[People Profile] All We Know About Sarati biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Sarati biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Sarah Ashley Callahan (b. 17 November 1995) is an American internet celebrity. She is most well-known for her fitness and health-related clips that she posts on her TikTok account called “Sarati”. After becoming popular on TikTok in the year 2020 She has since expanded her reach to other social media platforms such as YouTube as well as Instagram. She hails located in Dallas, Texas.


Sarah began her life in the year 1995 in the city of College Station, Texas. She began dancing at a young age and appeared at numerous inter-school events given the fact that she went to a performing Arts school all through her childhood.

It is believed that she did not have been focusing on her studies since she devoted most of her time dancing. In addition, due to the additional instruction from her mother, who is also an instructor in dance and teacher, she gained recognition in her home state. Infatuated enough to pursue an occupation in the arts of performing after moving into Los Angeles at the age of 16.

It was a short musical career there before she moved involved in fitness and health full-time. Then she returned in Houston, Texas. Following her return to Houston, she got married and had a daughter. She she posts more family-friendly and regular Vlogging videos.

In 2022 the number of followers she has reached is 10.5 millions followers in TikTok, 76.9k subscribers on YouTube 605k Instagram followers Instagram along with 14.3k fans on Twitter.

Profiling Sarah Ashley Callahan

A Quick Glance At Sarah Ashley Callahan
Full NamesSarah Ashley Callahan
Place of birthHouston, Texas, USA
Date Of Birth17th November, 1995
State of OriginAmerican
Youtube76.9k subscribers
Tiktok10.4 million Followers
/PartnerJesse Callahan
Net Worth $1 Million



Sarati is actively participating on TikTok since 2017 but her social media presence did not really take off until the year 2020. Sarati currently is averaging 10.4 million followers. She originally posted videos about fitness and health and uploads videos for families and content about caring for her daughter as well as her antics, and much more. Sometimes her spouse Jesse Callahan features in the videos, as well as occasionally writes regarding her dogs.

The current amount she earns from TikTok is estimated to be more than $200k however, that could be an exaggerated figure given her life style. A few media outlets put her income at between $300k and $400k.


Sarati has 76.9k at present on YouTube. She previously posted the same type of content that she had posted on TikTok and now, she mostly posts vlogs on her life in general.

YouTube is a great place to find her content. YouTube is mostly family-friendly providing her viewers with information about her numerous vacations, her time at home as a nurse and caring for her daughter’s newborn, the relationship she has with husband Jesse as well as the challenges, and occasionally a dose of jokes. She occasionally also blog about the dog she owns. She has been posting via YouTube with the help of YouTube videos, which document her life in short videos.


Fitness Venture- SaratiBody

Sarati recently released her fitness app “SaratiBody” in 2021. Although the app’s download is free, the app charges users $1 to have complete access to customized fitness programs and nutrition guides, diet plans as well as other things related to fitness and health.

The app, according to its website, boasts that it offers an online community and forum for users to improve their fitness journey. It also allows create fitness and workout routines in order to let people achieve this not only in gyms, but at home in the privacy of own homes. The app is currently said to have over 1000 members.


Sarati has teamed up with the online shopping site BuffBunny to launch an array of exercise and gym clothes. There are other types of exercise equipment such as shoes and dumbbells on sale for females of all age groups.

Amazon Partnership

Sarati is the owner of her own Amazon page on which she lists her most-loved itemsunder different categories like ‘Baby & Motherhood’as well as Food & Snacks’, ‘Fun and Games and kitchen + Meal Prep‘, “Summertime Favorites”, ‘Fitness and Fitness’, and ‘Health & Beauty’.

Each time an item is purchased under these categories, she receives a commission on the purchase and thus contributes to her earnings as a significant source.

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Mainstream Media Appearances

Sarati has been in the show ‘Deal or No Deal’ hosted by Howie Mandel, which airs on NBC in the year 2018. She also appeared on the video music for Eminem’s new track “River” featuring Ed Sheeran.

Brand Deals and Sponsorships

Sarati is sponsored by companies like Celsius, UFC, Freddy Store to mention a the few.

Net Worth 

By 2022 Sarati has been estimated to have a value of $1.5 million, as per numerous media sources. Sarati earns her money through social media posts, deal with brands as well as business ventures, such as her Amazon page as well as her fitness application SaratiBody as well as her merchandise on BuffBunny.

Social Media Presence 

In 2022 the number of followers she has reached is 10.5 millions followers in TikTok, 76.9k subscribers on YouTube 605k users on Instagram along with 14.3k people following her on Twitter.

Personal Life

Sarati lives currently in Houston, Texas. Sarati was previously a resident of Los Angeles until 2020, and then, following her marriage with Jesse Callahan, moved back to her state of birth. She had one daughter, with the name of Emma Callahan in May 2022.

Q. How old is Sarati?

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A. In 2022 Sarati was 26. Sarati will be 27 years old in the month of November 2022.

Q. What is the location of Sarati from?

A. Sarati is from Dallas, Texas. She lives at Houston, Texas.

Q. Who is Sarati is married to?

A. Sarati is married to Jesse Callahan, as of 2022.

Q. How many followers do Sarati amassed on TikTok?

A. As of 2022 Sarati is currently 10.4 million users on TikTok.

Q. Is Sarati the model featured in the music video of Eminem’s “River”?

A. Yes. She was in the music video of Eminem’s “River”.

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