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The issue making rounds of Peruzzi slapping a popular social media influencer on the grounds that he rated Teni over Peruzzi as far back as January over the Sound City next rated awards is quite appalling.  This concept of beating up or slapping people is becoming a signature in the Davido gang. Oh well, Davido has actually led by example. So calling the boss to call his boys to order is totally out of the equation as we speak because as far as Davido is concerned, this might actually be the right thing to do by Peruzzi.

There may as well be various reasons as to why Peruzzi decided to take laws into his hands as the entertainer that he is. For starters, controversies like this one put you on the news for a while and rumor has it that he is on the verge of releasing a new track. He needs to garner some attention., Or;

He unreasonable thought that actions such as this will send a warning shot to other aspiring social media influencers who would want to undermine his very great potential, especially against one upcoming fat lady who writes actual good songs.


Well, even with the fact that abuses such as this one should be illegal, Peruzzi knows quite well that people, especially those with a few connections get away with it, and also, the fame it brings is free publicity. So Nigeria’s status on issues like is to blame instead of the young artiste who is taking advantage of a caricature system to cause nuisance at the expense of another’s well being.

Until issues like this one is taken up seriously by the government or even probably a private body, it will keep going unresolved, and innocent powerless ones will constantly get the backlash from this ugly occurrence.

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