[People Profile] All We Know About Aryana Engineer Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Career, Networth, Parents

Aryana Engineer Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Career, Networth, Parents.

Aryana Engineer Biography

Who is Aryana Engineer?

Aryana Engineer is a Canadian who is well-known for her acting work. She made headlines when she appeared in Jaume Collet-Serra’s 2009 psychological thriller movie, Orphan. The film starred her as a small girl who was named Max in the film.

She also appeared in the short film in 2015 titled Dreaming of Peggy Lee and in the 2012 science fiction action film Resident Evil: Retribution.

Profiling Aryana Engineer

A Quick Glance at Aryana Engineer

Full NamesAryana Engineer
Stage NameAryana Engineer
Date Of BirthMarch 6, 2001
Relationship/Marital StatusSingle
Place of BirthBritish Columbia, Canada
No of ChildrenNone
Net Worth$2m
Known ForResident Evil: Retribution (2012), Orphan (2009) and Dreaming of Peggy Lee (2015).

How Old is Aryana Engineer?

Aryana Engineer was born on the 06th of March in 2001. As of February 20, 2022, Aryana Engineer is 21 years. Aryana’s birthplace is Port Moody, in British Columbia, Canada. She was raised there and lived her entire life there. Aryana is a Canadian citizen.

What Religion is Aryana Engineer

Aryana is also a Christian person of faith.

Where Does Aryana Engineer Live?

She is currently living in Vancouver.


Aryana Engineer had her first schooling at the local school situated in Port Moody. Then she attended the local high school. After graduating from high school education, she chose to attend a local university in Vancouver.

Aryana Engineer was found after she was observed by her mother in sign language. The neighbor of theirs was an agent, and it was he who first saw her. She immediately offered her name to play the challenging role of an eight-year-old girl called Maxine “Max” Coleman in the film Orphan in 2009. The neighbor knew that the makers of the film were searching across America for blonde-haired girls and also able to discern signs. The film depicted her as a dazzlingly cute girl in the film.

Her appearance made her well-known and she was featured in the commercials for the 2010 Winter Olympics which were to be held in Canada. She was a prominent presence during the Paralympic Games opening ceremony that year, along with her brother. She was a warm welcome to the crowds who attended the games with sign language. The next time she was in a film was the blockbuster film Resident Evil: Retribution in 2012. The character she played, the deaf girl Becky was well-liked.

In addition to her acting career, keeps an eye on her studies and studies. Her goal is to be an effective businesswoman in the future. She has been extremely positive in her attitude and outlook, which is what has led her on the journey to success.

Aryana Engineer’s Birth Facts and Education

She was born to a Parsi Indian father, Naruse Engineer, and Scottish mother Anne-Marie. She is an ethnic mix of Parsi Indian and Scottish. She holds Canadian citizenship. There aren’t any specific details about her education, but she is in a regular school.

At the age of six, she met her first friend. old, her neighbor Brenda Cambell who was an agent, saw Aryana use signs alongside her mother. Then Brenda suggested Aryana play the six-year-old Max in the movie Orphan in the year 2009.

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Aryana Engineer’s Achievements

Aryana had the opportunity to be part of the film Orphan in 2009 in the role of “Maxine Coleman” played a six-year-old blonde girl who can sign. The following year she appeared in commercials during the 2010 Winter Olympics and was followed in the 2010 Winter Paralympics where she used sign language alongside her brother. Additionally, she was the role of a deaf girl Becky the daughter of the main protagonist Alice (Milla Jovovich) in the film Residental Evil: Retribution in 2012. Her most recent notable performance was in the movie “Dreaming of Peggy Lee” as Belinda in 2015.

Of his many films, he’s been recognized and has qualified for some of the top awards such as BAFTA (British Academy of Television and Film Arts) and the Oscars in 2017. Oscar nominations.

Aryana Engineer’s Body Measurements and Social Media Profile

Aryana is 4 feet 11 inches and weighs about 41 pounds. Aryana is a stunningly cute girl with beautiful blue eyes and gorgeous blonde hair.

Who is Aryana Engineer’s Boyfriend?

She is known to be currently single

Fun Facts About Aryana Engineer

Aryana’s father is Parsee; her mother is Scottish.
Hearing-impaired in real life, she was discovered when a neighbor saw Aryana signing to her deaf mother.
She has a cat named Cinder.
Aryana’s mother is deaf.
Aryana has a Cochlear Implant, which has improved her speech and hearing.
Aryana’s first speaking role was in the film Resident Evil: Retribution. Although her character in the film was deaf, the character did speak as well as a sign her lines.

Aryana Engineer’s Networth

She is estimated to be worth  $1.5 Million – $2m


She is highly active on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Social Media

She is extremely engaged on various social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Follow the links below to link up with her.

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