[People Profile] All We Know About Kaylie Leas biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Kaylie Leas biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Kaylie Leas, an American TikTok celebrity, YouTuber, content creator and social media personality, is well-known for her lip sync, storytime, and makeup videos on TikTok’s viral video-sharing platform. Her @kaayyylliiiee TikiTok account has 462.3K followers. Her diverse content has earned her more than 14.8 million Likes.

Kaylie Leas

Kaylie registered her YouTube account in June 2013, which was the first time she ventured into digital media. Her channel was inactive for seven years until she uploaded her first video to the channel, November 2020. She uses the platform to share makeup tutorials, storytime videos and fashion hauls. This has helped her gain over 248K subscribers to her YouTube channel.

Kaylie joined TikTok in November 2019, and she uploaded several videos that got her some attention. Her old videos have disappeared and her oldest TikTok post is from 12 March 2021. Her first posts included stories submitted by viewers and lip sync and dance videos. These have helped her gain over 460K followers.

Kaylie is also very popular on Instagram, along with YouTube and TikTok. Her oldest post was posted in January 2021. The caption reads “a fresh start” and presumably refers to her split. Although her current account only has nine photos, she has more than 109K followers on this photo-sharing site.

Kaylie is a social media personality and content creator. She has promoted brands such as PrettyLittleThing and Truly Beauty. Kaylie has promoted beauty and non-fashion brands such as HelloFresh, CASETiFY.

Kaylie has her own line, STORYTIME FROM ANONYMOUS, of apparel that includes t-shirts and pullovers as well as sweatshirts.

Personal Information

Profiling Kaylie Leas

A Quick Glance At Kaylie Leas
Full NamesKaylie Leas
Place of birthUSA
Date Of BirthNovember 20, 2001
State of OriginAmerican
Tiktok462.3K Followers
Instagram 109K Followers
YouTube248K subscribers
Twitter312 Followers
Net Worth$2 Million


Kaylie joined YouTube for the first time on June 3, 2013. Kaylie joined YouTube on June 3, 2013. ?.

Kaylie uploaded six more videos after the video was viewed over 139K times. However, none of the videos had the same impact as her debut video. Kaylie’s YouTube Shorts release has seen her upload new content very often to her YouTube channel. This has helped her gain 248K subscribers and more than 12,328,907 views within two years of being on the platform.

Kaylie began uploading videos to YouTube after her TikTok became a viral hit thanks to the storytime videos she received from her fans. Kaylie became a viral sensation on YouTube thanks to her storytime videos and lip syncs and dance videos. Kaylie deleted all her videos before 2021, and her oldest video was uploaded on 12/03/2021.

Kaylie Leas

Kaylie’s TikTok profile had more than 296 million likes before she deleted her videos. This was thanks to her video to French Montana’s Wiggle It and her first makeup storytime. Her @kaayyylliiee TikTok account has more than 462.3K followers, and only 14.8 million likes.

Kaylie is also very popular on Instagram. Her first post was from August 2020. She also promoted brands such as PrettyLittleThing and Truly Beauty.

Kaylie deleted all her images after her split with Danny and uploaded her first picture in January 2021. She captioned it, “A fresh start”. Her Instagram account currently has only nine images, and she has more than 109K followers.

Kaylie has her own merchandise line called STORYTIME from ANONYMOUS. It includes apparel such as t-shirts and pullovers.

Net Worth

According to a variety of sources, Kaylie Leas’ net worth is between $200,000 and $2 million as of July 2022. Leas’ impressive net worth is primarily earned by her endorsements of brands and products via her social media accounts, including Instagram and TikTok, as well as brand sponsorships and AdSense revenue through her YouTube channel and revenue from merch and merch sales.

Social Media Presence

Kaylie Leas had over 462.3K followers in her TikTok account and more than 109K followers in her Instagram account. She also has more than 248K subscribers to her YouTube channel. Leas has been very inactive on Facebook, although she has kept her ID secret. Her Twitter account only has a few 312 followers.

Personal Life

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Kaylie Leas was the daughter of a well-settled Christian couple. She was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on 20/11/2001. Other than that, there is no information about her personal life.

Kaylie is believed to be in a relationship, according to some TikToker Danny Williams. Kaylie often features Danny on her social media accounts. Kaylie has deleted all Danny’s photos from her Instagram account, according to some sources. Kaylie has three pets, who are often featured in her TikTok videos as well as Instagram photos.

Top TikTok videos

Kaylie’s TikTok most-viewed video has been viewed over 10.1million times and has been liked by 1.1 million people. This video features Kaylie passing a toxicity check due to her Scorpio tendencies.

Kaylie is the second most popular Kaylie TikTok video with over 4,000,000 views and 822.9K likes. It features Kaylie wearing a tape around her nose.

Kaylie’s TikTok channel also has a popular video with over 3.3 million views and 646.9K Likes. This video features Kaylie singing along to a popular song.

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Kaylie also uploaded another popular TikTok video that has over 3.1M views and 427.5K likes. It features Kaylie trying out a filter to alter your DNA, which changes your appearance.

Kaylie Leas

Kaylie’s TikTok video has more than 2.4 million views and 217.8K Likes. It features a phase before Kaylie started to exercise regularly.

eas is a well-known fashion and beauty celebrity and personality. Over 11 top cosmetic and fast fashion brands have sponsored or endorsed her products.

Q. Q.

A. Kaylie Leas, an American TikTok Star, YouTuber, Content Creator, and Social Media Personality, posts TikTok storytime, lip sync and dance videos, as well as makeup videos.

Q. Is Kaylie Leas single?

A. Yes. Kaylie Leas is single at the moment. Kaylie Leas was reportedly with Danny Williams. However, Kaylie deleted all of her posts with Danny.

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