The President Muhammadu Buhari Saturday night met with all aspirants to President on behalf of the All Progressives Congress (APC) at the State House, Abuja, soliciting to have consultations and to come up with an impressive candidate prior to when the party’s primary between June 6-8 2022.


The President stated that the meeting was part of the ongoing consultative process to ensure the smooth and systematic establishment of a common-sense leader who will guide his party APC to a massive victory in the coming presidential elections.

“Looking at this assemblage of personalities and considering your rich pedigree of accomplishments in life, I have come to the conclusion that our party, the APC, is rich in human resources and also that our nation is blessed with capable people that can successfully steer the ship of state into the future,” Buhari, President of Nigeria. Buhari declared.

He said that, from his first-hand experience about the requirements of the position of The President of Nigeria Federal Republic of Nigeria and the expectations of citizens of the country “I must salute your courage and your selfless spirit, in volunteering to serve in the highest office of the land.”

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The President also said: “Our party, the APC has been able to win two presidential elections consecutively in 2015, the first time during the time we were in opposition and then in 2019, in my bid for to run for re-election. Both of these processes were a result of unanimity of goals and strategic alignment, as well as consultation fairness, determination, and an effective leadership. In both cases interest of the nation and the party were the primary focus of our decisions and deliberations.

“The 2023 General Elections are fast approaching in an international, regional and national context that is ever-changing and difficult. It is imperative that our party become more aware of the evolving circumstances, be more attentive to the desires of our voters, review our strategies and improve our internal structure to ensure that we can be able to sustain our successes in the election.

“I am pleased to note that the party, recognizing the significance of all these demands, has over time developed several democratically acceptable processes and policies, that promote consultation, internal cohesion and leadership to facilitate victories at the polls.”

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The President spoke of the meeting which he conducted with the stakeholders “that could help improve the electoral success of our party. It started with the Governors of State. It’s the third of the series and I am looking forward to meeting people who are part of the party. These steps are being implemented for the purpose of ensuring that cohesion and unity of the party is maintained and also to give direction.


“Amongst other items, I apprised APC Governors on the necessity for the party to move towards 2023 Presidential elections with conviction and unity of purpose, as well as to display a flag-bearer who will provide Nigerians the feeling of hope and confidence, as well as ensuring the victory of our political party. I offer a similar message to all you outstanding candidates.”

The APC will on the 6th of June, 2022 begin its national convention in which a candidate will be selected by the delegates to carry their party’s flag during the 2023 Presidential Election, President Buhari declared that he is aware there is a sense of anxiety among members regarding the outcome of this process.

“Given these conditions I ask you to be aware of the importance of solidity and cohesion of the political party. It is something that cannot be understated.

“Similarly I would like to remind everyone that the choice of a flag bearer has to be impressive, appealing to the voters across the board, and must demonstrate the ability to unite the nation and be able to confront the most pressing issues facing us.

“Ahead to the Convention the party’s machinery has conducted a screening and concluded that all candidates are highly competent. In recognition of this and the screening committee has Screening Committee has, amongst others, suggested that consensus-building by means of consultation be strengthened.

“Without prejudice to your qualifications, I urge all of you to hold consultations amongst yourselves and with the party, with a view to building a consensus in a manner that would help the party reduce the number of aspirants, bring up a formidable candidate and scale down the anxiety of party members.”

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The President promised that in the best interest of the nation as well as for the Party, he will continue to be a leader throughout the transition process and the ongoing discussions “until we select the presidential candidate who will fly the flag of our party in the presidential election and strengthen the party. I ask for your help in this crucial task.”

In the past, National Chairman of the party Senator Abdullahi Adamu had promised that all the stakeholders of the party will be included in the process of consultation.

On behalf of the candidates the former Governor of Abia State as well as the former Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu the Governor Abubakar Badaru of Jigawa State Vice President “Yemi Osinbajo and thanked Presidency for its leadership as well as direction and pledged to be able to hold the talks as advised “for the unity and strength of our party, the APC.”

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