[People Profile] All We Know About Isaiah Xavier biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Isaiah Xavier biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Isaiah Xavier is a famous American Instagram and TikTok celebrity. He is well-known for his lip-syncing, dancing and funny skits via his Instagram and TikTok.

Isaiah Xavier

Isaiah has created a niche to himself within the online world, capturing his fans’ hearts through his distinctive style and enchanting personality. He was born on the 1st of June 2000 within the USA with a deep desire to create content.

Personal Information

Profiling Isaiah Xavier

A Quick Isaiah Xavier

Full NamesIsaiah Xavier
Place of birthUnited State
Date Of Birth
1 June 2000
ProfessionTiktoker, YouTuber, Social Media Celebrity, Content Creator, and Influencer
State of OriginAmerican
TikTok3.5Million Followers
Instagram365K followers
Net Worth$1.5million


The rise of Isaiah to fame did not happen in a flash. He worked for hours to perfect his craft in storytelling, editing, and storytelling techniques. His YouTube channel grew into a destination for those looking for inspiration, entertainment as well as a glimpse into the daily life of a talented, young person. His legacy grows by motivating and inspiring people. He has not only captured thousands through his creative spirit and compassion and kindness, but he also inspired young content creators around the world.

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At present, Isaiah has more than 3.5 million followers on his TikTok account. Isaiah is also an extremely entertaining content creator on TikTok. Isaiah has shared a variety of trending videos as well as challenging video clips in his TikTok account. One of the videos posted by Isaiah was viewed greater than 5.3 million viewers on TikTok. The caption for the video reads “This trend has me weak”. Other than that, Isaiah is also known for his videos of transitions through the TikTok account.

The lip-syncing video of his, set to the track “Addicted to My Ex” by rapper M-City quickly gained attention through Facebook as well as YouTube. He was nominated for the Teen Choice Award in 2017 for the Award Winner Choice Muser.

Isaiah was acknowledged for his unique content on social media by his followers and by other famous people such as Star Wars director Rian Johnson, YouTube star Nathan Zed and more.

Isaiah Xavier

Net Worth

In October 2023, the amount of net wealth for Isaiah Xavier is $1 million. It’s impossible to overestimate the power of Isaiah Xavier in the world of social media. He has a significant presence on the internet that has millions of users on various platforms. By using sponsored posts, affiliate advertising and endorsements, his massive reach can generate significant revenue. Influencers who effectively convey their message to a large and active audience are in high demand by companies, and Xavier is a master at this.

Personal Life

Isaiah Xavier was born in June 2000 in the USA. He was the sole child to his parents. He has mainly lived alongside his parents. Isaiah has also been an athletic athlete during his high school days.

Isaiah is a well-known social media celebrity who gained fame at an early age. According to online sources, Isaiah Xavier is single currently.

Other Social Media Platforms

Isaiah Xavier


Isaiah Xavier launched his Instagram account in June of 2013. He currently boasts more than 365k followers on his account. Isaiah has posted a lot of his own single and party pictures on his account.

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Isaiah began his channel on YouTube in the month of May 2020. He currently has 9.1K viewers on the channel. Isaiah has uploaded a number of travel vlogs, everyday life videos, interactions videos, as well as funny videos about story time to his YouTube channel.

Isaiah’s Most Popular TikTok videos

The video below TikTok footage, Isaiah is playing the piano.

The video below TikTok clip, Isaiah is doing a enjoyable interaction with a friend.

The TikTok video is an ‘Get ready for me’ video by Isaiah Xavier.

It is a funny TikTok video features a humorous video where Isaiah is seen acting alongside his friend.

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The TikTok clip is an adventure video of the trip of Isaiah. Tulum trip.

The video below TikTok footage, Isaiah is talking with his friend about his deceased friends in a very young age.


Isaiah Xavier

How much is the estimated net value of Isaiah Xavier?

A: The Net Worth of Isaiah Xavier is $1 million.

Q Do you think Isaiah Xavier smoke?

A The answer is no, Isaiah Xavier does not smoke.

Q: How old is Isaiah Xavier?

Answer: Isaiah Xavier is 23 years old.


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