[People Profile] All We Know About 420doggface208 biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

420doggface208 biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Nathan Apodaca is better known online as Doggface208, a Mexican social media influencer. After his TikTok video, in which he skateboarded while singing Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”, and drinking cranberry cider, he became famous.


His video has been viewed over 86,000,000 times on YouTube. He has more than 7.1 million followers and over 113,000,000 likes. The video was uploaded on September 25th. Within 24 hours, it had received over 4.3 million views and 950k Likes.


Personal Information 

Profiling Nathan Apodaca

A Quick Glance At Nathan Apodaca
Full NamesNathan Apodaca
Place of birthUSA
Date Of BirthOctober 24, 1982
State of OriginAmericans
Tiktok7.1 Million followers
Instagram 2.7 Million followers
YouTube261k subscribers
Spouse/PartnerEstela Chavez
Net Worth$500k


Apodaca, before he became famous, revealed to TMZ in an Interview that he used the toilet and shower in his RV without running water. For several years, he worked in a potato farm. He was seen drinking juice while riding his skateboard to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” song. His viral video was uploaded on September 25th.

Apodaca has 7.1 million followers on TikTok. His video went viral and Apodaca revealed to viewers that they had sent $10,000 to him. He thanked them for their support during the COVID-19 pandemic. Apodaca stated that the donations he received helped him to upgrade his RV and busted car.

He provided his PayPal number on TikTok and people helped him to get the things he needed. He also stated that he would surprise his mom with $5,000, and even bought clothes for his daughter and gifted his girlfriend a washer.

His daughter introduced him to TikTok and helped him create his first video. He currently has more than 2.7 million Instagram followers. He was a Forklift Operator in the past and then joined Circle Valley Pro. After a while, he joined Fort Hall Wildland Firefighting department in June 2013. Apodaca shot the video while on his way to Idaho.

Apodaca shot the video while on his way to work in a potato warehouse. He told the Post Register that he was taking a leave to manage viral fame. He didn’t want his car to break down so he decided to ride his famous Cran-Raspberry juice board.

Apodaca also stated that he had to make a video to keep his followers, which he called “souljahz”, around 720,000, entertained. Apodaca revealed in an interview with Insider that he sees the video “almost always” before he does it. The song was played to me and I knew the lyrics because I was walking down the street and saw the turn on the highway. I thought, “okay, this sounds great because I can just coast down.” I can get smooth video, won’t have to set it up, put my juice down, and return later.


Apodaca took the video in one shot and decided not to go back up the hill to refilm it. He thought about posting the video further, explaining that “I wasn’t going as fast or as often as I wanted, but that the video’s mood was steady.” But he decided to post it anyway, knowing that he could take it down if it didn’t perform well. The video’s uniqueness is evident in the Fleetwood Mac sound. Billboard reported that Dreams saw its largest streaming week since the video went viral online.

Insider spoke with Apodaca, who said he doesn’t have a favourite genre of music but listens to all kinds. But then he added, “Growing-up, my mom, my father, my uncles and aunties, you see, everyone was always Fleetwood Macs, Hall & Oatess, Marvin Gayes, Al Greens growing up. They were the ones who introduced me to music from the past. Apodaca has become a social media influencer and content creator. His popularity has expanded to include other platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. He now has 2.7 million followers and 261k subscribers.

Net Worth

Nathan’s net worth is estimated at $500k. His social media presence, including brand collaborations and merchandise, accounts for most of his earnings. The creator of TikTok could earn up to $4k per post, exempting brand-sponsored deals.

He could make as much as $10k on Instagram for a brand sponsored post. YouTube’s average earnings are about $1k per video. This excludes brand-sponsored deals for which he may charge upwards to $3k per video.

Nathan has partnered with many top brands in brand collaborations over his content-creating and social media career. Although we don’t have the numbers to prove how much Nathan could make from sponsored collaborations, it is reasonable to assume that the figures are substantial.

Apodaca also offers merchandise on his website, which is tailored to his customers. We can speculate that Apodaca makes around the 5-figure mark in sales each year, with the average price of each item being between $20 and $100. As there is not much information on his earnings, we don’t know what he earns.

Social Media 

Apodaca’s dominance is evident on social media with more than 7.1 million TikTok users, while on Instagram, he has over 2.5 million followers. On Twitter, he has 123.1k fans and 261k subscribers, respectively.

Personal Life

Nathan Apodaca was conceived in Mexico on October 24, 1982. He is now 39 years old. He is the son Toni Apodaca (Julie Apodaca) and has three siblings, Nicole V Apodaca Eric Apodaca and Tony Apodaca. Apodaca graduated from Skyline High School, and then enrolled at Idaho State University. He later attended Eastern Idaho Technical College.


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His two daughters, Angelica Apodaca (father) and Makyla Apodaca (mother), are named Makyla Apodaca. However, there isn’t much information about his past relationships. Makyla and Nathan’s oldest daughter, Angelica, is 14 years old. He is currently in a relationship to Estela Chavez. Although they have been featured together on social media many times, it is not known when they first met.

Top Videos 

These are the top Apodaca videos.

View on TikTok

The iconic video by Apodaca that went viral on the internet. The TikTok currently boasts over 86,000,000 views.

View on TikTok

Another Apodaca video with more than 1.9 million views.

View on TikTok

Apodaca’s video “LIVIN = VIBIN”, which has over 1,000,000 views.

View on TikTok

Another TikTok popularized by Apodaca, with more than 1.3 million views.

View on TikTok

Apodaca’s performance with more than 2 million views.

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Q1 Who’s 420doggface208 and what are their responsibilities?

A. Nathan Apodaca is a Mexican social media influencer. He is also known online as Doggface208. After his TikTok video, in which he skateboarded while singing Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”, and drinking cranberry cider, he became famous.

Q2 What is the age of 420doggface208

A. Nathan Apodaca was conceived on October 24, 1982 and is currently 39 years old.

Q3: Is 420doggface Mexican

A. Yes, Apodaca was a Mexican immigrant who lived in Idaho.

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