[People Profile] All We Know About Seth Obrien biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Seth Obrien biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Seth Obrien, an American who loves beauty and makeup, is a social media personality. He’s also a YouTuber, TikToker, and he creates content. Seth Obrien has more than 5.2 million TikTok followers. He is also well-known for his comic personality.

Seth Obrien

Seth Obrien used to be known as Glambyseth before he started using TikTok, Instagram and the name sethobrien.

Seth Obrien uploads a lot of beauty and makeup tutorials and content. He also captions his TikTok video with the names of the brands that he uses. Seth Obrien has received over 156.300,000.00 likes for his 622 TikTok uploads.

Few details are known about his personal and family life. Juliana Obrien is his sister. He has a nephew named Sammy who sometimes appears in his videos.

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Seth has been fascinated by makeup ever since he was a young student. In his YouTube and TikTok video, he endorses many makeup brands like farmacybeauty. His first known YouTube video was called “$300 haul”. This makeup tutorial shows how he used $300 worth of makeup. This video was posted in 2018.

Seth’s social presence is spontaneous and multifaceted in many ways. He can be seen on various platforms doing a variety of things.

Personal Information

Profiling Seth Obrien

A Quick Glance At Seth Obrien
Full NamesSeth Obrien
Place of birthThe United States
Date Of BirthNovember 11, 2003
State of OriginAmerican
Social Media Celebrity, Content Creator and Influencer

5.2 million followers

Net Worth


Seth began his journey of creating content as a makeup artists on YouTube with a video entitled “$300 haul” on the 18th September 2018. Seth became a social media star after this video went viral.

Seth Obrien

Seth expanded his reach to TikTok, where he now makes short-form tutorials on makeup, transition videos, and comedy videos. Seth will sometimes just come on camera to talk about his favorite makeup or life experiences. He also posts “get ready with Me” or #grwm video on his TikTok Channel.

Seth lip-syncs and uses music and songs from many well-known artists, including Drake, Iggy Aalealealealealealealealealealealealealealealeaalalealealealealealealealealealealealealealeaalealealealealealealealealealealealea

Seth uses products such as Coco Chanel, Baccaratrouge, and Dior.

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Net Worth

Seth Obrien’s online presence has generated multiple income streams in the last four years. His social media accounts and endorsements are his main income sources.

Seth Obrien has not revealed his exact Net Worth to the public. It is safe to say that an influencer as popular as Seth would have a net-worth of $3 million. The actual amount may vary.

Other Social Media Presence


Seth Obrien had over 129K Instagram followers as of January 2023. He posts reels and pictures every week on Instagram. He endorses several brands through his Instagram account. On his Instagram account, he also shares feel-good messages as well as makeup tutorials.

You can watch videos on YouTube

Seth Obrien, a YouTuber of note, is well-known. His first viral video, “$300 haul”, was followed by “My opinion on JAMES CARLES’ “I AM A BOY WHO WEARS MAKEUP”.

Seth had over 20K YouTube subscribers as of January 2023. He has 81,085 video views total from 16 media uploaded, according to Social Blade.

Seth Obrien’s TikTok videos are popular.

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Seth demonstrates to his TikTok audience how to wear a wig correctly with a hairpiece he purchased a few year ago.

Seth Obrien compares two cosmetic brands in this TikTok clip.

Seth Obrien’s niece Sammy chooses his outfit in this TikTok clip.

Seth Obrien shares his nail salon experience in this TikTok clip. Seth Obrien’s voice is heard in the video as a background voiceover.

Seth Obrien is famous for his transition video where he first wears a gown in public.


Seth Obrien

Seth Obrien is a popular actor.

Seth Obrien, a 19-year old American TikToker is famous for his beauty and makeup videos.

Seth Obrien is dating who?

Seth Obrien has been single since January 2023.

Q: How much money is Seth Obrien worth?

Seth Obrien’s net worth cannot be determined by any reliable source. It is safe to assume that Seth Obrien’s net worth is around $3 million due to his social media presence.

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