow. Think about this fact for a moment deeply.

Reality comes down to what we are, not what we want to be. The person who is too honest has it better than the liar who seems to succeed for a time and “get away with it” because of this fact. Indeed, the person who is “too honest” may seem to fail at first because they reveal too much easier, but it is always better to not hide behind anything than get embarrassed and “found out” to be a “deep liar”.

So, think, and think deeply about that next “white lie” that seems so easy to get away with. Whatever the truth is, it will always come out in a way like a dead body that floats up or a “ghost that cannot be forgotten” ultimately. As I said, the reality is a thought and action-controlled phenomenon that works better with honesty and the truth. It is said that “nothing can hide from God”. Well, I say that total objectivity, reality, and honesty are God and perfection themselves. Nothing else works so completely, nothing else can replace that reality in any way that counts for anything.

When I think about reality, realistically, that is what I think of in the most complete way that counts for everything.

My Dad used to say that you cannot fool your own mind in any way. That is how it all really works. Nobody can get away with it in their own personal reality, nobody.

When I think about personal reality, it is all within, there is nothing outside of us in any way that counts for anything. So, with that said, there is not any “perfect crime”. There is always a perfect virtue though, which is total honesty and realistic action.

Indeed, the only actual crime is thinking that you can genuinely be dishonest with yourself. You have read your own mind if you know you have told the truth or lied. That is it. Reality is there, take it or try to leave it.

When I say try to leave it. That is all we can do is attempt to try to leave it. It is still there, even if not immediately within the perception of others.


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