King Of Thieves Made Over N170 Million In Just 3 Weeks

King Of Thieves Made Over N170 Million In Just 3 Weeks, Femi Adebayo

A popular Nigerian Nollywood Actor, Femi Adebayo, expresses his new epic film, titled ‘King of Thieves’ understood as Agesinkole, developed over N170 million in just the first three weeks of its premiere at the cinema.

The Actor Femi Adebayo revealed this in an interview on Sunday in Ilorin.

He said the film, which commanded him several million nairas to make, created over N43 million in three days at its first beginning at the cinema despite being the Ramadan time.


The famous movie producer, cum lawyer, and actor stated that the plan was to leave the movie at the theater for two months where it was desired to make not less than N200 million.

The Nollywood entertainer and producer, Femi Adebayo in King of Thieves film.

“In the past of Nollywood, no film has ever earned N43 million in three days of its beginning at the cinema, that is an piece of capital some films will make in three months

“The film has paved way for multiple providers and producers that exist producing indigenous content,” he said.

Femi Adebayo, who revealed that the movie took him better than a year to make, said it was a massive success and that he slightly expected the acceptability of the result.

He said the film was his first traditional movie, counting that it has consistently been his dream to make that kind of movie for so numerous years in the industry.

“The goal was to do a massive film that will remind individuals of the beauty of Yoruba civilization and I remained till it was time.

“I intended to showcase the attractiveness of Yoruba culture to the whole world and at the same time to be capable to say one or two things about the community, specifically our leaders.

“When I was much more youthful, I had the chance to see the stunning works of Albert Ogunde, he showcased that loveliness in Yoruba culture being a Yoruba man,” Femi Adebayo expressed.

Speaking about the challenges encountered during the production of the film, actor Femi Adebayo said he had to embark on a wide study on Ifa as a Muslim.

He additionally said that discovering a location to shoot the movie took them a lot of stretches.

“I saw everything that intrigued me in the place we last got, the village, the river.

“I saw nearly 70 percent of my film in there even though we had to build more, our caster crew was scared because of insecurity and we had to beef up safety.

“If you look at the cast, we had A-List Performers, it was questioning to get their time jointly, remaining for them to maintain a consistent timing took nearly one and half year to plan the film,” Adebayo told.

Even though Adebayo declined to put a label on the cost of the production, he reluctantly nod his authority to agree that it crossed the N100 million effect to produce Agesinkole.

NAN says that “King of thieves” is an epic story of Agesinkole, an all-powerful thief, and his power of terror in the successful Kingdom of Ajeromi.

Concerned by his pillaging, the empire moves to kill him, via the hunters, witches, and chaplains, thus beginning this adventurous fiction of vengeance, courage, and glory.

NAN says that film stars that are featured in the film include Adedimeji Lateef

, Aisha Lawal, 

Broda Shaggi,

 Femi Adebayo, 

Ibrahim Chatta, 

Mr. Macaroni, 

Odunlade Adekola, 

Toyin Abraham 

Ajeyemis and Peju Ogunmola.

From performing to production to storytelling to maintaining the quality of the outfits, outcomes, the acting, soundtrack and set chants, theme, the star studded King of thieves bears to
indicate that the Yoruba Nollywood has developed absolutely.

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