[People Profile] All We Know About Shafy Bello Biography, Age, Networth, Family, Career, Education

Shafy Bello Biography, Age, Networth, Family, Career, Education

Who is Shafy Bello?

Shafy Bello Biography - glamcodemedia.com

Shaffy Bello
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Born 8 October 1970 (age 52)
Nationality Nigerian
Other names Shafy Bello-Akinrimisi
Citizenship Nigeria
  • Film actress
  • singer
Years active 1990s–present
Notable work Chief Daddy
Television Battleground
Children 2

Shaffy Bello is a Nigerian film actress and singer. She first shot into the entertainment scene when she featured vocals in a 1997 hit song by Seyi Sodimu titled “Love Me Jeje“.


Shaffy grew up in the United States where she completed her education. Her first major film was Eti Keta, a Yoruba film.

In 2012, she starred as Joanne Lawson in the TV series Tinsel and as Adesuwa in Taste of Love. Shaffy has since featured in several Yoruba and English language films and TV series including When Love HappensGbomo Gbomo Express, and Taste of Love.

Shaffy Bello and Ex-Husband Situation

Shaffy Bello Discloses She Has No Regrets Divorcing Husband- glamcodemedia.com

The actress said that to achieve her ambition she had to divorce her husband who was good to her.

This was revealed in a chat while recounting how her marriage ended a couple of years ago.

Shaffy Bello’s first debut in the entertainment scene began with her featuring in a popular 1997 hit song by Seyi Sodimu titled ”Love me Jeje”. And later her first major film was Eti Keta, which was a Yoruba film. In 2012, she featured as Joanne Lawson in the famous TV series, Tinsel.

The actress grew up in the United States where she completed her education. She said she opted for divorce because she felt too confined by the obligation of motherhood.

“I wanted to spread my wings. I felt like I was pregnant and I couldn’t have a child. I felt like my wings were closed in and I was boxed in. I was yearning for more but didn’t realize what sacrifice will come with that,” she said.
“I paid the price of [not] having a connection with my children. Coming to Nigeria, I would stay in my room sometimes and cry, like, ‘oh my gosh, what am I doing?’ I left them. My daughter was 13 and my son was 11.

“Now mind you, I was a hands-on mother: come home, take a nap, set the table, all of that. And I mean, quit my job just to raise my children. That’s why I only had two. So when they grew up to a certain extent, I went back to work.

I sacrificed everything because I believe that they didn’t ask to be born. I wanted to give them everything. Leaving them was a huge sacrifice, but it turned around for good. I came back and wanted to be a Yoruba actor.

“I found my calling; paid the price of divorce five years ago. He was a good man but I got to a place where I wanted more. I had to make that choice to focus on what I wanted. I’ve worked too hard and I’m sacrificing nothing.”


She is estimated to be worth around $2m

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