[People Profile] All We Know About The Shluv Family biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

The Shluv Family biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

The Shluv Family is an ensemble of American Internet personalities that are located in Los Angeles, California.They consist of five members: Michael, Tiffany, Daniel, Jonathan and Tina Le. The group was established in the year 2020 by Michael Le in 2020. Michael himself is a well-known solo career as an TikToker.

The Shluv Family

The members of the Family have Vietnamese origin. Michael Le, 22 is the eldest of Tina’s four children. The three other siblings are Tiffany 15, Jonathan seven and Daniel 5 in order of decreasing.

While Tina Le is a beautician by profession, she is working in the field of social media all the time, along with her kids, who are pursuing their own education. Tiffany is currently in high school , while Jonathan and Daniel are in elementary school.

They are not just well-known on TikTok and Instagram, but they’re also well-known as a family-oriented channel on YouTube and Instagram. They also appeared in their own reality family show which is available on Facebook as well as Brat TV. The show is titled “The Shluv Family”.

In 2022 in 2022, in 2022, the Shluv Family have 11.9 million users on TikTok and 653k on YouTube and 190k subscribers on Instagram.

Personal Information



The Shluv Family is among the most loved family-friendly content creators on TikTok with 11.9 million subscribers. It was originally an online platform to showcase Michael’s dance and choreography abilities is now an extremely successful platform to share pranks, challenges and vlogs as well as dancing TikToks.

The Shluv Family

At first it was Jonathan Le’s personal account where dance choreographies were shared. The videos usually featured Michael as well as Jonathan Le dancing together, however, when TikTok shut down the account because of Jonathan being under the age of 13 the account was rebranded to “The Shluv Family”.

The main source of earnings is TikTok in 2022. They’ve been known to work with different TikTok creators too.

Shluv Family is a popular YouTube channel. Shluv Family is popular on YouTube which has up to 653k subscribers. They also post longer-length videos with pranks, challenges Vlogs, dance videos, and pranks. The channel initially launched with the name “Jonathan’s World” however, following the implementation of YouTube Guidelines, it was changed to “The Shluv Family”.

Michael Le, for one is frequently seen playing pranks on children, often laughing, and sometimes getting them angry or seriously hurt. Most of the time, Tina Le, the mother of the group is very afraid of pranks, given her fear of animal as well as dislike of the pranks. The last time they uploaded was November 2021 and the channel hasn’t been online since the time.


In 2021, the Shluv Family joined forces in 2021 with Brat television and Facebook to create an 11-episode reality show called “The Shluv Family”. The show showcased the many ways in which the family members enjoy spending time together, from performing lie detector tests to cooking pizza together.

An interview was conducted by Celeb Secrets, Michael Le revealed that the main factor in making this series and the content they produce is being at ease with one with each other:

“I would say that comfortability. It’s not like I’m meeting someone new for the first time, and then it’s kind of fake feelings or is not as cozy,” Michael said. “It is a matter of getting everyone of us to cooperate with one another to do the job, which is, well, maybe. Being able do it with my entire family something that was really cool since, we’re family.”

Michael also stated on the radio that dealing with the fear that his mom has of dogs as well as keeping siblings Jonathan and Daniel focused on the shooting is not easy, especially when you have to persuade the brothers into doing tasks which are mandatory to be done during the day. The show premiered at the end of June, 2021, on the two platforms: Brat television and Facebook.

Net Worth

The Shluv Family in 2022 is worth $500k according to various report and media outlets. The family earns its money mostly through posts on social media as well as appearances in their web series and merchandise.

Branding Deals and Endorsements

The Shluv family has endorsed brands such as Little Caesar’s, Skittles, JCPenney and OREO as well as other brands. The family also was part of a promotional campaign for the ‘The Boss Baby’ series , which can be streamed on NBCUniversal’s streaming service Peacock.

The Shluv Family


The Shluv Family has its own merchandise that was launched in October 2020 across several platforms. The range includes sweatshirts, hoodies and T-shirts that feature the family logo printed on them.

Personal Life

The Shluv Family is currently living within Los Angeles, California. They were reported to have moved out of Palm Beach, Florida to Los Angeles in 2011.

Based on reports Michael was a student of videography to assist him in uploading dance videos of the internet on YouTube as in his teens.

In the same way that Michael, Tina and her daughter Tiffany are Vietnamese with both lineages of descent, Jonathan Daniel and Daniel are both half Ashkenazi Jewish from their paternal side, as a result of Tina’s second marriage.

Social Media Presence

In 2022 In 2022, in 2022, the Shluv Family is currently 11.9 million users on TikTok as well as 653k subscribers on YouTube and 190k followers on Instagram.

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Top Videos

24.5 million views

This video, Jonathan Daniel and Jonathan Daniel have an argument about who is more rude and mean. The contest features Michael acting as judge.

11.2 million views

This video features Michael, Tina and Jonathan attempt to escape the rage of Daniel by throwing water balloons on his back, as the form of a dream sequence structure.

70.8 million views

In this video in this video, in this video, the Shluv Family is set to complete an TikTok contest as Terry Crews starts dancing unexpectedly.

85.8 million views

The family makes an advertisement with a Christmas theme to promote Oreo Cookies.

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23 million views

The video below shows Daniel is the first to make his debut TikTok along with his elder twins Michael as well as Jonathan Le.


Q. What year was it that the Shluv Family formed?

A. The Shluv family was created in the year 2020, following Michael Le’s and Jonathan’s careers in social media began to take off.

Q. What is the location of the Shluv Familie from?

A. The Shluv Family hails located in Los Angeles, California.

Q. Are still The Shluv Family still in existence?

A. Yes. From 2022, they’re very active on TikTok although they are not as than active on YouTube.

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