[People Profile] All We Know About Tory Lanez Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

Tory Lanez Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

[People Profile] All We Know About Tory Lanez Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

Daystar Shemuel Schua Peterson, popularly known under the name Tory Lanez, is a Canadian artist, singerwriter, songwriter, and former felon. The first time he was recognized was his mixtape Conflicts of My Soul: The 416 Story, released in August 2013.

Profiling Tory Lanez

A Quick Glance At Tory Lanez

Full NamesDaystar Shemuel Shua Peterson
Stage NameTory Lanez
Date Of Birth27 July 1992
Age31 Years Old
Place of BirthBrampton, Canada
OccupationRapper • Singer
Marital StatusSingle
Net Worth$5 million

Tory Lanez Biography

Daystar Shemuel Shua Peterson (born July 27th, 1992) is a talented performer rapper, songwriter, and rapper from Canada known professionally as Tory Lanez.

He has made a huge impact on the world of music since his debut in the year 2009. Through the help of Tory Lanez’s amazing capabilities as a record producer, he has collaborated with famous musicians to impress people around the world.

Tory Lanez has demonstrated his versatility throughout his career, releasing seven albums of studio work, two EPs, and a variety of mixtapes. His passion and dedication to music have established his status in the ranks of the music industry’s most influential people.

Early Life & Education

Toby Lanez is a well-known Canadian artist who was born in Brampton, Ontario, on July 27th, 1992. The talented artist has a proud diverse background, being born of Bajan and Curacaoan heritage.

The cultural influence of his parents contributed to Tory Lanez‘s growing up as he was brought up in a diverse home. Tory Lanez‘s father, Sonstar Peterson is an ordained preacher and missionary, while the mother of his son, Luella Peterson has played a crucial influence on his character.

Orane ForrestSuheyb Ali Isse as well and Kekya Forrest are three of Tory Lanez‘s siblings. It is crucial to remember the fact that Tory did not pursue formal education at universities or universities despite his undeniable ability and success in the music business.


How old is Tory Lanez? He was born on the 27th of July 1993, and he is 31 years old as of 2023.


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The year 2009 was when Tory Lanez began his journey in music by releasing mixtapes and tunes which was the beginning of his enthralling career. In 2014, he negotiated an important contract in partnership with Interscope Records, a defining moment that laid the foundation for the rest of his career. In 2016 the release of his debut studio album was released 2 years following, confirming his arrival with great success.

[People Profile] All We Know About Tory Lanez Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

The debut was more than only an entry point; it was also a huge success. It reached the top of the top of Canadian Billboard Albums Chart and was able to secure the fourth position at the top of the American Billboard 200 chart, which is a testimony to his popularity throughout the North and across the border.

The tune of time continued to play and the Tory Lanez continued to write his story. In the year 2018, Memories Don’t Die gave life to his ever-evolving art, while the song Love Me Now? resonated later that same year. In 2020, we were the year that saw Daystar unveil a new chapter in his ever-growing masterpiece.

But, Tory Lanez‘s story isn’t just limited to just albums. Mixtapes are a part of the rich tapestry of his sounds. Conflicts of My Soul The Story of 416 began the journey in 2013 and was a prelude to his journey into sound. Chixtape 5 was released in 2017 then the New Toronto 3.0 in 2022. It showcases his musical evolution.


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  • 2016: I Told You
  • 2018: Memories Don’t Die
  • 2018: Love Me Now?
  • 2019: Chixtape 5
  • 2020: The New Toronto 3
  • 2020: Daystar
  • 2021: Playboy
  • 2022: Sorry 4 What

Awards & Nominations

Grammy Awards

  • 2017: Best R&B Song, for “Luv” (nominated)

Juno Awards

  • 2017: Rap Recording of the Year, for “Luv” (won)
  • 2019: Rap Recording of the Year for “Diego” (nominated)
  • 2020: Artist of the Year (nominated)

BET Awards

  • 2016: Best New Hip Hop Artist (nominated)

Personal Life

[People Profile] All We Know About Tory Lanez Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

At the age of 31, Tory Lanez has been through relationships and a multitude of relationships that have resonated throughout his life. The stories of his romantic life reveal a tangled web with a variety of threads. The year 2022 was the time when mysterious Iggy Azalea was the subject of a story and the captivating Megan Thee Stallion was featured in 2020. Joseline Hernandez and the enticing Kash Doll captivated his attention in 2018 and, from 2017 until 2018the captivating Nakita Johnson played an important part.

The melody in his story of love has spawned diverse songs. Songs of love are echoed in Masika Kalyshaand the rhythm that was Kaylin Garcia in 2017. An emotional moment was revealed in 2017 when he came across Bria Myles. The story of Trina started in 2014 and ended its story in 2017. DreamDoll the American rapper, was part of his story in 2015, but he left the scene one year later in the year the year 2016.

The year 2020 brought an interesting twist that interspersed the love of two people with a tragic incident. The love song performed by Megan Thee Stallion was ruined by reports of shootings. In 2022 the enigma that was Iggy Azalea was incorporated into the story of his character.

Today, Tory Lanez traverses the world of love without a companion, enjoying the solitude of life. One of the most significant aspects of his story is being a parent because he loves the position of the parent of the child Kailon Peterson who is also called Kai born in 2017 and a mama known as Raina Chassagne.

On the 12th of July, the 12th of July, Tory Lanez was detained at the Hollywood Hills after leaving a violent house party after an argument. He was charged with carrying an unattended weapon in his vehicle. Particularly, Megan Thee Stallion is known as a popular rapper inside the vehicle was initially believed to have sustained an injury to her foot from glass fragments.

The 8th of August, 2023 the artist Tory Lanez who is also called Daystar Peterson received a 10-year sentence for the shooting incident that occurred with his fellow musician Megan Thee Stallion. In December 2022 Lanez received a sentence of 10 years. found guilty of three felonies related to the shooting incident that resulted in injury to Megan Thee and Stallion‘s foot.


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Net Worth

Tory Lanez The multi-talented artist from Canada is a sensation with a net worth of around $5 million. Famous for his extraordinary music talents, Lanez has earned himself a reputation for his work as a rapper singer and record producer, songwriter, model, designer, and has played around with directions for music videos.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @torylanez
  • Twitter: @torylanez
  • Facebook: @torylanez
  • YouTube: Tory Lanez
  • TikTok: @torylanez

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