[People Profile] All We Know About Morachi Biography, Age, Networth, Family, Girlfriend

Morachi Biography, Age, Networth, Family, Girlfriend

Morachi Biography, Age, Networth, Family, Girlfriend

Richie Marvin Chieme Akuba, popularly known by his alias Morachi is a Nigerian entertainer, musician, and dancer. He came into the limelight in 2007 with his hit song Apuya Like That. He was popular as a son of a preacher in Bariga  Lagos State Nigeria.

Profiling Morachi

A Quick Glance At Morachi
Full NamesRichie Marvin Chieme Akuba
Nationality Nigerian
Date Of BirthEarly 30s
Place of BirthBariga
State of OriginImo State
Record Label


Morachi Early Life

Morachi recalls a childhood when he was scared and unhappy. Timid and Shy, Richie learned to adapt to his strict environment by creating the musical persona we know as Morachi today  as a means of self-expression


Contact Morachi

Morachi on Instagram

Morachi Girlfriend

Morachi is not one to put his private affairs in the public, his relationship status is not available online

How Old is Morachi

Morachi is in his early 30s

Morachi Networth

Morachi is estimated to be worth around $100k

Morachi Universal Records Deal

Morachi refused to sign a deal of $250k from the international record label known as Universal Records. In his own words, he described the deal as a slave deal and isn’t worth it. He said taking the deal might give him fame but will surely lead him into depression as the money is not worth the sacrifice he might need to put in to make the deal work on his end.

Morachi Songs



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