[People Profile] All We Know About Paris Berelc biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Paris Berelc biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Paris Berelc is an American model, actress as well as a social media influencer. She was born on the 29th of December 1998, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is from a diverse ethnic background that includes Filipino French-Canadian Slovenian and German of German descent. Berelc also has 3 siblings with a younger sister called Bless Berelc and is an actress in training.

Paris Berelc

Berelc was a part of her early years in Milwaukee before relocating into Los Angeles to pursue her modeling and acting career. She was a homeschooler for the majority of her education, before going to an arts-focused high school in LA. In January 2024, Paris has amassed a impressive 4.2 million users on Instagram.

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Personal Information

Profiling Paris Berelc

A Quick Glance At Paris Berelc

Full NamesParis Berelc
Place of birthUnited States of America
Date Of Birth29 December 1998
State of OriginAmerican
ProfessionAmerican Tiktok Star, Social Media Influencer
TikTok4.2 Million Followers
Instagram2.8 Million Followers
partnerJack Griffo.
Net Worth$3 Million


Paris Berelc started her career as a model. She was featured in ads for companies such as Target, American Girl, and Mattel. Her first acting gig was in 2014, when she was tapped to play Skylar Storm on Mighty Med, a Disney XD series Mighty Med. She was later cast in a spinoff show Lab Rats: Elite Force in 2016.

In the year 2018, Berelc landed her first main role in the lead as the main character in The Netflix show Alexa & Katie. Berelc has also been in films such as Invisible Sister (2015), Confessional (2019) and the Netflix series Tall Girl (2019).

In social networks, Berelc has found huge popularity on TikTok where she publishes dance, lip-sync as well as comedy clips. At the time of writing, January 2023 she had amassed 4.2 million users and 84.9 million users who have liked her through the social media platform. She also has a presence in Instagram which has 2 million people following her. She publishes lifestyle and fashion photos.

Net Worth

Due to her long modeling and acting careers, as well with sponsorships from brands on social media platforms, Berelc has amassed a net worth of about $3 million. at just 24, she’s one of the top-paid young actors and social media stars of today.

Paris Berelc

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Other Social Media Presence


Paris Berelc boasts a significant Instagram following of 289,825 but she hasn’t shared any photos on Instagram in 2024. This lack of content can make it difficult to evaluate the extent of her engagement, however her huge number of followers indicates that she has a large fan base who can be engaged effectively with targeted content. It’s interesting that she hasn’t posted anything on Instagram for over 6 years, with her most recent postings being a handful of cover versions of her most-loved songs.


On YouTube from 2015 onwards, Paris Berelc’s YouTube channel has a low amount of activity, with only three uploads. At 14.3K users and 556K views total, her YouTube profile isn’t that impressive. However, even with the lack of content her presence on other platforms can help her influence on the digital landscape. It’s important to note the fact that YouTube may not be as active, however her varied online presence could be a factor in forming her online image.

Paris Berelc

Personal Life

Paris Berelc was born on December 29th 1998, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She spent the majority of her growing up in Milwaukee before making the move in Los Angeles to pursue her profession in the entertainment industry. Berelc comes from a household with four children – she has three siblings, including one younger sister called Bless whom is an actress as well.

Berelc has been in relationships with a number of other teen stars throughout her career, such as Peyton Meyer, Jake Short as well as Aramis Knight as she grew older. In recent times she’s been involved engaged for a while and fashion model Rhys Athayde since around 2018.

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If she’s not acting or writing material, Berelc enjoys traveling, painting, taking photos as well as spending time with dogs and family. She is a dancer, too.

Berelc has utilized her platform to voice her opinion on issues such as mental health awareness, anti-bullying and gender equality. Berelc is a source of inspiration to young girls with her message of self-love, and confidence.

Paris Berelc’s Famous TikTok Videos

In this adorable TikTok, Paris Berelc shares clips from a recent potluck she hosted with her fellow guests.

This TikTok, Paris Berelc shares some BTS footage from filming the final shows. Alexa And Katie.

Paris Berelc does a cute dance in this video, where she shows off her stunning outfit she created.

Like us all, Paris Berelc is also fascinated by what 2024 will bring to her romantic life.

This TikTok, Paris Berelc does an entertaining face-filter challenge.


Q What is the location of Paris Berelc from?

A. Paris Berelc was born on the 29th of December, 1998, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Q: What is the ethnicity of Paris Berelc?

A she is of mixed Filipino French-Canadian, Filipino, Slovenian and German origin.

Q What happened to Paris Berelc get famous?

A: Berelc got her big break in acting when she appeared as Skylar Storm in the Disney XD series Mighty Med from 2013 to 2015. Her career was launched in both film and television.

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