How To Blow Your Music Artist in 2023

How To Blow Your Music Artist in 2023

How To Blow Your Music Artist in 2023 -

This article is for up-and-coming record label owners who are struggling to put their music artists in the light despite all the money available for promotion.

Like I said in my earlier article, the problem is not having unlimited funds for investment, the problem is having good consultancy and knowing how best to invest your money if not you will fall into the hands of desperate so-called promoters who would collect your money for campaigns that will barely hit a small demographics and you can forget about leaving an impression.

The first step to music promotion

You need to draw out a plan with the help of a professional. A professional with proven works and the ability to actually create campaigns that will leave a lasting impression. It is easy to say all you need is money for radio airplay and tv airplay but how long will your music audio and video last on these platforms before it generates attention? How catchy is the music in question? Is it the type that will take a while to stick or one of those instant hits? These are questions that you should work out before proceeding with promotion. Do not get me wrong, radio and tv networks are one of the most important and effective areas of promotions. But how effective it becomes depends on how often the song is rotated on these platforms.

A tip about the plan: To know if you have drawn out a great plan even with the help of a professional, see if the plan involves a wide range of internet promotions. I should quickly let you know that Internet promotion is quite more complicated than it sounds, the demographics are very important. Anyone can go on his or her Instagram or Facebook to set up the meta business and start running ad campaigns for music promotion, is this smart? Well, if you ask me, that should be at the bottom of your internet promotion plan. The concept of sponsored posts on Instagram is quickly getting outdated and not so “first class” due to the fact that it is now easily accessible by everybody. You need to be seen on a special sail to be looked at differently. If you want your artist to be looked upon as a star, you have to make star moves. I am not totally writing off Instagram and Facebook sponsored ads, as a matter of fact, to grasp that star look, I will advise you to run these ads on a totally different page, not related to the artiste you are trying to brand and promote. Let a social media manager handle your accounts and drive natural traffic to your pages with SEO and other white hats procedures. Read on, I have outlined great advertisement concepts that will put your artiste in a great light.

Four Platforms That Will Help With Lasting Impressions

Boomplay Ads Banner:


Millions of people use Boomplay officially for their music streaming purposes. As a matter of fact, if you use a Techno phone, Boomplay has been programmed to automatically be the default music player for the phone. Boomplay has an Alexa rank of 1,039 in Nigeria, which means the user base is quite massive and if you can be seen daily on the banner for a reasonable period of time, imagine what a banner like the one up there will do for your brand.

Editorial Playlisting

There are three major important platforms where you are to sort for editorial playlisting for your artist. iTunes, Boomplay, Spotify, and Audiomack. This is a form of advertisement that works two ways, it creates awareness for your artiste and also generates streams which in turn generate revenue to recover your investments.


Buy Blog Header Spaces

Note that the idea is for people to see your artiste as soon as they browse some certain blogs or news forums. You do not necessarily need to buy off spots on the biggest blogs like Lindaikeja or Tooxcluive (which would’ve been very influential to your brand) but thanks to SEO there are some blogs that do not have big names but are raking in traffic thanks to their solid SEO practices. You will have to research and reach out to these blogs or use an intermediary such as Glamcode Media and have everything processed for you without stress.


iTunes Top 100 Nigeria

You probably didn’t know this but this is one effective promotion option for your artist and music. Everyone will definitely pay attention just for the sole reason that you got on the list here. This can be added to your resume for future EPKs and presentations where needed. Are you seeing the logic here? Not everyone gets on the iTunes 100 Chat Nigeria, you being there is beginning to tell a different story about you. About the fact that you need to be perceived differently and you’re not just one other artist trying to test the waters. You are really here to be identified as a Nigerian artiste officially.

Spotify Top Songs Nigeria is a worthy mention but it has not lived up to the type of branding that comes with being on iTunes Top 100. Remember we are doing this for the impression and reputation to be derived from the whole process.


Yes, these options actually cost money, but the fact remains that most of you spend money wrongly and expect to get satisfying results. Some ideas seem great but you have to think about the type of impression you create in the mind of the observers and potential fans. You need to appear capable and ready for this road you’re plying and all areas must be checked. People want to follow whoever they sense to be ready for the adventure, give them something to believe in. They will surely start to believe in you when they login to their music app and see your picture and beautiful design right on top of the header’s spot on Boomplay. Or when their google search takes them to a particular website on top of the SERP and there you are again with your banner. And then they go search for their favorite playlist and your song comes up and it doesn’t end there, they go check out the trending songs in Nigeria on iTunes, and BOOM! Your song is on the list! It doesn’t even matter what position you are in, if your song is top 100 out of every song currently being released in Nigeria at the moment, imagine what impression you have created! A lasting one. Now you can move on with your star status to the next project.

Everything listed here is possible with the availability of funds. If you need consultancy or a team to help you carry out such tasks, feel free to contact us here.

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