Domestic Airlines To Shut Down Nationwide From Monday May 9th

Domestic Airlines To Shut Down Nationwide From Monday, May 9th – Nigerian Airline

The Nigerian airline operators have given a directive that with the result from Monday, May 9th, they will close down their functions because of the increased of aviation fuel which is now 700 naira per liter.

A report given and signed by all the airline operators on Thursday informed the traveling people who plan to fly to make alternative accords to avoid being abandoned at the country’s airports.
Here is the report read: ” It is with a great sense of responsibility and patriotism that the Airline Operators of Nigeria (AON) have carried on deploying and subsidizing their services to our highly esteemed Nigerian flying public in the last four months despite the steady and astronomical hike in the price of JetA1 and other operating costs.”

“Over time, flight fuel price (JetA1) has increased from N190 per liter to N700 now. No airline in the world can absorb this type of sudden shock from such an astronomical upriser over a short period. While flying fuel worldwide is said to cost about 40% of an airline’s operating cost globally, the present hike has shut up Nigeria’s running cost to about 95%
” In the face of this, airlines have pledged the Federal Government, the National Assembly, NNPC, and Oil Marketers with the idea to bringing the price

of JetA1 down which has currently made the unit cost per seat for a one-hour flight in Nigeria today to an average of N120,000. The latter cannot be completely handed to passengers who are already partaking a lot of tribulations.”

“While (AON) appreciates the efforts of the current government under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari to ensure air transport in Nigeria grows, unfortunately, the cost of aviation fuel has continued to rise unabated thereby creating huge pressure on the sustainability of operations and financial viability of the airlines. This is unsustainable and
the airlines can no longer absorb the pressure.”

“To this end, thus, the Airline Operators of Nigeria (AON) hereby desires to regrettably announce to the general masses that associate of airlines will stop operations nationwide with the development start from Monday, May 9th, 2022, until further notice.”
“AON utilizes this medium to submissively state that we lament on any inconveniences this very difficult decision might cause and magnet
to travelers to generous review their travel itinerary and make alternative interpretations”, Alhaji Abdulmunaf Yunusa Sarina, President, AON advised.

I will hope Government will do something about it,
but as for now we we have to make sure will make this decision to avoid managing tools,
we also beg and advise our customers to understand too, we never planed for this but we must protect our business and our staffs
our mission is to give our customers the best service and that’s what we must do,
we can’t manage fuel just to stay active, it will be the most dangerous ideal to ever think of that, so for now i believe passengers lives matter and we must not risk them for any reason.

He added, we really don’t know when this will end but I promise as soon as the Government gets it resolved, we will surely come back to work, airline is not like a car or any other transportation system you can manage or risk, it’s not all about money but doing the right thing to protect lives.

we have our representative who is already working to know what the reason for the high cost of aviation fuel which has hit 700 naira per liter with just shot period of time without any notice.

with time we will get back to you.

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