[People Profile] All We Know About Tayo Sobola Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

Tayo Sobola Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

[People Profile] All We Know About Tayo Sobola Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

Profiling Tayo Sobola

A Quick Glance At Tayo Sobola

Full NamesSotayo Sobola
Stage NameTayo Sobola
Date Of Birth28 December 1985
Age38 Years Old
State of OriginOgun State
SpouseKayode Peters
Marital StatusMarried
Academics Lagos State University, Olabisi Onabanjo University
Net Worth$500,000-$1M

Tayo Sobola Biography

Born on December 28, 1985, and widely recognized by her moniker Tayo Sobola, Sotayo Sobola emerges as a prominent and multifaceted figure within the Nigerian entertainment landscape, seamlessly intertwining her roles as a distinguished female model, actress, and dancer. Beyond the realms of the performing arts, she extends her influence and prowess into the realms of fashion entrepreneurship, serving as a brand ambassador and fervent influencer. Additionally, Tayo Sobola has carved a niche for herself as a compassionate philanthropist, garnering accolades through the receipt of numerous awards that underscore her dedication to both her craft and benevolent endeavors.

Within the tapestry of the Nigerian film industry, Tayo Sobola stands as one of its most formidable actresses, wielding a considerable and influential presence. Renowned for her captivating performances and versatile talent, she has become a luminary in the Yoruba film industry, showcasing her radiant light-skinned beauty with undeniable charm and grace. Interestingly, Tayo Sobola’s artistic journey initially unfolded within the English film industry before a strategic transition led her to the vibrant and culturally rich landscape of the Yoruba film industry, where she continues to captivate audiences with her cinematic prowess and captivating presence.

Early Life

Born into the familial embrace of the late Mr. and Mrs. Sobola, Tayo Sobola’s journey through the labyrinth of life commenced on the 28th of December in 1985 in Ogun State, Nigeria, a genesis marked by the fusion of Christian paternal influence and the maternal guidance rooted in the Islamic faith. In the crucible of her upbringing, she found herself navigating the intricate dynamics of a polygamous household, wherein she discovered a sibling connection with Prince Sobola, whose uncanny resemblance often leads people to perceive them as twins, an intricacy that further weaves the fabric of her familial narrative.

Alhaja Bakare, the matriarch of this diverse familial tapestry, assumes the role of Tayo Sobola’s mother, a figure of paramount significance in the actress’s life. In the crucible of maternal influence, Tayo Sobola attributes elevated importance to her mother, acknowledging her as the most pivotal presence beyond the divine, a sentiment underscored by the stringent discipline meted out by her mother during her formative years. Rather than a stifling force, this maternal strictness is viewed by Tayo Sobola as a catalyst that molded her into a paragon of discipline and focus, shaping her evolution from a child into the tapestry of the disciplined and resolute adult she embodies today.


Educational pursuits have woven an integral chapter into the narrative of Sotayo Sobola’s life. Her academic journey commenced in Lagos State, where she diligently pursued her primary and secondary studies, laying the foundation for the intellectual odyssey that awaited her. The pursuit of legal knowledge led her to Lagos State University, where she earnestly obtained a Diploma in Law, a testament to her commitment to intellectual enrichment.

Undeterred by the culmination of her foundational education, Tayo Sobola advanced her academic endeavors at Olabisi Onabanjo University, where she immersed herself in the realm of Public Administration, ultimately attaining a Bachelor’s degree. This academic feat not only reflected her intellectual prowess but also underscored her dedication to acquiring a diverse set of skills and knowledge.

Even as the halls of academia receded into the past, Tayo Sobola remained unwavering in her commitment to growth and relevance within the dynamic landscape of the film industry. Her journey from educational institutions to the cinematic stage seamlessly blended academic achievements with an enduring passion for storytelling, marking her as a luminary who continues to navigate the realms of knowledge and artistic expression with unwavering zeal since her graduation.


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How old is Tayo Sobola? She was born on the


[People Profile] All We Know About Tayo Sobola Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

Embarking upon a multifaceted journey in the expansive realm of the entertainment sector, Sotayo Sobola’s career traces its roots back to her initiation as a model, a foray that served as a launchpad for her subsequent diverse roles in the industry. Venturing into the domains of broadcasting and music videos further attested to her versatility and adaptability within the dynamic landscape of show business. A pivotal juncture in her professional trajectory witnessed her initial foray into the performing arts, initially gracing the screens of English films before seamlessly transitioning into the vibrant milieu of Yoruba films, a genre where she currently flexes her artistic prowess with remarkable dexterity.

Tayo Sobola, cognizant of her linguistic proficiency, acknowledges a predilection for English Nollywood films owing to her fluency in the language. Since her cinematic debut, she has etched her presence in numerous productions, with titles such as “Moremi,” “Corper Jide,” “Idakeji Ife,” “Egan,” “Bella,” and “Arewa Onijogbon” standing as testaments to her cinematic repertoire. Not confined solely to acting, Sobola has also donned the mantle of a film producer, contributing to the industry’s landscape with successful ventures like “Moremi” and “Corper Jide.”

A recent addition to her cinematic portfolio is the critically acclaimed “Corper Jide,” a project that not only garnered praise but also served as a poignant manifestation of Sobola’s resilience. Surprisingly, the actress candidly revealed that her personal encounter with sexual harassment catalyzed the production of the film, a testament to her commitment to addressing pressing issues through her artistic endeavors. Describing “Corper Jide” as one of her most challenging undertakings to date, Sobola immersed herself in an unconventional role, necessitating substantial transformations for an optimal outcome.

Beyond the limelight, Tayo Sobola dons the hat of a business owner, nurturing her brainchild, Clean Stitches, a clothing company she founded in 2018. Her entrepreneurial ventures extend beyond apparel, encompassing cosmetics as well. Operating an online store, she showcases her diverse wares, with the uniquely crafted Lip Stain, a distinctive lipstick tint, emerging as one of the most popular and sought-after products in her entrepreneurial repertoire.


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Awards & Nominations

  • Tayo Sobola was named Best New Yoruba Actress of the Year at the City People’s Entertainment Awards in 2015
  • She was also nominated for Most Promising Actress Of The Year in the same event

Personal Life

[People Profile] All We Know About Tayo Sobola Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

In the realm of personal relationships, Tayo Sobola has embraced the institution of marriage, marking this significant chapter in her life by sharing wedding photos and videos with her admirers. However, in consideration of her spouse’s privacy, the actress has chosen not to unveil her husband’s photo to the public. Her matrimonial union is with Kayode Peters.

Adding a touch of personal expression to her physical canvas, Sobola adorns her left hand and leg with a lovely tattoo, the symbolism of which remains undisclosed. While the actress was previously the subject of dating rumors with MC Oluomo, she has not welcomed any children into her life as of the present.


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Net Worth

Tayo Sobola’s financial standing is estimated to range between US$500,000 and US$1,000,000 in terms of net worth.

Social Media

You can follow on the social media handles below:

  • Instagram: @SotayoSobola
  • Twitter: @SotayoSobola


Tayo Sobola, also known as Sotayo Sobola, is a renowned Nigerian actress, model, and entrepreneur. Born on December 28, 1985, in Ogun State, Nigeria, she has made significant contributions to the Nigerian entertainment industry. Tayo Sobola began her career as a model before transitioning to acting. She is known for her work in both English and Yoruba language films, showcasing her versatility in the Nigerian film industry, often referred to as Nollywood.

Apart from her acting career, Tayo Sobola has ventured into entrepreneurship. In 2018, she founded Clean Stitches, a clothing company. She also engages in the sale of cosmetics, including her popular product, Lip Stain, through an online store.

Tayo Sobola is recognized not only for her talent on screen but also for her philanthropic efforts and influence as a brand ambassador and fashion entrepreneur. With a dynamic presence in the entertainment and business realms, Tayo Sobola continues to be a prominent figure in the Nigerian cultural landscape.

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