Cleansing The Aura of Past Sexual Partners

Cleansing The Aura of Past Sexual Partners.

Cleansing The Aura of Past Sexual Partners.

As we move through adulthood from one relationship to the next, the aura of what was left behind is something most people would never think about. The toothbrush, cell phone charger, and feelings your past partner left you with probably top the list of what engulfs your mind after a breakup. What about their energy? Do this leave with them and their personal belongings?
Unfortunately, no.

The energy left inside you, your spirit, and your aura have now been shifted. This is true for both males and females but I believe this is a more powerful process from the female perspective. I say this because we are built to ‘receive’. Therefore during sex, we also receive more energy. Hence, females are typically more emotional by nature as well.

If you are not familiar with aura or energy transfer and just not sure if you believe it, let’s explore this from another perspective. Have you ever walked into a room where an argument just occurred? You didn’t see or hear the argument, but can you feel it? This is energy … frequency, which we are not only made up of but also surrounded by. The frequency of the room has been shifted.

During sex, you and your partner exchange frequency. The more you are with this person, the more you absorb this energy. If your partner is having a bad day, negative thoughts, positive thoughts, admiration of love, and so forth, there is an energetic transfer taking place. Good, bad, positive, negative, whatever the moods and emotions are … you now hold a piece of them.

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You also hold a piece of them literally speaking as well as energetically. In recent research, scientists have found the baby’s DNA as well as the father’s DNA sticks around in our womb after childbirth. This is extremely interesting to me because when I was a child I remember telling my mother how many couples who had been together for many years, began to look more and more alike. If this research holds true, there must be energy to accompany the DNA.

Luckily the steps to cleansing the aura are simpler than removing DNA. I have found with personal clients, that the hardest part of this process is the buried emotions that may emerge from partners long forgotten or that you would like to forget. Once the cleanse is completed you will find your physical body may feel lighter, your head space clearer, your heart healed, and a self-awareness that is priceless. If you are in a current relationship I highly advise doing this cleanse together and refraining from sexual intercourse until the two-step cleanse is complete.

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First Step:

Grab a journal or notepad.

Burn an orange candle (for the sacral chakra)

Write down each name of past sexual partners. This includes same-sex partners or if there were any molestation or rape in your past.

Begin with the first partner of your life and move forward from there.

  1. Answer these questions (skipping questions 1 & 2 in a non-consensual situation:
  2. Why was I attracted to this person?
  3. Why was this person attracted to me?
  4. What emotions did I walk away with?
  5. What emotions did they walk away with?
  6. What did I learn?

Second Step:

This process may be done in a time frame lasting one day to a few weeks. I suggest completing the process in no more than 30 days. You may decide to complete one person a day or several. It really all depends on the emotional trauma as well as time. This is not a process to rush through. Be completely focused on the task at hand with no interruptions, and stay in the now while also reflecting on the past.

On a small scrap piece of paper write down your ex-lover’s first name.

Burn the name with the flame from the orange candle.

Pay close attention to the smoke.

Lie down, and place your hand on the sacral chakra (two inches below the belly button) *If doing this with a current partner, allow them to place their hand here as well.

Visualize that same smoke that came from burning their name with the candle.

Say to yourself, your body, and your mind, “I release the aura and energy of______.”

Imagine that smoke rising from underneath your hand.

Lay here for 5mins or so.

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If any intuitive thoughts or visions come to you, write them in your journal.

Repeat these actions of the step 2 process until all names have been released.

If you are in a long-term relationship doing this together along with conversation about each partner, questions and healing will provide an immense amount of newfound unity. It may be difficult at first. Neither of you has heard about past partners high on your list of quality time together. This will change your mind. You will gain an understanding of your partner’s programming, patterns, and actions. Learning that we take the pain from one situation and apply it to the next, usually as a defense mechanism. With this newfound knowledge and cleansing, you can help guide and care for each other. If you are in a relationship or single enjoy your born again ‘virginity’.

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