2023: Stop Being Intimidated By my Growing Popularity And acceptance, Ajayi

2023: Stop Being Intimidated By my Growing Popularity And acceptance, Ajayi

Onwards of the 2023 election, an House of Assembly candidate in Ondo state, Temitope Ajayi has increased alarm over schedules to soil his reputation because of his growing popularity and endorsement from loved ones and well-wishers.
Temitope Ajayi is aspiring to represent Akure South, a state constituency in the house of assembly on the medium of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP
In a piece of information confidentially signed by Temitope Ajayi, He said “there is a strategy by some corrupt and evil politicians to smudge me in an evil light by distributing inaccurate descriptions regarding my personality and reputation.


This, he said was being done with the exclusive aim of destroying and damaging the growing influence I worked so hard to earn that’ so bad but I worked for this and no one can ever stop the sweet work I have put on since day one of my life.
Temitope Ajayi nevertheless said again “the merchants of the rumor are intimidated by his growing popularity every passing day and that got nothing to do with me.
He counted that “it is positively disturbing, how some individuals in the name of politics mischievously brought a technology to expect for a fraudster.
The announcement reads here, “
Our awareness has been drawn to a purposeful endeavor by purveyors of misconception in their real political makings to accuse the individual of Amb. Temitope Ajayi, well popularly known as Temmysoft, is a candidate to the seat of MHA, Akure South constituency ondo state.

“For the want of time, methods of contesting preference, and our determination to play a delicate contemporary politics that discussion
cases, that we shouldn’t have given
answer to the ignorance-laced analysis of components who now feel intimidated by the growing popularity and endorsement of the young and hard working man, passionate, and intelligent smart Temmysoft, but for explanations of setting the record directly and addressing the susceptible masses.
Amb. , A computer science graduate of the Federal Polytechnic Ado Ekiti Temitope Ajayi, Ekiti state in his ambitious method, banking on the understanding he received over his schooling and benefit year launched his own ICT company ATB
Application and Software developer and Management, majorly in software and application development.
“Amb. Temitope Ajayi as a young stong man tuned with global trends leveraged his expertise in the area of technology to key into the mastership economy coupled with earnings from his firm to make end standards and help those near him”.
The candidate said he is surprised that those living in the 12th century in the name of politics mischievously brought a tech anticipate for a fraudster.
“God ready, when we have the confidence of our individuals to designate them, we will perform on fostering a bill that handles societal stereotypes against geeks and scope providers and propose resolutions to such malaise”, he said.

should all this actually get to me?
I don’t think so, I have been in a lot and I don’t this if anybody wants to be a politician the person must prepare for the malis it brings,
This is what we go through every day to survive, people will always want to bring you down for their own gain, but when you know your mission and where are you coming from, you have no choice but to play along and still focus,
this is politics and it comes with a lot of hatred and false information just to get rid of their nightmare.
He added I came out for this and I know what to be expected,
if you let all this get to you, you will end up losing focus and I’m not ready for that now, I have a mission and that is what I’m here to work on but nevertheless, one name must be protected.


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