[People Profile] All We Know About Bruna Lima biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Bruna Lima biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Bruna Lima, born February 2, 1996 from Espirito Santo in Brazil and is now a famous Brazilian fitness expert, model and social media celebrity. She has gained fame thanks to her enthralling content across numerous social media platforms Lima is now a worldwide sensation, especially through TikTok as well as Instagram.

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born as Bruna Rangel Lima in the year 2000, she comes from an Brazilian family and spent her early years in Brazil. Bruna who is now 27 young, is a Pisces in her sign of the zodiac. While details about her siblings and family members is not made public however, she grew up at a home in South Florida and attended a local high school, after having completed her primary education at an elementary school located in the local area.

Personal Information

Profiling Bruna Rangel Lima

A Quick Glance At Bruna Rangel Lima
Full NamesBruna Rangel Lima
Place of birth United States
Date Of Birth02 March 1996
State of OriginAmerican
ProfessionTikToker and content creator
Followers 3.5 Million Followers
4.4 Million Followers
RelationshipWilly Stadele
Net Worth$700k


Bruna Lima’s path to fame began in a bizarre location: the juice bar in the local gym. Her body was praised and the encouragement of admirers prompted her to think about pursuing the possibility of a career as a fitness model. Inspiring by the positive feedback, Lima decided to take her first step into the social media world and created the Instagram account to share her fitness and health journey.

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Her popularity increased dramatically, catching the interest to VPX Sports, the owner of the energy drink brand Bang Energy. Lima was later appointed as an elite model for the company, establishing her position as an influential fitness model. Her unique method of promoting fitness and wellness appeals to a large population, resulting in her huge following.

Bruna Lima’s most popular platform is TikTok and Instagram on which she posts information on fitness fashion, lifestyle, and fashion. On TikTok she has an impressive follower base of 3.5 million users and has amassed the staggering 37.4 million followers. Her activity on TikTok is fueled by collaborations with fellow creators like Wassup Gwayy FamousSally and YB.

The Instagram account, which has four million users, gives an in-depth look at her workout routines, fashion savvy, and glimpses of her day-to-day life. The combination of visually captivating images and relatable stories makes her an instant beloved for fitness lovers and casual users alike.

Net Worth

It is clear that she has carved out a substantial income stream via sponsorships, brand agreements as well as advertisements on TikTok. Her association together with VPX Sports further contributes to her financial success. Lima’s capacity to earn money from her social media profile demonstrates her significant contribution made on the digital world. These factors have helped her accumulate an estimated net worth of $700K.

bruna lima

Other Social Media Presence


With a hefty followers of 4.4 million users on Instagram, Bruna Lima shares an array of posts which includes photos of her children, workout routines, and couples-oriented videos. With a 1% engagement level, Lima is a sought-after influencer who earns an estimated $5,600-$8,400 per sponsored post, as per Hype Auditor. Her stunningly beautiful posts are well-received by the diverse crowd on this platform.


Bruna Lima’s Youtube channel which has been active since 2017 gained 65.5K subscribers, with the channel having 44 uploads and 5 million views. It is a place to share long-form vlogs workout routines, fitness videos, and glimpses into her family’s lives, it gives more insight into Lima’s life.

Personal Life

While maintaining a largely private life for herself, Bruna Lima has offered glimpses of her life through TikTok as well as Instagram. Lima is currently engaged and has a son named Willy Stadele. The couple has diversified their family by welcoming two daughters as well as one boy who is just a few years old. The youngest daughter, Astoria, was born on the 7th of September 2021. It was the most joyful day in Bruna Lima’s journey. In sharing snippets of her family’s life as well as mommyhood’s joys and challenges, Lima has created a appealing storyline that resonates with her followers.

Bruna Lima’s Famous TikTok Videos

View on TikTok 

Bruna Lima offers us glimpses into motherhood through one of her well-known TikToks with fourteen million viewers.

View on TikTok 

Bruna Lima shares an awkward, funny moment that couples go through in their lives in this TikTok.

bruna lima

View on TikTok 

Bruna Lima is seen with her adorable daughter on TikTok.

View on TikTok

Bruna Lima demonstrates what dates are like at night Brazil on this clip.

View on TikTok

Bruna Lima demonstrates how she spends Fridays celebrating with her child with her baby in the video.


Q: How old is Bruna Lima?

Answer: Bruna Lima, who is 27, will be 27 when she turns 2023.

A: Which person is Bruna Lima’s spouse?

Answer: Bruna Lima is not married, however she’s been engaged to Willy Stadele.

Question: How much is Bruna Lima’s worth?

A In the month of September, 2023 Bruna Lima’s worth is estimated to be $700K.

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